Although I was born and raised in the East, I've always loved cowboys and westerns.  I moved west decades ago and am still love cowboys and westerns.  I write what I like to read which are romantic stories containing strong dominant men and confident, feisty women.  As a reader, I love banter and sarcasm, and you will always find both in my writing.  The relationships are always loving and challenging, and conflicting points of view come to a  conclusion, one way or another, just as in real life.

My characters, although fantasy, often has some characteristics of people I've come across in my lifetime.  Truth can be stranger than fiction and although the stories are fantasy, once in a while there is a kernel of real life embedded in the situations.  If the story doesn't contain a happy ending, it is left open-ended for the reader to come to their own conclusion. That's the great thing about fiction, it can be whatever your choose.

In addition to my published works, I also post weekly short stories on another blog and contribute some of my stories here.



Mitch Ryder and Bonnie Baxter are two emotionally stunted people who learn that life can be so much better if you let go of the past and embrace the future.


After losing her beloved husband Johnny, she finds love again with Luke Benson, Johnny’s boyhood friend.  Always strong and independent, her feistiness has only increased during the time she spent as a widow.  Bending to the constraints of her new husband is not easy and she learns that Luke is not Johnny and although he loves her to pieces, he comes with a whole new set of expectations.