Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Spanking

Hello December - really.  It can't be but I checked the calendar and sure enough, it's December. The year is almost over and not a new book to show for it, so I've had to go into the archives to find today's feature. While it is not really a Christmas book, it sets the tone for the book I'm going to feature next week.

Finding Love at the Trail's End was my first period piece.  While all books take research, one that delves into history is far more difficult, at least for me.  You cannot just rely on what is familiar to you but what was familiar to the characters. It opened my eyes to how strong and resilient one had to be to survive and flourish during these turbulent times.  I'm sure the trials and tribulations of Lily Rose Cochrane were played out all across America as the west opened up new frontiers, but this is her story, or at least how I perceived it to be.

Lily Rose Cochrane was born into a loving family.  However, life took a different turn when she turned thirteen and she found herself taking on the duties and responsibility of an adult.  Eager to shed those burdens, she finagles a way to join a wagon train heading west after she meets Johnny Billings. Adventures, misadventures, love, romance and heartache are some of the man twists and turns, they encounter on their journey along the Oregon Trail.

EXCERPT:  Lily Rose and Johnny are camped for the evening.  Johnny has met up with an old friend and they're catching up so Lily Rose decides to take herself for a walk.  She hasn't walked far when she heard rustling behind her.

"So you finally decided to join me," she said.

"I didn't know you were waitin' for me darlin."

That wasn't Johnny's voice, nor Billy's.  Quickly turning she started running back toward the wagon only to be caught by a man who reeked of sweat and whiskey. He threw her to the ground, ripping open her bodice as he tried to kiss her. She was able to let out a scream before he backhanded her so hard she saw stars.  He stuffed a smelly rag into her mouth.  She clawed at his face and was backhanded again.  It was the last thing she remembered.

This book, as well as others, can be found at LSF Publications or Amazon.  Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. Lily Roes was one of my favorite characters and I enjoyed crossing the country with her and Johnny. This was a scary part for sure.

  2. The made me catch my breath. Tense excerpt!
    I agree - writing historical novels involves serious hard work.

  3. Cliff-hanger, but an exciting snippet, for sure.

  4. Yikes! I'm sure she'll get in trouble for walking so far away from camp, but what's happening to her now is more than punishment. It's rape.

  5. It does sound like that, doesn't it.

  6. I admit to being a lover of tense scenes, and this was a good one! Great tease!


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