Saturday, June 24, 2017



Yup, it's finally here for some of us and where I live it came in blazing hot.

Speaking of blazing hot, FINDING HOME is a modern day western featuring two sexy cowboys.  Sally Jenkins in the lucky lady that has two hot men clamoring for her attention. Both want to tame the feisty female rancher but she's giving them a run for their money.  Will she be able to choose between Cade Collier, a now famous actor with whom she grew up and Jake Raymond, a wealthy ex-rodeo cowboy who comes with his own pedigree?

You can find the answer and now it is available on Kindle Unlimited.

IN THIS SCENE, Sally is a guest at Jake's ranch.  He has purchased her a gift of some very expensive boots so they could go riding.

"When we get back to my place, I'll pay you for these." she said.

"You'll do no such thing. They are a gift."

"A much to expensive gift.  I will pay you."

"You won't and if yo keep it up I might have to take you over my knee.  At least here there aren't any aerica to chronicle you getting your butt smacked"

"You had to bring that up.  I hoped it was behind me."

"Oh, it's behind you all right."  He barely stifld the laugh she could see was itching to be let loose and punched his arm..  "Watch that or I might be tempted to have a re-enacment of our first date," he told her.

Sally blushed beause she knew that his housekeeper had heard every word.

                    AMAZON  and
                 KINDLE UNLIMITED

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  1. Hi Sunny, sorry I'm late to the party. This made me giggle, a fun exchange between them. I think I would be poking my tongue at him if I were Sally lol...then again, maybe not the best idea.



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