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Wednesday Write-Up

In my ongoing effort to step up marketing my books by getting the word out there, I'm featuring an occasional free story here as well as on my other blog.  If you like my writing you might just buy one of my books.

I found this in my archives and I have to say I enjoyed reading it again.  Hope you like it too.  Let me know what you think?


He might be the one; she thought to herself, when she saw him.  He was trudging up the long dirt driveway leading to her house, a black-and-white dog trotting along beside him   She was the recipient of her grandma’s second sight.  She often knew what was coming, often times it was good, sometimes it wasn’t. 

“Can I help you?” she asked as he got close enough to hear her shout.  People didn’t usually come out this way often, and she couldn’t be too careful since she lived here alone and there weren’t any neighbors in shouting distance. 

“My truck broke down on the highway, saw this dirt drive and took a chance. Can I use your phone?”

“Don’t have one.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.  How does someone in this day and age not have a phone?”

“It costs money to string poles this far out.”

“Ever hear of cell phones?”

“Why pay money for something that I don’t need.  Besides, where’s yours if everyone has one?”

He blew off that question.  He didn’t want to tell her he threw the damn thing out the window when his manager kept calling. 

“I guess I picked the wrong dirt road then, didn’t I?”

“Guess so.”

“Can Buck and me at least get a drink of water.  We’re parched from all this walking.”

“There’s a hose out back.  Help yourself.” 

She watched him walk toward the back of the house.  He was tall and well built.  His sandy colored hair stuck out from beneath his well-worn Stetson.

He and his dog came around front.  He obviously used the hose for more than a drink;  his wet sandy colored hair was dripping down his forehead and down his neck and Buck was completely soaked.  

“You live here by yourself?” he asked and where normally this comment would raise the hairs on the back of her neck; it didn’t.


“I noticed there are things that need tending.  If you need a hand, I would be willing to trade room and board for my handyman services.”

“Are you down on your luck?”

“No, but if you’re worried about me, don’t.  We’re fine, well at least, we will be once I get my truck fixed.  How far is it to town?”

“I’m just wondering why you were on that road in the first place?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I like to stay off the main roads and out of the mainstream.”

“Gottcha, but I should warn you the sheriff’s deputy stops by on his way home every day so if you’re in….

She never finished the statement when he piped in with “I am not on the run.  Buck and I were just looking for some peace and quiet.  We planned to camp and hangout, and the damn truck chose now to take a shitter.  Why does the sheriff come by every day?”

“As you told me that’s none of your business, but we went to high school together, and he lives up the road.  He likes to keep tabs on me since I’m out here alone with no phone.  If you’re still here when he comes by he can help with the truck.”

“Whether I’m still here or not depends on you.”

“I could use the help. There’s a room in the back of the barn, you and Buck can sleep there. Breakfast and dinner are at 6:00.  Eat hearty at breakfast because I don’t do lunch.”

“I’m Sarah Miller,” she told him extending her hand.

“I’m Wes Wilson,” as he shook her hand.  That’s the first time he’d used his real name for a while – he was Stevie Carson in his professional life.  Stevie Carson of The Carson  Wranglers,  a successful country/western band that had been touring the country for what seemed like years to him.  He told their manager. he needed a break but Dick Jenkins went ahead and booked them for another three months anyway.  He blew his top when Dick told him, and he just left the tour.  He flew home, packed up a few things, grabbed Buck and took off in his truck. He’d been on the road for two days when the truck broke down.

‘You’ve seen what needs to be done, so do what you feel capable of doing.”  She told him before she walked off in the direction of the house.  He figured her to be about 30 to 35 and could tell she was used to working outdoors.  Her skin had that permanent tan look about it – not out of a bottle, or a tanning booth.  Her nails and cuticles were clean and cared for, but her hands were working hands.  She was tall and willowy, strawberry-blond hair pulled back into a braid, with wisps escaping to frame her face.  Her eyes of the palest blue were direct and looked right through you.  She wore jeans so faded to almost appear white, a cotton tee shirt that clung to her in all the right places and boots that had seen better days. 

He worked all day and by 4:30 he was exhausted.  He hadn’t done physical labor in a long time, and every bone in his body ached.  He was taking a drink from the hose when she called out to him.

“I’ve made some lemonade, care to join me?”

As he sauntered over; she watched his slow, easy gait and ogled that long lean body.  He had removed his shirt to work, and before he slipped it back on, she took note of that six-pack and those muscled arms and large hands.  She wondered what it would feel like to be pressed up against that hard body and have those hands caressing her breasts, cupping her bottom. Stop it, she told herself.

He took the lemonade and collapsed onto the porch swing.

“How did you come to be out here all by yourself?”

“This place belonged to by grandparents and then my parents.  They organically farmed long before it became the in thing.  My parents were killed in a plane crash a couple of years ago, and I’ve been alone since.  I’ve tried to keep up as best I can.  I hire help when I can afford it, but mostly I’m by myself.  I have lots of repeat customers; my herbs and vegetables are the favorite of some of the better restaurants in the area, and I sell my wool to a private party who makes and markets her own products.”

He took a gulp of the lemonade, and some splashed onto his lip.  He slipped out his tongue to catch the droplets, and her breath caught in her throat.  It was a long time since she’d lain with anyone; her vibrator her only constant companion for far too long.

He finished his lemonade and told her he was calling it a day; he needed a shower.  He stepped off the porch, and as she watched him walk to the barn; her body tingled and felt a surge of wetness in her panties. 

He felt her eyes on him and hadn’t missed the catch of her breath earlier.  She was a woman in need of some loving; he knew he could fill that need; the question was would she want more than he had to give.  

Wes was in desperate need of a shower and surprised to find clean linens and towels along with an old chambray shirt tossed on a chair.  He didn’t expect to find anything so he was surprised she had thought of it.   He used the towels and the shirt; rinsed out his tee-shirt and shorts, so they’d be clean and dry for tomorrow. Tonight he’d go commando, and his jeans and socks would have to make do until he got to his truck.

The smells wafting from the kitchen made his mouth water as he walked to the house. It had been a long time since breakfast.  He envied Buck who was already chowing down his dinner bowl on the porch.

He heard a car and saw a patrol car pull up.  Jeff Kincaid gave him the once over as he stepped out and onto the porch.  “That truck out there belong to you?” Wes expected the third degree and was surprised when he didn’t get any other questions.  What Wes didn’t know was that Jeff had already called in a wants and warrants on the license plates and found no problems.

“Yeah, Buck and I trudged back here in hope of a phone, and well you know how that worked out.”  Jeff laughed.  “Jeff Kincaid here, and you are?”  “Wes Wilson. Nice to meet you and before you leave, can you call a tow truck for me?” 

“Sure. You sticking around for a bit?” he asked while placing the call.

“Yeah, til the truck gets fixed.  This place looks like it could use some TLC, and Sarah is willing to give me room and board in exchange for some of my brawn.”

Jeff was talking to someone about getting a tow out to Sarah’s place and asking where he wanted it towed.  “To whoever can fix the damn thing” was his reply. Sarah joined them on the porch to let Wes know dinner was ready.  “There’s plenty if you want to stay Jeff,” she offered.  He declined, got in his patrol car and drove off.

“You’ve got clean up, by the way,” she told him as she reached over to hand him the basket of biscuits. He caught a whiff of her scent, all clean and fresh and felt a stirring down below.  She wasn’t the only one in need of some loving.

 “Sounds good.  Dinner smells delicious.”

Wes rocked back in his chair and rubbed his tummy.  “You’re a good cook.”

“Thanks.” She started to eat her ice cream and Wes was mesmerized.  Each lick of the spoon drove him to distraction.  She’d lick the front and back after every spoonful and each time her tongue cleaned the spoon his mind traveled to other things she could do with that tongue. The electric current between them was palpable, and they both felt the charge.

“You keep teasing me that way, and you’re going to be in trouble.” She looked at him, all innocent, but those blue eyes told a different story and took another spoonful of ice cream.  Except this time, she flicked it at him across the table, and it landed smack between his eyes.  Her laugh sounded like tinkling bells.  He rose up from the chair, and she took off running.  “It’s no use; I'm going to catch you and when I do you’re going to be sorry,” he told her laughingly.

Catching her, he held her close as she tried to get away.  “Be a good girl.” 

“Or what.”

“Or I’ll have to spank you.”  He saw her reaction to those words and felt his pants tighten.

“Do you promise?”

“Oh yeah.”

“In that case,” she hauled off and kicked him in the shins.

“That does it; you are a naughty girl.”  He picked her up and hauled her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  Carrying her down the hall, he kept opening doors until he found a room with a bed.  He plopped down and brought her across his lap undoing the button on her jeans and pushing them down as he did so.  She rose to assist him, and as she did he noticed she was already ready for him. His big hands explored the beautiful white of her bottom, rubbing, teasing, massaging before bringing down the first sharp slap on one cheek and then another.  Sarah uttered a low guttural growl as his fingers brushed other tender places before his large palm descended on her bottom in a flurry of spanks giving those cheeks a warm rosy glow. With each break in the steady stream of slaps, she would raise up her bottom begging for more.  He would rub and tease until she literally begged for more. His final onslaught was fast and furious; each smack harder than the one before. He rolled her off his lap and onto the bed.  They were a tangle of mouths and hands, a frenzied exploration of each other.  Clothes that became an obstruction to skin on skin contact were unceremoniously discarded.  She took hold of him and guided him into her channel, unsheathed, but she didn’t care.  He rolled over bringing her with him so that she was now on top.  He kissed, nipped, and spanked her ass as she rode them both into oblivion.

She rolled off him, and they lay there, the bed a tangled mass of perspiration and sated bodies.  She reached over to grab his hand; he twined his fingers into hers. There was no need for words.

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Yup, it's finally here for some of us and where I live it came in blazing hot.

Speaking of blazing hot, FINDING HOME is a modern day western featuring two sexy cowboys.  Sally Jenkins in the lucky lady that has two hot men clamoring for her attention. Both want to tame the feisty female rancher but she's giving them a run for their money.  Will she be able to choose between Cade Collier, a now famous actor with whom she grew up and Jake Raymond, a wealthy ex-rodeo cowboy who comes with his own pedigree?

You can find the answer and now it is available on Kindle Unlimited.

IN THIS SCENE, Sally is a guest at Jake's ranch.  He has purchased her a gift of some very expensive boots so they could go riding.

"When we get back to my place, I'll pay you for these." she said.

"You'll do no such thing. They are a gift."

"A much to expensive gift.  I will pay you."

"You won't and if yo keep it up I might have to take you over my knee.  At least here there aren't any aerica to chronicle you getting your butt smacked"

"You had to bring that up.  I hoped it was behind me."

"Oh, it's behind you all right."  He barely stifld the laugh she could see was itching to be let loose and punched his arm..  "Watch that or I might be tempted to have a re-enacment of our first date," he told her.

Sally blushed beause she knew that his housekeeper had heard every word.

                    AMAZON  and
                 KINDLE UNLIMITED

Be sure to check out the other western romances listed in the picture below that are also available on the buy links mentioned above.

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Wednesday Write-Up

FREE STORY.  Hope to get more readers not only here, but also to promote my books, I'm going to feature a free story here once in a while.  I write stories every week and post them on another blog.  This is a story that was posted a while back and if you're not a visitor to my other blog in may be unknown to you.

Let me know if you're new here and would like me to continue doing this.

Broken Promises

Janice walked in the door and was disgusted with herself.  She had broken a promise again and hated that she couldn’t seem to stay on track.  When Rex found out he would be disappointed with her and more than that he told her that if she slipped again she could look forward to an appointment with his belt.  He would be coming in later and she wondered if he already knew or if she had to tell him.  Somehow, that was worse.  Admitting she had let him down again.

When the girls asked her to join them after work she hesitated.  She wasn’t sure she had enough will power to say no to that first cocktail.  Unfortunately for her, that first cocktail released her inhibitions.  She had a very low tolerance for alcohol and she would find herself inebriated after three drinks.  When she had a few she was a different person. She did and said things she would never do while she was sober,  and she liked the freedom the alcohol provided. This time she had flirted with one of her co-workers a little too much and one of the other guys had to come to her rescue.  She was totally embarrassed and now she had to face both of them next week at work and knowing her husband, an apology would have to be made.

The last time she had a few too many she stepped up on the bar and started dancing.  Everyone thought it was great fun and were egging her on.  That is everyone except Rex.  He was so annoyed, he yanked her down and hauled her ass out of there.  When he got her home he put her to bed with the warning of a stern lecture.  The next morning he lectured her for over an hour about the evils of drinking too much and told her the next time she overindulged she would be sorry.

Rex didn’t mind her going out with the girls, he didn’t even mind her having a drink now and then.  What he did mind was her doing the things she would never do sober.  The first time he met her was at a party for his roommate.  She was the life of the party.  When he was introduced she pulled him by his necktie and invited him to kiss her until her toes curled.  He realized she was a little tipsy and declined the offer.  In no time, she was making the same offer to another partygoer.  This fellow was taking advantage of the offer and Rex stepped in and separated them. He tried to get her out of there and take her home but she wanted no part of it.  He just let her be but kept an eye out for her the rest of the night. 

When he met her again she was totally sober and didn’t remember him at all.  He was able to see the real Janice and he liked her immensely.  She was feisty and cute as a button.  She had strawberry blond hair, green eyes and a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.  She reminded him of one of the characters in one of his sister’s childhood storybooks.  Sober, she was a little shy but was not intimidated by his size or the fact that he was a police detective.  He wasn’t that tall, just under six feet, but he was well muscled and looked very much like a football player.  Being a police detective made him a little more cautious than other guys.  Once he got to know you he opened up but until then he kept himself under wraps because was never sure when he might come across someone in his line of work.  He began seeing her on a regular basis.  When they had been together for a year he asked her to marry him.  She declined.  Said she was not ready to be married just yet and that he seemed a little too stoic for her.  She wanted more fun out of life and he could be a stick in the mud. 

He decided it would be better for him if they didn’t see each other for a while.  During that time she dated others.  He tried doing that too but Janice was too much in the forefront for him to even enjoy a casual relationship. 

One night he got a call from a fellow officer telling him he had just pulled over a Janice Martin and she said she knew you and suggested he call.  Janice had been driving a little recklessly and had refused a sobriety test.  That was when Janice suggested he call Rex.  Rex told him to just hold her there and he would be right over.  When he arrived, the officer and Rex had a chat and Rex convinced him he would handle the matter.  The other officer agreed.  Rex went over to Janice, asked her to get out of the car, and placed her across the hood of the car.  She was a little belligerent and asked him if he was going to handcuff her.  He replied that he would not handcuff her but he was going to spank her.  With that, his hand began paddling her backside.  She was squirming and kicking and his hand just kept on spanking.  When he was finished, she jumped up and started pummeling him.  He told her to stop or she would be getting more.  The other officer laughed and when Janice realized he had witnessed the whole scene, she began punching him anew and spewing invectives that would make a sailor proud. He picked her up and put her in the back of his police car and locked it.  He could hear her hollering as he went over to her car, collected her belongings and locked the door.  He let her stew a few more minutes as he chatted with his fellow officer.  

Janice was still yelling at him on the drive home so he finally just drowned her out by putting on the police radio.  When he got her home, he hauled her out of the car and literally dragged her into the house.  He went to the bathroom, found a bar of soap and threatened her with it if she didn’t stop yelling.  She quieted and he began his lecture about being a responsible drinker and how she could have hurt herself or others while driving drunk and he was going to make sure she remembered that the next time she tried to drive while impaired. With that, he pulled her over his knee, lifted her skirts.  She still bore some of the pink from the earlier spanking. This new paddling would leave her sore for a day but she deserved it and more.  When her backside was a dark cherry red she went limp.  He was glad she finally gave in because his hand was stinging so he knew her bottom had to be on fire.  She was sobbing in earnest and apologizing and promised she would never do it again.

The next morning when to took her to pick up her car, she thanked him for taking care of her and even admitted she needed that spanking.  She asked him if they could start seeing each other again.  He agreed but asked her to promise that she wouldn’t drink more than she could handle and remain sober.  She promised.

Six months had passed since that night and she had been doing so well.  She didn’t know how she could be so irresponsible. The good news was she hadn’t tried to drive but still she had broken her promise.  She knew the spanking would be her worst yet but not nearly as bad as Rex’s disappointment. She dreaded facing him.

She was in the bedroom when he came in.  She could see by the look on his face that he knew what had transpired.  One of his fellow officers had been in the lounge and had seen the whole thing.  She didn’t even try to explain – she knew it would be to no avail. 

He nodded hello and began removing his belt.  She started sobbing and he could see the regret on her face.  He wasn’t swayed – if he didn’t keep his word she would think it didn’t matter to him and it did.  He told her to lay across the footboard of the bed and handed her a pillow.  The first red line of the strap on her white behind almost stopped his breath. He'd never disciplined a woman before.  He hardened his resolve and the next line was easier for him.  The strap moved relentlessly up and down her butt cheeks and upper thighs. She never begged him to stop, moved her hand back, nor kicked her legs.  She simply accepted her punishment.  When he finally stopped he was holding back his tears.  He picked her up and cradled her in his arms.  He kissed her head and told her he was sorry he had to punish her so harshly but he had promised and he was a man of his word.  Maybe she would be a woman of her word in the future. 

Janice remembered that spanking every time she ordered a second drink. It would sit in front of her as a reminder of what she promised her new husband.  Coke wasn’t so bad after all.

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Saturday Spankings

Welcome all to the the first Saturday Spankings of June.  Hotter than Hades here in Arizona.  

FINDING HOME - A modern day western featuring two sexy cowboys. The heroine Sally Jenkins is torn between two men.  Cade Collier, a famous actor, who used to be the boy next door and still her brother's best friend and a player; or, Jake Raymond the sexy cowboy who not only rodeos but owns his own ranch and has a thing for the feisty rancher.  


In this scene, Sally has had a dust-up with Cade Collier and has stopped working for his Coming Home Project.  Unaware of the disagreement between Cade and Sally, Jake Raymond, whose father is a major sponsor of the project has brought some artwork for Sally's approval.

"Send it to Cade, I want nothing to do with it."  She practically tore off his head.
"No buts, I don't give a damn, Mr. Cade Collier can take care of his own damn stuff from now on.
...I'll get these to Cade.  How and where should I send them? Jake asked.
"I don't give a damn.  I'm sure your dad's secretary knows where to send things.  I am no longer involved.
"Wow, remind me not to get on your bad side."
"You've already been there, so don't go making 
me sorry I forgave you."
...Jake watched her go, thinking 'What a spitfire.  Being with her would keep me on my toes and her over my knee.'  He smiled to himself.


The western romances listed in the picture below are also available on Kindle Unlimited.