Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Spanks

Ta Da - Summer vacations will soon be upon us here on this side of the world.  Are you looking for a good read to get you through those long, lazy summer days?  A good place to find them is right here, on this blog and on the blogs of the authors listed below.  Why not load up your kindle or nook, IPad or whatever device you use now and you'll be ready for that first day poolside or at the beach.

This week, I'm continuing to feature FINDING HOME.  It's a threesome, but not in the way you think.  The heroine Sally Jenkins is torn between two men.  Cade Collier, a famous actor, who used to be the boy next door and still her brother's best friend and a player; or, Jake Raymond the sexy cowboy who not only rodeos but owns his own ranch and has a thing for the feisty rancher.  

EXCERPT: In this scene, Sally and Cade are having a conversation about someone they both know and someone who likes to stir the pot.

“Is that advice I should take to heart, Cade?”

Don’t go putting words in my mouth.”

“Those words came out of your mouth Cade.”

He went over to her and gave her a pop on the butt.  “You know what I mean, now behave.”

“Or what.”

“Or you might find your butt getting spanked for too much sass.”

“Sass is my stock in trade, Cade, you of all people should know that my now.”

  He kissed her on the cheek, slapped her ass and said goodbye.

“Taking a few too many liberties there guy.  I’m not one of your Hollywood chippies.”

“No, but you are my Claremont chippie, aren’t you?”

“The jury is still out.”


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  1. Love this exchange, love her sass, especially her last comment lol.


  2. Ooh, who doesn't love a good pop on the butt! Nice one!! :)

  3. Sass and sarcasm makes the spanking world go round - what would we do without it?

    1. You got me, I'd have no words, that's for sure.

  4. I'm all for too much sass... and butts getting spanked for that matter ;) Great tease!

  5. What a great, playful scene! It is so realistic and so much fun.

  6. Sassy girl and a cowboy? I'm in! Great snippet.

  7. Great exchange! Not sure she wants to be anyone's "chippie."

  8. Love the chemistry here, well done!


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