Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Spankings

Outside the wind is howling making me feel I should be bundled up in an afghan, with a roaring fire, and sipping a cup of hot tea or chocolate.  However, I live in the Valley of the Sun and it's about 75 degrees.  Instead of blowing snow, it's blowing dust and it's keeping me indoors.  If your weather is keeping you indoors, I have a suggestion - why not pick up a copy of my latest western adventure, sit back and ride out the storm.

Finding Home 

Sally has grown up with Cade Collier, her brother's best friend.  There's always been a certain something between Cade and Sally. Cade is the kind of guy who enjoys being the center of attention. His good looks and charm helped him win a modeling competition, which led to a glittering career in movies and television. Although a celebrity, Cade always seeks out Sally when he returns home to Claremont.

Sally lives and works on the Double JJ ranch where she breeds horses, and on one of her trips she meets Jake Raymond. The tall, good looking cowboy is interested in buying one of Sally’s horses … and he’s also interested in her. There is an instant chemistry between them, and things begin to change for Sally as she gets to know this new man in her life.
As time goes by, passions spark, and tensions and jealousies grow. One feisty, attractive woman and two hunky cowboys. Sally is conflicted… she’s attracted to both men: both like to spank, and the sex is great … but which guy will she choose, and why?

EXCERPT:  Sally Jenkins is attending a rodeo as a representative of the Double J Ranch to meet potential clients.  Jake Raymond is one of those potential buyers and Sally knew she was in trouble.

Sally had to calm herself down. Her body was reacting in ways she had never experienced until now by only looking at someone.  Most of the times that’s all she wanted – just a look but not with Jake Raymond.  Watching him walk away wasn’t helping.  He was wearing dark jeans with chaps encasing beefy thighs and the way they tied around back showed off his tight ass to perfection – oo la la. ‘Imagine being wrapped around those legs with free access to those tight buns…Get a grip on yourself, girl,’ she said to herself.



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  1. Can't wait to read this Sunny, great excerpt, love the description of Jake, yummy :)


  2. This paints a lovely picture for me. Loved the book, may have to read it again after that visual.

  3. Hmm. I agree with Libby. Now I need to know which guy Sally ends up with, assuming neither one likes to share, of course. I know I wouldn't. Great excerpt, Leigh.


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