Saturday, April 29, 2017

It Can't be Saturday Spankings Already

When did it change that there are only five days in a week any more?  That's the only explanation I can think of that makes Saturday come around so quickly. I want more time to read the books that are featured here and it would be good to get in some time for writing too.  ㅛ☺

FINDING HOME.  Did you ever find yourself conflicted choosing between two hunky cowboys? Cade Collier and Jake Raymond are both attracted to feisty Sally Jenkins.  Passions, tensions and jealousies grow until Sally has to choose.  Who will it be? 

I'm breaking the rules here because this exchange is more than eight sentences, but they're short.  Shame on me.

In this EXCERPT Cade is back in town and he and Sally are out on a date.  Jake Raymond happens to be at the same restaurant and... 

After Chandler had walked away, Cade looked at Sally. “So you like getting your ass beat and hot steamy showers, huh?  Was that why you looked so disheveled the other morning?”

“Cade, don’t start.  We’re enjoying being with each other.  Don’t let some misplaced jealousy start breaking down those connections we’ve only begun to rebuild.”

“I can’t help it.  The thought of you with other men never came into my focus.  I know it’s not realistic but still…”

“…but still nothing.  If you put notches on your bedpost, I’m sure it would be splintered all to hell by now.”

He laughed and the tension of the last few moments drifted away. 

“Not as many as the tabloids would have you think?”

“So what I read in the rags isn’t true.”

“What are you talking about?”

“All those magazines that are by the grocery checkout report on all your sexy escapades, they’re all bullcrap.”

“Wishful thinking on the part of some wannabees and lots of photoshop.”

“Oh, too bad.  I was hoping to learn some new techniques from you.”  Cade turned red in the face.

“Girl, you need your mouth soaped.  No, maybe it’s your mind.  What’s a nice girl like you doing reading those rags anyway? Why are you wasting your money?”

“I only look at the pictures while waiting at the checkout.”  She laughed

“Well, don’t bother.  You can see and have the real thing anytime you want.”

“Such a charming invitation.”




  1. Now I want to know about this other guy-thanks Leigh!

  2. If Jake is half the alpha Cade seems to be, Sally is going to have a hard time making a choice. Now I have to one-click to find out what happens!

  3. Great snippet Sunny, love the exchange, such sn invitation lol. She is going to have a hard time deciding between them.


    1. Have you ever been in that boat? Who would you choose?

  4. Love their banter. I think they're ideally suited for each other, so I suspect Sally is going to have a difficult decision before her.

  5. It'll be a tough choice, but I'll have to read it to see how it all comes out. Sounds like Cade should be the one.

  6. Lots of tension in that piece... why do I sense all is not rosy in the land of happy ever after? Can't wait to see more of these two :)

  7. You're right about the days coming around quickly! We just had a long weekend in the UK which is making my working week even more hectic than usual. Great snippet!


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