Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spanks.  Are you tired of basketball yet?  If you are, I have a suggestion.  Why not immerse yourself in Arizona in the 1800's?

A Cowboy's Love is a romantic tale of a young woman, Grace Callahan, aka Anabelle Steele, determined to make her own decisions despite the parental and social dictates of time.  She decides to leave her life in Philadelphia and make her way out west to escape the possibility of marriage to her parents hand-picked choice of a husband.  Unexpected circumstances find her stranded on Winding Creek Ranch Arizona territory.

 Marsh Tucker is so very different than anyone she has met before but there is something about him that stirs more than her soul. Their early relationship is antagonistic at best.   


In this scene, Marsh Tucker is escorting Grace into town to purchase some suitable ranch clothing.  Decked out in a fancy blue dress with a hat perched on her head that looked more like a bird's nest than a hat.
“You’re not wearing that hat.  You’re riding in an open buckboard, you need something shielding your head and face.  I’m surprised Maddy didn’t tell you.”
“She did, I said I was wearing this hat.  It matches my dress.”
“Well, I’m not having you pass out from heat stroke, so go get another hat.”
“I won’t.”
“Then you’re not going, it’s as simple as that.”
“You are insufferable,”
“And you are a spoiled young woman who needs her bottom tanned on a regular basis. I don’t know how Bull expects you to keep children in line when you don’t even have the sense you were born with.”
“Hmpf,’ he heard her say as she stomped off into the house.
When she came back out, she was wearing one of Maddie’s bonnets.  “Are you satisfied now?”  she said to him.
“Honey, it takes a lot more than that to satisfy me.”
“You are insufferable,”  Marsh grinned. 


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