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Here we are again - Saturdays come around entirely too fast.  It sure didn't seem that way before I retired, then it seemed as if they took forever and were over in a flash.  They're still over in a flash along with every other day but they seem to come around quicker.

A Cowboy's Love (Excerpt)

If you've been following the blurbs of the last few weeks, you know that Grace Callahan is a guest (unwelcome by Marsh's way of thinking) at Winding Creek Ranch.  There is a plan afoot to have Grace teach the ranch children. This conversation ensues when Marsh's folks share their proposal to him and Grace.
“Calm down Marsh.  We’ll talk about it some more and see if something can be worked out that will benefit everyone. Your mother and I thought it might solve Grace’s situation.”
“Well, by all means, let’s do our damnedest to accommodate a girl who could be handing us a pile of beans and we are falling all over ourselves to help.”
“Marsh, you’re out of line,  Now apologize to Grace,” Maddy told him.
“I’m sorry you’re such a pain in the ass,” Marsh told Grace as he grabbed his hat and slammed the door behind him. 
Would you accept such a back-handed apology?  Does Grace, does Maddie?

A Cowboy's Love is set in Arizona in the late 800's.

 Annabelle Steele, highborn into Philadelphia Society, becomes engaged to another member of Philadelphia’s elite aristocracy.  Both sets of parents are thrilled with the influential match until Jameson Henry Bartlett’s real character is revealed.
Rather than be subjected to the man’s further depravity, Annabelle takes matters into her own hands and plans her getaway.  She accepts a teaching position in San Francisco and clandestinely makes her escape as Grace Callahan.
Fate intervenes, and her travel plans are thwarted when her stagecoach overturns and she is left stranded in the Arizona Territory.  Marsh Tucker discovers the accident and takes Ms. Callahan and the other survivors to the Winding Creek Ranch.
At first, Marsh Tucker thinks Ms. Callahan is nothing but a young spoiled society brat and treats her with disdain. Grace Callahan believes Marsh Tucker is nothing but a brute and bully after he takes her over his knee and gives her the spanking he thinks she so richly deserves.  They’re both wrong. 
Why not take the journey to Winding Creek Ranch?

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  1. I love Marsh's nonpology! The tension is growing!

  2. The apology is not polite, but I bet it's sincere! Great snippet.

  3. Can't wait to be able to start reading this Sunny. I love Marsh's non-apology lol and agree with PK that it's probably sincere, in his mind at that point in time at least.


  4. Loved this book! I read straight through!


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