Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Spanking_1/28

Here we are again - it's Saturday and time to tease our readers with a snippet from one of our books.  Today, there's a piece from my latest, A Cowboy's Love - obviously a western, and set in Arizona in the 1800's.


Annabelle Steele, highborn into Philadelphia Society, becomes engaged to another member of Philadelphia’s elite aristocracy.  Both sets of parents are thrilled with the influential match until Jameson Henry Bartlett’s real character is revealed.

Rather than be subjected to the man’s further depravity, Annabelle takes matters into her own hands and plans her getaway.  She accepts a teaching position in San Francisco and clandestinely makes her escape as Grace Callahan.

Fate intervenes, and her travel plans are thwarted when her stagecoach overturns and she is left stranded in the Arizona Territory.  Marsh Tucker discovers the accident and takes Ms. Callahan and the other survivors to the Winding Creek Ranch.

At first, Marsh Tucker thinks Ms. Callahan is nothing but a young spoiled society brat and treats her with disdain. Grace Callahan believes Marsh Tucker is nothing but a brute and bully after he takes her over his knee and gives her the spanking he thinks she so richly deserves.  They’re both wrong. 

Why not take the journey to Winding Creek Ranch?


In this scene, Grace Callahan has been rescued once again.  After running off and being found by some Indian friend, Marsh and Bull come to the Indian camp to bring Grace home.  Marsh takes her to task and paddles her bottom in front of everyone for being so foolhardy and taking off.  She continues to push Marsh's buttons as seen by this exchange of wor

“I need to get Red Fox a gift to thank him for rescuing me,” she told Marsh.
“Bull and I will take care of it,” Marsh told her.
“But then it’s from you and not me.”
“Girl, you sure are stubborn.  Speaking of stubborn, when we get back to the ranch, you Bull, Ma and me are going to have a sit-down and talk about why you ran away in the first place.”
“But, Bull stayed behind.”
“He’ll be along directly.  He and White Cloud had some things to discuss.”
“About me.”
“Not everything is about you, although since I found that overturned stagecoach, it seems that way.  By the way, don’t I get any thanks.”
“For what – walloping my bottom.  I hardly think that deserves any thanks.”
“Paddling your bottom was my pleasure, and if it had been up to me, I would have continued.  Bull stayed my hand.”
‘And here I thought it was because you howled out in pain after I bit you.”

“Girl, you don’t know me at all.  But if you stay at Winding Creek Ranch, you will.”

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  1. Hi! I'm filling in for Kathryn again as host of SatSpanks this week. Grace does sound very stubborn. She better be careful or else she'll be sporting a red bottom all of the time!

  2. Hehe, I have a feeling they're going to get to know each other really well!

  3. LoL Sunny, love this exchange. She sure knows how to push those buttons :)



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