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Saturday Spanking

Happy Holidays all.  Not sure if anyone will even have time to stop by today but if you do, welcome.

The last couple of weeks I've featured my Christmas books, today though I'm featuring a book written back in 2014.  For some reason, it's been one of my favorites and it does have a Christmas scene that makes it appropriate for the day.


Christopher Matthew Chambers, the eldest son of a wealthy New York family, shows little interest in the family business, preferring to do his own thing much to the disappointment of his father. When a relative of his mother dies and the family inherit 10,000 acres of prime real estate known as Sutter's Ridge, situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Christopher is sent to attend to the funeral arrangements and clear up any remaining legalities. 

During his visit, however, the weather takes a turn for the worse and he finds himself in the middle of a snow storm. While driving back down the mountain he is forced to swerve to avoid a stray elk - his truck ends up stranded in a ditch and his leg is injured. After a couple of hours with no help in sight, Christopher sets off on foot in search of somewhere to hole up until the storm passes. Fortunately, he stumbles across the house of Samantha Fremont, a sexy but feisty young woman with whom he feels an instant attraction. A passionate romance quickly blossoms but Samantha's fiery temper and stubbornness make for some turbulent times. The sex between them is great but Samantha is headstrong and not inclined to listen to advice, even when it's in her own interest. 

This Christmas scene takes place in the latter part of the book.  Sam is meeting Chris' family for the first time and they, too, get to experience her feisty temperament.

'How dare you to tell me what I am and what I am not going to do." You have no say over me, M. Big Shot Christopher Chambers,"

"It's dangerous and if you don't have the sense you were born with then someone has to step in and haul you back."

"And you get to make that determination because you're 'The Man'."

"Maybe, and I am The Man, but I am also the one who is thinking about your well-being, even if and when you're not."...

"You think what you want but I wouldn't want you to hold your breath."

"Well, you're not coming back inside until you apologize, so it's a matter of how long you can hold out, here in the cold."

"Don't threaten me."

"I'm not, I am just telling you that you are not invited back inside to join us until you apologize. The rest is up to you."

The above is just one of the many altercations between Sam and Chris.  If you want to find out how this ends and whether or not they have a good Christmas, you'll just have to read the book. 

Available at LSF and Amazon as well as on Kindle Unlimited.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017


Happy Holidays  - I'm not saying Merry Christmas this year because I'm being naughty and acting rebellious against 45 (Trump). For those of you who do not know I have not and will 
not acknowledge his sitting in that office.  Enough politics.

I'm self-promoting here.  I haven't written a new book in a bit so I haven't been around much.  But, for those of you interested, this week I'm posting some of my past Christmas stories on Aimless Ramblings.  Hop on over, it may just put you in the Christmas mood, if you know what I mean. See you on Saturday Spankings

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Spanking

We're there - Christmas is just a week away. Are you ready? I'm almost ready.  I do love this time of year, not the shopping and crowds mind you, but the festive decorations and the excitement of the season. There's a neighborhood near us that is spectacular - two streets of houses decorated beyond belief.  Wouldn't want their electrical bill but boy do I appreciate their efforts in making the holiday special for others.

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS - is a novella that features two Christmas stories.  The second story features Mitch Ryder, a cowboy set in his ways and happily living life with his companion, a dog named Sam.  He sees a hitchhiker as he's driving along a lonely country road and pulls over.  After getting Sam's approval, he offers her a ride and his life changes in ways he never thought possible.

In this scene, as Bonnie and Mitch continued down the highway, they see a road block ahead and Mitch notices an edginess about Bonnie.

"Is there something I should know before we go any further?"

"I don't know, is there?"

"Don't go getting smart mouthed with me.  Are they looking for you?"

He watched as a shudder seemed to ripple through her body.  "Not sure, maybe."

"Have you done anything illegal?"


"Are you sure, I don't want any trouble."

"No, I haven't done anything illegal.  In only took what was mine."

Want to know more about Bonnie and Mitch and what she took.  You'll just have to read their story. It's available LSF Publications and Amazon as well as on Kindle Unlimited.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday Spankings

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Felize Navidad, Happy Kwanza, Joyeuses Fetes, Happy Holidays and any other greeting I might have missed.  It's that time of year and it's Saturday, so it must be Saturday Spankings.

Sixteen days to go until Santa comes to town.  I've been a pretty good girl this year so I'm not too worried about any coal in my stocking.  How about you?  I do know a bunch of people that live in a big white house in the eastern part of the United States that deserve not only coal but a damn good paddling to let them see the error of their ways.  Enough about that.

In last week's SS post, I left Lily Rose in a very precarious situation.  If you've read the story, you know she not only survives this travail but also the death of her precious Johnny.  She is tough and gets through with the help of her new neighbors and the presence of one of Johnny's boyhood friends.

Home for Christmas tells the story of Lily Rose and Luke.  Luke knows all about Lily from Johnny's letters to him so he knows all about her feistiness.  He loves it as much as Johnny did, but disciplining her from time to time is a necessity.

In this scene, Lily has been less than respectful to a neighbor and refuses to apologize.  She knows she going to get a hiding but doesn't care.  Luke's razor strap is punishing her behind and she is complaining that it hurts.

"Of course it hurts, it's meant to.  If only you had apologized, you wouldn't be getting punished right now.  This is your own fault."

"I thought I said no lectures."

"You know, Lily Rose, lying her bare-assed getting your backside flamed, you might not want to annoy me further. Now get up and come with me to get your mouth cleansed and don't bother pulling down your skirts.  I want to see that red backside."

Her head held high, shoulders back and holding up her skirts, Lily Rose marched to the kitchen with as much swagger as she could muster. 

Would you be able to swagger after ten swipes with a razor strap?  I don't think I could, but you never know.

This book, as well as others, can be found at LSF Publications or Amazon.  Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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Saturday Spanking

Hello December - really.  It can't be but I checked the calendar and sure enough, it's December. The year is almost over and not a new book to show for it, so I've had to go into the archives to find today's feature. While it is not really a Christmas book, it sets the tone for the book I'm going to feature next week.

Finding Love at the Trail's End was my first period piece.  While all books take research, one that delves into history is far more difficult, at least for me.  You cannot just rely on what is familiar to you but what was familiar to the characters. It opened my eyes to how strong and resilient one had to be to survive and flourish during these turbulent times.  I'm sure the trials and tribulations of Lily Rose Cochrane were played out all across America as the west opened up new frontiers, but this is her story, or at least how I perceived it to be.

Lily Rose Cochrane was born into a loving family.  However, life took a different turn when she turned thirteen and she found herself taking on the duties and responsibility of an adult.  Eager to shed those burdens, she finagles a way to join a wagon train heading west after she meets Johnny Billings. Adventures, misadventures, love, romance and heartache are some of the man twists and turns, they encounter on their journey along the Oregon Trail.

EXCERPT:  Lily Rose and Johnny are camped for the evening.  Johnny has met up with an old friend and they're catching up so Lily Rose decides to take herself for a walk.  She hasn't walked far when she heard rustling behind her.

"So you finally decided to join me," she said.

"I didn't know you were waitin' for me darlin."

That wasn't Johnny's voice, nor Billy's.  Quickly turning she started running back toward the wagon only to be caught by a man who reeked of sweat and whiskey. He threw her to the ground, ripping open her bodice as he tried to kiss her. She was able to let out a scream before he backhanded her so hard she saw stars.  He stuffed a smelly rag into her mouth.  She clawed at his face and was backhanded again.  It was the last thing she remembered.

This book, as well as others, can be found at LSF Publications or Amazon.  Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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I'm back at Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  I have been absent for months and hope I get some traffic even though I wouldn't be surprised if no one stopped by.  Time moves quickly and suddenly you turn around and weeks and months have gone by.  Other than my weekly Monday stories on my other blog, I've not done any writing.  So... since I've have no new works to promote I've backed off - but I'm back today to promote some of my former works. 

The Christmas season is upon us and so I've decided to feature Christmas books.  If you've already read them, perhaps a re-read or pass the titles on to others.  Without any further ado, here is today's feature - ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS: 


Who doesn't want a Cowboy for Christmas?  Not Sarah Langston - she's trying to run away from a relationship gone bad. Instead of running away, fate steps in and she finds herself running into rugged cowboy, Randy Guthrie.  Clashing personalities lead to bumps and bruises (spankings) along the way. 

In this scene, Sarah learns the reason he is still available despite his many gorgeous attributes. "Fact is, you may or may not be correct.  Maybe you should compare notes with my former fiancée.  But then, she was the one who was a spoiled brat and didn’t like it when I tried to correct that behavior.”

“What did you do, arrest her for behavior unbecoming to a fiancée?” and she giggled at her own joke.

He didn’t laugh.  “No, I merely took her over my knee and gave her the spanking she deserved.  She didn’t like it.”

Can't you just feel your sphincter muscles contract as you contemplate yourself in that position?


Mary Jo Blanton is a runaway who looks for solace in a remote western location. She rents a cabin and instead of solace find a smokin' hot man willing to provide all kinds of heat.

Mary Jo's first contact with her landlord Wes Parker tells her he is a just what kind of man he a dominant, self-assured man and so very different from the man from whom she is running away.

"You never did call me to tell me exactly when you would get here."  His tone was almost one of admonition and I felt chastised.

"I'm sorry.  I didn't know low long it would take me to get here."

"Out this way, it's important to let someone know your whereabouts."...

"I'll remember that."

"See that you do."  The man had the power to intimidate me, something Frank never did.  It wasn't just his size...His manner and that beautiful voice had a steel edge that made you sit up and pay attention.

Hope that everyone this side of the pond had a great Thanksgiving and successful Black Friday shopping, if you're into that.  Now sit back and do some online shopping - it's easier on the body.

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Wednesday Words

Here's another story from my archives you may enjoy, it's one of my favorites.  It was a long story so I divided it into three parts. This is the conclusion. 



Rowdy couldn’t wait until their set was finished.  He wondered if she would come backstage or just wait until the concert was over and waited near the bus.  When the audience called for an encore, he groaned.  The band played three more numbers and Rowdy practically ran off the stage.

Cindy wasn’t backstage.  He asked a couple of people if they had seen her, and everybody told him there hadn’t been anybody backstage asking for him.  He began to think that maybe his imagination had played tricks on him.  He had an hour before they were due back on stage, and he went out for some air.

Standing away from the crowd, he saw her.  He smiled, and she smiled back at him as he walked toward her. It was a little awkward; he had all he could do to keep from enveloping her in his arms. 

“Hello Rowdy,” she said in the sweet, sultry voice he loved so well.

“Hello, Cindy.  You look great, but then you always did, even with a dirty face and hair all askew from working at the ranch.”

“Thank you for that.”

“What are you doing here Cindy?  Everything’s all right, isn’t it?  Jeb would have let me know if anything was wrong.”

“I need to talk to you,” she told him.  “I didn’t want to do it over the phone.”

Suddenly, he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, and it felt as if the ground had just dropped beneath his feet.

“Sure, do you want to do it now or meet me later?”

“I’d like to meet you later.  I’m staying at a hotel in town, The Carlisle.  Why don’t you meet me afterward?  I’m in Room 420.”

“Sure, are you going to give me any clues?”

“We need to talk,” was all she told him.

The next two hours and forty-five minutes lasted for days.  He kept messing up the chords and getting dirty looks from his brother. 

“What the hell is the matter with you?  You keep fucking up.” Wes asked his brother during a break between songs.

“Cindy’s here.”

Wes nodded his understanding and told Joe and Jack to be aware and ready to take over at any time.  He knew how his brother still felt about Cindy and her showing up at a venue didn’t bode well for Rowdy.

The minute the show ended he bolted. Through his manager, he arranged for a bag, a cab, and a room when he returned from meeting Cindy earlier.  He grabbed a quick shower, changed clothes and hopped on the elevator. He rapped on the door and heard her voice.

“It’s me, Cindy.”   He heard the slip lock slide back, and the door opened.

Once again, he had all he could do not to take her in his arms.  He loved her as much now as the day he took her as his wife, and it was killing him that he couldn’t act on it.

“How was the show?” she asked.

“Like all the rest, over,” he answered.  “How are the kids?  I Skyped with Buck the other day.”

“He mentioned it.  Ashley is busy with her school project.  Difficult to believe next year she will be entering high school.”

“Okay, Cindy.  My stomach is in knots, and although I’m not sure I want to hear what you have to say, it needs to be said eventually.”

“This isn’t easy for me either, you know,” she told him.

“I know that.  What’s up?”

“I’m seeing someone.  It’s starting to get serious, and I want to file for divorce,” she told him.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” was all he could think to say for a minute.

“Who is he?  Have the kids met him?  Do they know what you’re doing here?”

“His name is John Sanderson.  He’s the pharmacist at the local drug store.  I met him when Buck had that infection a while back.  The kids met him, and they like him, and no, they don’t know why I am here, or that I am here.  I wanted to tell you in person.  I don’t expect things to move quickly, but I didn’t want it to come as a shock when you are served with the papers.”

“Do you love him?”

“I like him well enough.”

“That’s not what I asked.  Do you love him?”  She didn’t answer him and looked away.

“So you don’t love him.”

“He’s a decent man; he likes the kids, and he is good to me, and I’m tired of being alone.”

“Have you slept with him?”

“I don’t think that is any of your concern, Rowdy?”

“You’re right, and I really don’t want an answer because I don’t want a picture of you and some other guy in my head. Is lonely an excuse to hook up with some guy you don’t love?”

“Rowdy, I’ve been waiting for five years for you to decide that I’m more important to you than the damn music.  I’m not getting any younger and John is a good man and loves me.”

“I love you too, and I’m a good man.”

“Yes, you are.  I can’t deny that.  However, John Sanderson will be in my bed every single night of my life.  Can you say that?”

“Yes,” he answered so quickly he shocked her.

“Yes, then why haven’t you done it?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to give us another chance?  You know how I feel about you; I've never held back.  I have just been honoring that damn agreement you made me sign when we separated.  I didn’t want to jeopardize not being present in my kid's lives by pressuring you into something I didn’t think you wanted.”

“I always wanted you; I didn’t want the lifestyle.”

“Well, it seems we’ve been at cross purposes,” he told her.  “What will it take for you to forget about this and take me back?”

“You know the answer to that, Rowdy.”

“Okay.”  She watched him take his phone out of his pocket and dial a number. 

“It’s me.  I’m through, do whatever you have to do.  I’ll tell the guys.”  He dialed another number.

“Wes, are Joe and Jack with you?”

Wes replied, “Yeah; we're just winding down here in the bus. Are you with Cindy?”

“Yeah.  I wanted you to know I’m quitting as of right now.  I just called Jeb and told him to do whatever is necessary.  I won’t be back this time so don’t hold my spot.  I know what’s important now,” and he ended the call.

This time, he did what he wanted to do earlier, he went over to Cindy and took her in his arms.  They melded together like hot glue.

 The following morning, Cindy and Rowdy boarded a plane headed to the Midland Airport. He called Jeb to have a car waiting for him.

“I’ll do it this time bro, but don’t forget I don’t work for you anymore,” and laughed.

“Yeah, that’s going to take some getting used to,” Rowdy said.

Cindy told him “Welcome to the real world.” He laughed and his hand found her bottom, giving her a gentle pat.


Rowdy decided to throw a big bash for friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate their being back together.  He hired a party planner and told them what he wanted; barbecue,  beer, soft drinks, and a band that did covers of Rivers Rangers.  Wes, Jack, and Joe flew in for the event, so did Jeb, who commented that he’d done a good job organizing everything without help.  Cindy piped in that he hired a party planner but he did need lots of help and laughed.  Rowdy popped her bottom when no one was looking.

During the party, Rowdy tried getting around to greet everyone.  He went up to this one older couple and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Rowdy Rivers.  Welcome to the party.  I’m not sure I know you.  Are you new around here?”

“Fairly new.  I’m John Sanderson, and this is my wife, Emily.”

“John Sanderson,” he repeated. “John Sanderson, the pharmacist.”

“Yes, I met your wife when she was picking up a prescription for your son Buck.”

“I see, well welcome to the area.  Hope you’re enjoying yourself.  Be sure to stick around for the fireworks.”

“We plan to,” they told him.

Rowdy went off to find Cindy.  He found her in the kitchen mixing up a batch of margaritas.

“I just met the nicest older couple,” he told her.

“Oh really, who?”  

"John Sanderson and his wife, Emily.”

The color drained from her face.  He watched her start to squirm.

“Yeah, you better squirm.  You made up that whole damn story.”

“Well, it worked, didn’t it?” 

He laughed.  “Yeah, it did.  It doesn't mean you are not going to pay the piper for that little charade. You put me through hell. Tonite, when everyone’s gone, and the kids are off doing their thing; you are going to get a spanking that’s going to light you up good. 

“Fireworks after the fireworks,” she said.

“You bet,” he told her.

“I can’t wait.”

If you enjoyed this free story, you might want to check out some of my books. They are available at LSF Publications of Kindle Unlimited over at Amazon.

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Wednesday Words

Here's another story from my archives you may enjoy, it's one of my favorites.  It was a long story so I divided it into three parts. This is the second of the three parts. Come back the next  Wednesday to continue reading.



He heard the chants and the foot stomping from the audience that brought him back to the present. He started to play and go through the motions, but she was the only thing he thought about. His mind continued to wander back to the beginning of their relationship again.

Cindy and Rowdy had made it ten years before they split. During that time, Rivers Rangers popularity continued to grow and every year it seemed Rowdy was home less and less.  Once in a while, she would travel with him, or meet him on the road for a couple of days until she couldn’t take it anymore and would retreat to Rivers Roost.  She hated he traveled so much and while she understood it, she didn’t like it. The first time he took her over his knee for a spanking came as a result of a fit she threw after one of the band’s concerts. Until then, he swatted her bottom frequently, mostly in fun.  She had the cutest little butt, and he had a hard time keeping his hands to himself around her. That changed that night in Little Rock.  The band had a three-day gig and instead of staying on the bus, Rowdy rented a hotel room so they could have some alone time. Everything was fine the first night, but the second night Cindy decided she didn’t want to attend the concert. She planned a sexy interlude with her husband and wanted to primp and be ready when he returned.  Unfortunately, that night Rowdy didn’t get back to the hotel room until the wee hours. Unbeknownst to him, the band manager arranged a photo shoot and an interview for a magazine after the concert.  When he finally arrived, Cindy didn’t hesitate to make her displeasure known.  Flying objects greeted him as he opened the door, while she ranted and raved accusing him of cavorting with the groupies that were always present.  He tried to get her to listen to reason and explain about the interview, but Cindy wasn’t interested and continued to carry on.  Once she ran out of objects to throw at him, she began pummeling him with her fists.  He walked away from her, but she followed and slapped him across the face accusing him of being a lying, no-good for nothing cheater. That was the last straw; he had it!  She needed a spanking and by damn she was going to get what she deserved!  Reaching for her and hauling her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, he took her over to the bed, sat down and arranged her over his knee. Still clad in her sexy underwear, he wedged the black lace thong into her crack and let loose.  He peppered her bottom with spanks until he achieved a nice pink glow.  Cindy, hollering and kicking the whole time, didn’t deter him. The longer she carried on, the harder he spanked. His hand began to hurt, and he looked around for something to use other than his hand.  Nothing was handy.  Her whole bottom and upper thighs were red from his punishment, and he wondered how much longer she could withstand this assault on her fanny.  Finally, she stopped yelling, and he sensed she had enough. He gradually slowed the pace and ferocity of the spanks.

“Have you had enough?” 

“Yes,” Cindy answered in a voice so low, he barely heard.

“If I stop spanking and let you up, are you going to listen to reason?”

Again in a whisper, she answered “yes.”   Instead of spanking and letting her up, the hands that had just punished her bottom started rubbing out the sting and before long other bodily parts were receiving his attention. This was how most of their arguments were resolved.


In the final stages of pregnancy with Buck, she stayed behind and never toured with them again.  Instead, she waited for Rowdy to come home. When their daughter Ashley came along two years later, Rowdy surprised her by bowing out of the tour for the following year. 

Rowdy was glad to be off the road and settled into family life and ranching.  The first couple of months were bliss to Cindy. The kids loved having their daddy around, and Cindy loved having her husband in her bed every night. They fought like any other couples, mostly about Rowdy spoiling the kids and Cindy being so frugal, but the make-ups were fun. He would threaten to take her over his knee; she would act all indignant and fight him every step of the way, but she loved it, and those trips over his knee always ended with the most mind-blowing orgasms.

After about a year at home, Cindy began to notice Rowdy’s restlessness.  He dusted off his guitar, and he began playing occasionally.  He would hole himself up in the studio for hours. The other guys stopped by during a break in the tour and when they left he became really moody.  He was finding fault with everything and everybody.

“Stay away from Daddy.  He’s grumpy again.” He heard Buck say to Ashley.

He felt bad about his behavior. He loved his wife and kids, but it wasn’t enough, he missed making music.  He had spent a good portion of his life on the road, and he missed the music and the camaraderie with the guys.  Truth be told, he was jealous when the guys related stories of events that occurred on the road. The other guys didn’t have wives anymore; they were free to come and go without any familial responsibility.  Their spouses decided they didn’t like being married to someone who was never home, and even when they were home, road life often interfered with their family life.  There were still promotional spots, rehearsals, wardrobe fittings, photo shoots to get in before they took to the road again. The ever-present groupies and the fear that one day their loved one would give into the temptations constantly being offered didn’t help either.  None of them, except for Rowdy and Cindy, ever made it more than two or three years.

He tried talking to Cindy about his restlessness, but she didn’t want to hear it.  She didn’t understand why being with her, and the kids weren't enough to keep him happy. They started bickering at each other until finally, Rowdy made a decision he hoped would solve the problem.

 “I’m doing a weekend gig with the guys when they come through Dallas next weekend.” he told her.

“But next weekend is my Daddy’s birthday party,” she told him.

“Tell him I said Happy Birthday,” and he went out and slammed the door behind him.

She followed him out of the door, still hollering at him. He knew he was acting like a bastard, but he needed this.  It was only for a weekend and maybe he would see that it wasn’t what he wanted.

“That’s enough, Cindy.  I don’t want to hear any more.  I need a break.”

“What about me, when do I get a break?” she asked him.

“If you want a break, go now. I’m not leaving until Friday, so you have until Thursday.”

“Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you, it takes away your guilt for going next weekend.”
“Either go or don’t go, it’s your choice.  I’ll be here until Thursday.”

Cindy ran up to him, hauled off and gave him a hard kick in the shins.  He took hold of her and guided her over to the tack room.  He grabbed a set of leather reins, yanked her over a hay bale and started wailing on her behind.  She was kicking and yelling at him to stop.  Suddenly, he heard Buck’s voice.

“Daddy, stop, stop.  Don’t spank Mommy anymore.”  He stopped and threw down the reins.  Cindy stood up and went over to Buck and said it was alright that she and Daddy were just playing a game.  She hugged him tightly.

“Where’s your sister? Let’s go inside and get some lemonade and cookies.” Cindy told him.

She and Buck walked out of the barn and toward the house, passing Rowdy on the way.  He was leaning against the fence, staring off into space. She stopped.

“Next week when you go to Dallas, don’t come back here until you have made up your mind what you want.”  Rowdy couldn’t believe what just did.  He never spanked in anger, and he was angry.  Granted, her kicking him in the shins didn’t help, but still, he should have controlled his temper.  He never even gave thought to anyone being around and seeing him whipping his wife, much less his son.  He needed to talk to Buck about what he saw and apologize to them both.

He tried talking to Cindy, but she was too upset.  Luckily, things went better with Buck.

“Mommy and I were playing a game.  You know how sometimes when you’re playing with Ashley, and she’s asking you to stop, and you ignore her.  She doesn’t really mean it, just like Mommy didn’t mean it when she was yelling at me to stop.”

“That’s okay Daddy.  I know you wouldn’t hurt mommy.  You’re always huggin’ and kissin’ on each other.” With that, he ran off to play. Rowdy needed this time away, and he hoped to get his head on straight before he returned home.


The weekend gig in Dallas was a mistake. When he rejoined the group, he realized what he had and what he was giving up. Unfortunately, fate stepped in and changed the course of his life.

It was true what was written and heard about roadies.  They were a determined group, and although it was fun at first to have such rabid fans; it soon lost its luster. Some of them would maneuver a band member into a compromising situation and then had a friend take a picture and sell it to one of the “celebrity” publications. Rumors of affairs and one-night stands that never happened were often the cause of many a marriage break up.

Wives and girlfriends had to have thick skins, and lots of trust in their guy and Cindy had that for years.  However, now she was older, and Cindy worried about the constant barrage of young, sexy girls throwing themselves at him.  Lonely guys often fell prey to temptation. Even though Cindy should have known better, when the story made the front pages of the “celebrity rags” that Randy Rivers of River's Rangers was back on the market, she still fell victim to believing the rumors.

When Rowdy explained it was all untrue, Cindy was too hurt to listen and told him she wanted a break. She said she would take the kids and move into town.  He didn’t want to uproot Cindy and the kids; so he moved into the foreman’s quarters on the ranch.  This arrangement allowed Rowdy access to his kids when he was home.  Cindy agreed that as long as he honored her wishes to stay away from the house, the children could stay with him when he was in town.  As hard as it was on him, and hoping she would eventually come to her senses, he had honored this agreement and hadn’t set foot in the main house since the split.

Buck and Ashley were devastated by their parents split. They got to spend time with their dad because he still lived at the ranch between road trips, but it wasn't enough.  Even after five years, they still wished their parents would get back together.  It's what Rowdy wanted too. Cindy still held his heart in her hands.

If you enjoyed this free story, you might want to check out some of my books. They are available at LSF Publications of Kindle Unlimited over at Amazon.