Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Spankings

Instead of the usual Saturday Spankings logo, I thought I'd change it up a bit and offer this picture instead.  I love this picture  - it conveys sexiness, a caring man lovingly pulling down her panties.  Can you feel her anticipation of what's to come? Her calm demeanor denotes trust even though he is going to spank her bottom.

Here in the good ole USA, Thanksgiving is over and we're heading toward Christmas.  It's not even a month away now.  Are you ready?  If not I have a suggestion that might help.  Home for Christmas sets the tone and will put you in the Christmas mood.

Home for Christmas: Bonnie Baxter and Mitch Ryder are the main characters in this story of two people who were not looking for love, but it found them nonetheless.  Fun and fireworks along the way.

Christmas Surprise: Lily Rose Billings from Finding Love at the Trail's End remarries. Luke Benson loved Lily Rose before they even met and this is the story of how they work their way into love and life, Some valuable lessons are taught and learned.

I've been bouncing back and forth giving snippets of each story in the book.  I think this week, it's Christmas Surprise's turn.

We left off with Lily Rose being told to apologize to her neighbor for her rude behavior. Luke has threatened Lily and follows her into the house when she refuses to apologize.

"Lily Rose, you get in the bedroom now.  Bare your backside and lay across the bed."

"Oh poo." Luke heard her say as she flounced away...Later, he entered the bedroom and was shocked to see Lily Rose, bared and waiting for him.  Orders didn't set well with her.

"I know why I'm getting whipped, so spare me the lecture and just get on with it."  Luke was trying very hard to control his snicker.  He might be better off giving her mouth a dose of some hot pepper sauce, too.

"Hands under the pillow now and no squirming around," he ordered.

"Or what, you'll whip me harder."

"That's all the sass I'm going to take."  He removed his razor strop from the wall peg and Lily heard it swish through the air. 

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  1. Why does 'spare me the lecture' never work? :-)

    Great excerpt.

    I read Home for Christmas this week. Two perfect seasonal stories to kick off the holidays.

    1. Thanks Libby - could I trouble you to possibly write a review on Amazon?

  2. I love all your books and these two are no exception. Love the picture you chose too. Very sexy!

    1. You're a trooper. I'm not sure sexy is a word I'd use though.

  3. Hi Sunny,I love that picture! Great excerpt, love her sas, bold of her given her predicament lol.


    1. I know - I don't know where I found it but it's smokin' hot. Her sass is part of her charm.

  4. There's no hope for the girl! That naughty mouth is going to get her into a lot of trouble LOL! Great snippet :)

    1. No hope at all - she's like the author, has not filter. lol

  5. Nice pic - and loving the snippet! Well done!

  6. Love this pic, Sunny! :) Can't wait to dig into this one. Great snippet! She's a feisty one! LOL! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


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