Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Spankings

I know that not everyone who comes to visit here is from this side of the pond/world, but here in the USA it's been one helluva week.  Things have come to pass that never seemed imaginable and yet, here they are.

Finding a good book and burying your head in the story seems like it's a must right now.  I have a suggestion for you, and my fellow authors listed below have suggestions too. Immerse yourself in fantasy.

Home for Christmas: Bonnie Baxter and Mitch Ryder are the main characters in this story of two people who were not looking for love, but it found them nonetheless.  Fun and fireworks along the way.

Christmas Surprise: Lily Rose Billings from Finding Love at the Trail's End marries Luke Benson. As they work their way into love and life, some valuable lessons are taught and learned.

BLURB:  Christmas Surprise: Lily Rose is used to waking up to fresh coffee and a warm fire blazing.Today, there's no coffee, warm fire or her husband.  She trudges outdoors looking for him and finds him in the barn, visiting with a friend. She confronts Luke.

"What's the matter?  he asks.  Hands on hips Lily replies.  "You scared the hell out of me, it's later than usual, there's no coffee and no fire.  I thought something must have happened."

His friend snickered.  "I told ya you were spoiling her Luke, Now see what happens"
"You be quiet Billy Hanson and mind your own business, Lily Rose told him.
"That's no way to talk to our friend, now tell him you're sorry."
"In a pig's ear," she said and turned leaving the barn.

Luke caught up and told her they needed to talk.  "If it's about Billy, I am not apologizing. No one asked him to butt in or give his opinion.  

You will apologize; it just a matter if you do it before the hiding or after."

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  1. These are wonderful books! They are great for getting your mind off real world and on to Christmas!

    1. Thanks for the positive vote. Needed one of those this week

  2. Loved these stories! Just left a review. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for leaving a review. I seem to have difficulty getting those.

  3. Replies
    1. Glad to hear that Minelle. Would you consider leaving a review on Amazon, pretty please.

    2. Promise to try and do this week! Please try and remind me. My brain is mush these days!

  4. I love a good Christmas story and now more than ever! Plus there is that delicious threat in 'before the hiding or after.'

    Just one clicked. :-)

    1. I definitely hear you about 'more than ever.' Yes, there is that threat. Hope you enjoy.

  5. Ooh! A hiding is in store? Someone is in a whole heap of trouble and their backside is about to pay! Can't wait for next week's instalment :)

  6. I understand that there's no excuse for rudeness, but she was worried. Not because he didn't provide amenities for her, but because he always had before and he wasn't around. Gosh, sometimes a girl can't win for losing.


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