Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spanking and Snowing on Saturday

Spring has sprung a leak here in Colorado.  It's raining, snowing, thunder storming, you name it, and I think it's on the schedule for today.  So ready to get back to the Arizona sun.  Of course, check back with me around the 4th of July.  What's it like where you are?

Finding Love at the Trail's End is a story of adventure, heartache, romance, love, sexy cowboys and how they handle a sassy woman.

Lily Rose Cochrane grew up the spoiled daughter of a prosperous Midwestern couple. That is until she was fifteen.  Then her life changed dramatically.  Her mother passed, and her father turned to the bottle leaving her to pick up the pieces.

Feeling the weight of too many burdens placed on her young shoulders, she is looking for a way out.  She thinks she may have found it in Johnny Billings.  He’s a scout for a wagon train and is smitten with her. Unfortunately, he's not ready to make a commitment, but Lily is determined to find a way around his reticence. 

EXCERPT: Lily Rose wants to accompany Johnny Billings to Oregon.  While he is attracted to her like a bee to honey, her temper and personality make him unsure of whether he is ready to take her on as well as act as scout for the wagon train. He needs some time and space and is trying to explain to her why she can't come without hurting her feelings.

"Because I don’t have my own wagon. It is a long hard trek, and there is no way a lady such as yourself could handle the journey the way I live on the trail.”  She continued to harangue him about taking her with him, but he remained firm.

“We’ll discuss it when I return.”

“You expect me to wait for you?” 

 She flounced off leaving Johnny thinking he was making the right decision.  This little girl not only needed a good spanking, but she was also driving him crazy and had his head spinning.  He needed the time to clear his head and decide whether she was worth the trouble.

Does Lily Rose succeed in convincing Johnny to take her with him?  Is she forced to come up with another plan?  You can find out by clicking here.

FINDING LOVE AT THE TRAIL"S END is available in a variety of formats at LSF Publications as well as Amazon for Kindle Users.

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  1. Oh, I think she's probably worth the trouble, but I bet she causes a lot of it too.

    1. Aren't we usually our own worst enemies? :-)

  2. She's worth the trouble, Johnny! Go on, give her a good spanking ;)

  3. Trouble and worth it! You go for it Johnny!

  4. Definitely worth the trouble, but I suspect neither is going to give on this, so Lily will find a way to sneak on. However, I also suspect she's about to bite off more than her pretty little mouth can handle.

    1. We women are very inventive when it comes to getting what we want, aren't we?

  5. Yes, she needs a spanking and he needs to give it to her. This book is currently burning a hole in my Kindle. I just know I'm going to love it!

    1. I know all about holes in Kindles, I don't know how mine bears up some time.

      I hope you do like it - I enjoyed writing the story.

  6. She is definitely worth it, and needs a spanking. I have a feeling she will find a way :)



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