Saturday, March 12, 2016


                              THE DOMINANT COWBOY

A collection featuring five western romance tales.  If you enjoy ruggedly handsome alpha male cowboys taming wilful women by turning them over their knees for a spanking, this is the collection
for you.

Meredith Meets Her Match:  Chad Barker
Meredith is forced to 'get out of Dodge' and is send to the Bar None Ranch to stay with her aunt and her aunt's employer, Chad Barker.
Meredith not happy with her surroundings is being rude to her aunt and is told by Chad she needs a lesson in manners. "No, I don't.  But if I did, some rednecked cowboy is not the one to teach them to me.

Learning the Ropes:  Jace Hawkins
Paula has come to the dude ranch under false pretenses and is found out. Jace tells her he can't wait to get that cute little ass over his knee.  'You do realize this is the 21st century, don't you?"

The Cowboy FInds  a Home:  Luke Madison
Luke, newly arrived in town, stops to stock up on supplies.  He is trying to keep his celebrity on the downlow but is recognized by the cashier. He asks her to keep his secret and she states she will for a price.  'Why you little blackmailer you, I think you need a spanking." She replied.  "Maybe I do and it might be fun."

The Hired Help:  Tanner Walker
Raeanne felts eyes boring into the back of her head.  'Why is he looking at me like that?"

Sadie and the Texas Ranger:  John Marshall
John Marshall meets Sadie at her family's ranch and decides she would make a good wife. He talked to her pa without consulting her.  When he comes to the house, she starts throwing things at him. "What the hell?" he asked
"How dare you go to my Pa before talking to me and why would I want to marry anybody and have another man telling me what to do."

This book and the others listed on the side are available at LSF Publications where there is a direct link to Amazon and any other digital edition you may require.

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  1. Leigh, I've loved all your books and stories and I think this is a wonderful way for anyone to jump right in. Your write the men so many women dream of.

  2. Woohoo! Hot Spanko Cowboys = the best


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