Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Spanking

DESTINY -Destiny, that predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events, which changes the path you travel.  Has it happened to you?  

Christopher Matthew Chambers is the eldest son of a wealthy family.  He is expected to take over the family business after receiving his Bachelor’s and Master Degree in Business, but he hates the smallness of the world in which he was raised and strikes out on his own. One of his wanderlust ancestors leaves a legacy to the Chambers family, and Chris finally finds something that excites him.

Samantha Fremont, a freelance writer and wildlife photographer chooses not to stray too far from the home in which she grew up.  She is a strong, independent, opinionated woman used to getting her own way.  Her wit and sassy mouth are intimidating to lesser men but not to Chris.

When fate brings them together, sparks fly and tempers flare.  Sam lives life full throttle and although Chris loves her spirit, his attempts to slow her down with trips over his knee, or over the couch, or across the bed, are only bumps in the road to Sam.

This little snippet is a peak into their relationship, they're perfect for each other.

He bent and nipped her lip. Leaning his head back, he smiled his wicked smile, picked her up and carried her inside.

“Don’t fuck with me, Ms. Fremont.  I’m the fucker in this relationship.”

Sam was laughing so hard, tears started rolling down her face.

“What’s so funny?” Chris asked, incredulous that she was laughing so hard when he was trying to be stern.

“Did you hear yourself?  You said you were the ‘fucker’ in this relationship.  He stopped for a moment, thought about it, and started laughing too.

“That’s not how I meant it, and you know it, but I am the fucker and you are the fuckee.”

“Whatever you say, fucker.”

“Now that’s going to get you in trouble, little lady.”

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