Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Spanking

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  

Chyna Minton became blind after a traumatic childhood experience.  She developed ‘second sight’ after the incident so when handsome Jeff Kincaid calls at her house to inquire about leasing her family land, she knows he will forever change her life in some way.

As the two find their way into love, problems arise.  Having initially been resigned to her blindness, Chyna is unhappy at the prospect of being dependent on someone else and fears that eventually Jeff will tire of her not being able to function in the traditional role of a farmer’s wife.  Desperate to change things, she decides to go back into therapy. 

In last week's snippet Chyna is giving Jeff a piece of her mind for talking for her. 

This scene takes place later the next day. He is starting to clean out the apartment he is going to rent in addition to leasing the land. Chyna has come to visit and their verbal sparring continues as he still tries to wheedle out of her the fact she doesn't have sight. 

“Yeah, I thought I’d get started on cleaning this place out.  Wanna help?”

“Not a chance, but I’ll keep you company if you promise to keep that testosterone of yours in check.”

“No promises.  I am who I am. It’s not my testosterone you should be worried about.  Sometimes my hands have a mind of their own and mine are just itching to touch you.”

“Geez, you could at least try to lull me into thinking you’re a gentleman.”

“I am a gentleman, but even gentlemen have their limits.  Shall I bring out a chair?”

“For me or you?” She asked

“Lordy, lordy.  For you, of course, because if I brought it out for me, it would be so I could sit to take you over my knee and spank some of that sass out of you.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the sass, but I would also love spanking that cute little bottom.”

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  1. Awesome snippet Sunny, I just love the banter between these two. This is definitely on my list :)


  2. Another fun snippet, Sunny. I'm sure he'd enjoy spanking her whether to tone down her sass or simply get more of a rise out of her. Cute.

  3. Great dialogue! Hope he brings the chair for himself. :)

  4. It's nice to run across an honest man - and Jeff is being totally honest.

    1. Yes, he doesn't play games which puts him way ahead of the pack.

  5. He has laid his cards out firmly on the table... now is he going to lay the lovely Chyna over the table... and have a little fun with her? Can't wait to find out! :)

  6. Hi Sunny, I love how they are teasing each other. Great snippet!




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