Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Spankings

features two seasonal romances in one place.


The Christmas Cowboy and Christmas in Montana

  The Christmas Cowboy - Following the breakup with her fiance, Sarah Langston decides to go on the skiing trip they had planned, by herself.  She gets caught in a snowstorm and her car spins off the road.  Rescued by handsome, rugged cowboy, Randy Guthrie, who takes her back to his ranch, and the two begin a love/hate relationship.

In this scene, Randy and Sarah are having a conversation after he's rescued her and brought her back to his ranch. 

“Fact is, you may or may not be correct.  Maybe you should compare notes with my former fiancée.  But then, she was the one who was a spoiled brat and didn’t like it when I tried to correct that behavior.”

“What did you do, arrest her for behavior unbecoming to a fiancée?” and she giggled at her own joke.

He didn’t laugh.  “No, I merely took her over my knee and gave her the spanking she deserved.  She didn’t like it.”

Christmas in Montana - Mary Jo Blanton's mother wants her to become Mrs. Franklin Tyler Howard in a wedding designed to be the social event of the Christmas season.  The only problem is Mary Jo has no intention of becoming a Christmas bride and arranges to disappear for a while.  She arranges to rent a remote cabin and finds a smokin' hot man who provides all kinds of heat.

In this scene, Mary Jo has arrived at her new home for the next couple of months.  It is the first meeting between her and hew landlord, Wes Parker.

"You never did call me to tell me exactly when you would get here."  His tone was almost one of admonition and I felt chastised.

"I'm sorry.  I didn't know low long it would take me to get here."

"Out this way, it's important to let someone know your whereabouts."...

"I'll remember that."

"See that you do."  The man had the power to intimidate me, something Frank never did.  It wasn't just his size...His manner and that beautiful voice had a steel edge that made you sit up and pay attention.

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  1. Ooh! Looks like a fun story, Leigh. I'll bet his former fiancee didn't care for the way he chose to correct her behavior. LOL.

    1. Nope, that's why she is his former fiance. She does have some regrets though.

  2. Enjoyed reading these snippets Sunny. Sounds like Sarah and Mary Jo have quickly discovered that they have dominant men on their hands :) Looking forward to reading this :)

    Roz a

    1. Yes, they have definitely hit the jackpot in the dom department.

  3. Delicious stories! I love to read about men whose look and voice are so easy to see and hear as I read.

  4. Yummy! Love men like this! Great snippet!

    1. Minelle, it's hard not to like their ways, isn't it?

  5. I like Randy's straightforwardness, he comes out and tells it like it is. Tyler is more subtle, letting the steel edge of his voice tell the tale. I like that too. Hm... I wonder it they're as easy to please as I am. LOL Great snippets.

    1. Thanks Maddie - I don't think either one of them are easy to please.

  6. Hi Sunny, loved the snippets. I totally react to voices like Mary Jo does; I'd say he is sexy. :)




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