Wednesday, June 24, 2015

U is for

U is for Uncle.  Have you ever had a family friend you called uncle? I can’t recall any but Starr Winslow has one.  Starr is the heroine in The Starr-Crossed Cowboy and her Uncle Rudd has played a very important role in her life.

Having been abandoned by her mother as a child, Starr Winslow becomes the sole owner of the Whispering Pines Ranch following the death of her father. In the absence of her parents, she has been raised by Katie and Buck who were friends of her father. Now that Buck is getting older, he wants to get away from the cold Montana winters and move to Arizona where his son lives. Unable to leave the running of the ranch to Starr on her own, they agree to advertise for a ranch foreman. Finding a suitable rancher proves difficult though, as many of the applicants are uncomfortable working for a woman. Luckily, tall handsome cowboy, Jude Barlow, turns up and after a short period of evaluation, he is given the job. Jude has a seven-year-old daughter, Darcy, currently living with his sister following the death of his wife in an automobile accident and he hopes that Darcy will be able to join him once things are settled. He doesn't have a problem working for Starr, but outside of work their relationship is very different and Starr soon discovers that Jude is not one to tolerate any nonsense - when she pushes him too far she soon finds herself over Jude's knee for a good spanking. Although there are some difficult moments, they quickly develop a strong mutual attraction that deepens into love. Will that love endure and just what will the future hold for Starr and her handsome cowboy?

Uncle Rudd and Starr's daddy had been lifelong friends.  He owned the Double R Ranch, adjacent to Starr's ranch.   Rudd and Starr's dad always hoped that his son Josh and Starr would get 'together'. It didn't and wasn't ever going to happen but Uncle Rudd still looked after Starr after her dad's passing.  In this scene, he's calling her to tell her he's checked out her ranch foreman candidate.

Starr looked at her cell phone and was surprised at the number.  It came up Double R Ranch, but it didn’t come up Josh Randall so it meant something else.  She pushed the button.

“Good Morning Starr, this is Rudd Randall.  How are you doing?”

“I’m fine Uncle Rudd, how about yourself.”

“I’m fine but how many times do I have to tell you to call me Rudd.  You’re a grown woman; you can drop the uncle now.  The cattle drive work out okay?”

“Fine.  I guess Josh filled you in, huh.”

“He mentioned you hired yourself a foreman.  Jude Barlow.  Wanted you to know I checked him out, he’s an excellent man, good for you.”

“Why thank you but why did you bother going through that?”

“Your daddy and I were friends, and now that he’s gone; I feel a responsibility toward you.  We always hoped that you and …”

“I know what you and daddy hoped, but it’s not going to happen ever.  Who knows, maybe you’ll have better luck with the next generation, if there is one.”  Rudd laughed that hearty laugh.  It made her miss her daddy.

“Anyway, I think of you as my daughter, and I’ll always keep an eye out for you.”

“Buck’s doing a good job.”

“I’ve no doubt of that, but I know he’s moving on eventually. Jude Barlow is a good choice.  Well, girl, if you need anything, you can count on me.”

“Thank you Uncle Rudd.  I know; I know, but calling you Uncle Rudd makes me feel better.”

“Suit yourself, girl.” 

Starr smiled to herself. She felt good knowing that Rudd still had her back. Why couldn’t Josh be more like her Uncle Rudd? He might have stood a chance? 


  1. Sweet excert Sunny. Starr is lucky to have a wonderful, caring Father figure like Rudd.

    Hope you are enjoying your girls trip :)


  2. Nice excert SG. Nope, never had a family friend I called Uncle.

    Hope you girls are behaving, well a little.


  3. Hi Sunny, lovely excerpt. It is great that Starr has Uncle Rudd who supports her. I had an uncle who I called 'Uncle' although he was not really family. But he was among the best friends of my dad and somehow he was my 'uncle'. He had his own cargo ship and went around the world most of the year, but when he was back here, it was awesome with him.
    Hope you are having a great time.



  4. Starr Crossed is a fun romance which I both read and recommend highly to any guys to cross this blog. As for you gals, get to it 'cause I can't imagine you won't like it.

    Thanks for being creative Ms. Smith.


    PS That double negative is one of a zillion reasons why I'm not a writer.


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