Sunday, June 21, 2015

R is for Randy

R is for Randy, probably not the randy that rolling around in your head.  It's for Randy Colburne.  He is the principal character in my third book Love is Where You Find It.  As a writer, I have a tendency to have a soft spot for most of my characters and Randy fits into that category.


When Randy Colburne finds a young woman sitting on a bench crying, he does the decent thing by giving her a ride in his truck and feeding her up at a roadside eatery. Gradually, Randy finds out a little more about Misty. She has no money and nowhere to go, so realising she would be too uncomfortable staying with him, he takes her to his folks' place. Randy's warm-hearted family quickly make her feel welcome and safe. Randy's sister Becky offers Misty a job at her busy veterinary practice. As Misty settles down to some stability and independence, her feelings for Randy grow, and the handsome cowboy is ready to settle down again with a woman in his life. But he doesn't know that Misty's ex-partner, Jimmy, is more than keen to hunt Misty down and make amends by offering marriage and a new start. Who will Misty choose...


On the way into Reno, Randy stopped at the local eatery in Piney Creek for breakfast. It fit in with what she had seen so far of the town. ...He was welcomed with a big kiss and hugs from the waitress, and one by one all the other patrons eventually made their way over to welcome him home. It must feel wonderful to be part of something so special, she thought. He introduced her to everyone with no explanation as to who she was and how she came to be with him and you could see the speculation going on in certain minds, especially in the minds of the female clientele. Obviously Randy was quite a catch. She could understand that. Now that she had time to relax around him, she had spent time watching him this morning. He had to be about six foot three, dark brown hair that curled right at the nape of his neck. His eyes were hazel and when he looked at you it was as if he could see right through to your soul. He was built well, the muscles rippled under the blue chambray shirt he wore and those jeans covered long legs and hugged a butt that was as tight as a fist. He had a beautiful smile and a walk that oozed confidence and masculinity But more than his physical attributes he appeared to be a genuinely nice man, even if he was a cowboy. Yes, he would definitely be considered a catch. She would have to watch herself around him or she could find herself becoming a member of his fan club

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  1. Great excerpt Sunny. Somehow I think Misty will find herself chairing the Randy fan club :)


  2. Hi Sunny, wonderful snippet. Maybe Misty is a slow learner... :) I hope she decides for the right man. Thank you for sharing.




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