Monday, June 8, 2015

G is for Ginger

What do you think of when you hear the word ginger -  a redhead, ginger ale, a spice used frequently in asian cooking, medicinal purposes as in a slice to cleanse your palette after sushi, or do you think of it as something used to enhance a sexual experience or a punishment ordeal.  

Prepared Finger of Ginger Root
Today, I'm focusing on the later use of ginger for sexual pleasure and displeasure. The use of ginger inserted into the anus or vagina of a person is known as figging.   When inserted, it causes an intense burning sensation, often causing much discomfort to the subject.  It builds to its maximum discomfort within the first five minutes and generally lasts for thirty minutes or so.  Any clenching of the of the invaded muscles releases the intensity of the sensation.

I'm a big fan of ginger.  I like ginger ale, red heads and use it in some dishes I make.  I love having a slice after eating sushi and often use it as a digestive aid if I've indulged in something that keeps returning.  So naturally, I had to try it for other reasons as well.  All I can tell you is that it lives up to its reputation. Just thinking about it has a tendency to warm up other areas of my body (I'm squirming about as I write this). Have to reveal this, only once and never say never but I can't imagine doing it again anytime soon.  But if you try it, you be the judge.  If you've tried it, what's you opinion?  My trial was for my own curiousity and the sex was hot, not sure it was worth the burn (lol). I can't imagine it being inserted and then spanked while it's in place but then never say never.

If you've time, here's part of a story posted on my AIMLESS RAMBLING blog.  Betty is a middle age woman and is learning first hand about ginger.

Jim’s son and daughter-in-law arrived as Betty was finishing getting dressed.  She and Jim had a little nap that refreshed them and her nerves were not nearly as bad as before Jim used his “relaxation techniques.”  He went down to open the door while Betty lagged behind.  When Betty came downstairs, Jim walked to her side and told the kids he wanted to introduce a special friend.

Bryce and Colleen tried not acting surprised but Betty saw the shock on their faces but it didn’t stop them from making her feel welcome.  She knew she was plain, her figure wasn’t the best, and they probably wondered what Jim saw in her and thought he could do better.  He squeezed her hand and it wasn’t long before they all felt comfortable with one another. 

 Betty helped Jim serve brunch and when they were eating the grapefruit and orange compote, Colleen said how delicious it was and what was in it to make it so tasty.  Jim said the taste was fresh ginger and when he looked at Betty she turned red.  Until this morning, Betty was unfamiliar with ginger so Jim printed out an article on the different uses of ginger including sexual play.

“Ginger, huh.” Colleen said.  “It gives it a special tang.  I’ve had it with sushi but haven’t used it in myself.”

“Betty wasn’t familiar with it either and I printed an article for her to read. It’s a staple in  Asian cuisine.  Ginger has other uses too.   I’ll give you a copy of the article, it's interesting.” Jim told Colleen, all the while Betty is turning more and more red.  She finally excused herself from the table.  Afraid Bryce and Colleen could smell her sexual arousal, she retreated to the bedrom to change her panties. 

After she read the article, Jim told her he’d give her a lesson when the kids left, so each time he mentioned ginger, she felt her body flush.  She hoped it wasn’t noticeable to Bryce and Colleen.  She knew that Jim picked up on it and gave her a wink each time.  “I don’t know how, but I am going to get even with him.”

The visit lasted longer than either couple planned.  Betty had the ability to make people feel comfortable and Bryce and Colleen liked her so much they invited her and Jim to their home the following weekend for dinner.  They said their goodbyes and when the door closed behind them, Jim grabbed Betty in his arms and swung her around the room.

“I told you not to worry, didn’t I?  I knew they would like you, how could they not?   There isn’t anything about you not to like.  You should listen to me.”  She smiled at him and gave him a hard punch to his shoulder.

“What was that for?” He asked in his Dom voice.

“For teasing me all through the brunch.”

“I’ll show you teasing.  Now get up those stairs and remove your clothes.  I want you naked and pliant when I get there.”  He slapped her ass and shooed her upstairs.
Betty nearly ran up the stairs.   When he turned on his Dom, she turned to jelly.  Who would have thought a woman her age could react this way, not her.  She quickly undressed and waited for him to appear.  Her thoughts as she waited turned to how different life was now than when she arrived in Springtown. Meeting Lil and Jim gave her a life she never thought possible.  Just sitting here naked, while waiting for a man who was going to turn her inside out, was something she never thought possible.  Sex was she something you endured, not enjoyed.  She heard his tread on the stairs and sat up straighter.

While she was upstairs thinking and waiting, Jim was downstairs preparing a finger of ginger.  He carefully peeled and carved the finger, tapering it but leaving a wide base to hold it in place.  He used the potato peeler to smooth out the rough edges and placed the finished finger in a bowl of water filled with ice cubes.  Next he cut several small mouth size pieces of ginger and placed them in the bowl too.  He was ready.  Finding Betty gave his life new zest.  She was a willing participant and he loved being able to pass on what he had learned over the years.  His manhood was growing, just thinking about what was about to happen.  As he approached the door, he changed his manner to Dom mode and when he opened the door, his face and body, reflected his dominance.

Betty looked at him and lowered her eyes as he entered the room.

“Good girl,” he told her. 

“Get up on you knees,” he commanded.  She instantly obeyed.  She heard him come around to the side of the bed and felt the first smack on her ass.  She winced and her body automatically responded by moving forward.

“Stay still,” he reminded her with another stinging smack.  Five more spanks followed and then stopped.  Her ass was already tingling.  The smacks stopped and she sensed rather than saw him reaching for the plug of ginger.  He spread her cheeks and she felt the slip of ginger gently penetrating her anus.  At first, the cold water droplets and the coolness of the ginger felt wonderful against her stinging bottom. Once he seated the ginger, he released her ass cheeks and she felt the ginger plug into her almost virgin anus.  Soon the feel of the foreign object was replaced by the burn of the fleshy ginger and she felt the heat deep inside her body.  The spanking resumed and soon her ass cheeks were stinging as well.  She enjoyed the sensation as each slap made her clench her sphincter muscles causing the ginger to release a fresh burn. It hurt so good.

When he stopped, she felt him dipping his fingers into her juices.  She moaned and mewled with pleasure.  The next sensation she felt was his tongue licking her butt crack. She couldn’t believe how good this felt even though it was so beyond anything she ever imagined when married to her husband, Bill. She clenched her butt cheeks releasing another wave of fresh ginger burn. 

“Unclench” she hears as he gives her ass a hard, stinging smack.

“Yes, sir,” she somehow managed to get out.  He continues to spank her bottom and the heat both inside and outside her body is almost too much to bear.  He senses she is almost at the end of her endurance and stops.  He rolls her over onto her back and she winces as her sore bottom touches the bed.  He takes her nipple and rolls it between his thumb and forefinger and lengthens the nipple until it becomes a hard nub.  He does the same with her other nipple, then reaches over and laves them.  Her body rises and comes back down and she winces.

“Are you ready to have the ginger removed?”

“Please Sir.”

“Since you asked so nicely, I’ll grant your request.”

He slowly removes the ginger and it surprises her when she doesn’t feel instant relief. Her anus is still aflame as she tries to concentrate on something other than the pain. 

“Spread your legs.”  She does so immediately and watches him take a small piece of ginger into his mouth.  He bites down so the juices release onto his tongue.  He moves his head between her legs and his tongue finds her clit.  The burn of the ginger inflames an already engorged clit and her hips lunge forward, seeking more. She is rubbing herself against his face. He takes another piece of ginger and slides it along her folds. He slips his fingers, now filled with ginger juice, into her slit and he senses she is hovering on the cusp, ready to cum.  Her hard nub is begging for his fingers to release her from the pleasurable torture.  He replaces his fingers with his tongue, she clenches and her juices are flooding his mouth.  He rubs another piece of gingerroot along her vaginal area before he rams his hard cock into her.
They lie spent on the bed.  Her ass still burning from the ginger and the spanks, but the other sensations more than compensated for the discomfort.
His dom mode gone, sweet Jim returns.  “Are you okay?” He asks as he tenderly caresses her face and neck, followed by whisper soft kisses.

She has no words but the expression on her face tells him everything he needs to know.  For the moment, anyway.

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  1. I enjoy figging - we've tried it two or three time, not very often really. The time I like best Nick got the ginger and surprised me.

  2. It's not something we have or I think will try, but as you say, never say never. I remember this story and enjoyed reading again :)


    1. Glad you enjoyed the re-read. It's a feeling for sure.

  3. have to admit I have only ever tried ginger in cooking...but being a spanko and having read about it here in the land I have to admit I have at least thought about it and am a tiny as you said never say never... :-) Hugs

  4. Oh, sounds awesome! I remember the story and love it. Playing with ginger sounds like fun. :) Thank you for the great story.



    1. It is fun, to a point. lol

      BTW Nina, you won the prize I offered the first day. Send me your email so I can get it to you. (

  5. We've tried it!! It's .....different ;)
    love Jan,xx

  6. I enjoy reading about it. It's intriguing to me when used erotically and in stories as punishment!
    But I'm a virgin to Figging. Not sure I wish to try it... Maybe. :-)

  7. Hi Sunny, :) Whoa! It does sound interesting... Not sure that I would like it but, this is something that Rob and I have talked about. I'd be willing to give it a try out of curiosity. I think...

    I don't like eating raw ginger, but I do love to put ginger into some juices when I do juicing. It adds such yummy zing to whatever I am making. I have a feeling that it will be adding... ummm... quite a zing to this Katie T's bottom, should we decide to experiment in the future.... LOL! I'll keep you posted. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


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