Sunday, June 7, 2015

F - the 6th Letter of the Alphabet

Today, Kelly Dawson is joining us to share her new book titled Rachael's Journey. It sounds great and I can't wait to read it.  

Blurb:  Rachel was such a loser. Growing up with Tourette's Syndrome has taught her that. Who could possibly want someone who contorted their faces in bizarre twitches or snorted at random? Not even Mike, the man who had promised he loved her, had been able to put up with it. She broke up with him when she caught him cheating on her during their great overseas experience, promptly flying back home to hide and lick her wounds.
James was the manager for the 850 acre farm she and her brother Simon had inherited.  She liked James. He'd always treated her nicely, like an honorary little sister, and she'd had a crush on him forever. Not that she could ever tell him. She wasn't going to set herself up for rejection ever again.
But when it seems that someone is out to harm her, can she count on James to come to her rescue?

Set in rural New Zealand, this epic romance will thrill you and keep you captivated, enchant you with charming detail and inspire you, as learning to overcome adversity ultimately is Rachel's Journey.

I know, I know today is F and so far, it has been elusive.  Worry no more, Kelly is sharing the Followng excerpt, Feeling like a Failure

Now, all she could think about was how much of a failure she was. All the places she’d planned to go, but didn’t get to, were swimming round and round in her brain. All the plans she’d made, the dreams she’d held … all the plans that got broken and the dreams that failed to materialise. All because there was obviously something wrong with her. She couldn’t hold onto her man, and she didn’t want to go travelling alone. She was too scared to go travelling alone – sometimes even going out in public alone with her Tourette’s Syndrome was too much for her – how on earth would she have managed all by herself in a strange country, far from everything familiar?
                To make matters worse, the All Blacks were losing. Swiping a lone tear from her cheek, she buried her face in the cushion resting on Simon’s thigh and tried to hide the fact that she was miserable. And for a while she succeeded – both Simon and James were so caught up in the game that they were oblivious to her. But she didn’t mind. She was glad of the company – it sure beat being alone in her room, crying on her bed.
                “What’s up mate?” James asked her gently, putting a hand on her shoulder in a tender gesture.
                “Nothing. Just sad.”
                “Cheer up. You’re back home with us now, where you belong. I know it’s not where you want to be, but our company’s not that bad is it?”
                Rachel shook her head. “It’s not that. I’m glad to be home, really. I had a good time. I just feel like such a loser.”
                “You’re not a loser mate,” James told her sternly, while sputtering on his beer.
                “What else would you call me? I can’t even hang onto a man by shouting him a trip overseas! If that’s not the definition of a loser I don’t know what is!”
                “You are not a loser. Don’t talk like that!” Simon growled, frowning at her.

                “Yeah, easy for you to say. You don’t have Tourette’s Syndrome. You don’t get cheated on. You don’t pay for someone you loved to go travelling with you, just to have them ditch you for a blonde bimbo. You’re not a loser, I am.”

Author’s Note about Rachel’s JourneyRachel’s Journey is very close to my heart. Like Rachel, I too, have Tourette’s Syndrome. I have tried to portray what it is like to live with this neurological disorder, and while Tourette’s affects everyone differently so each person’s experience is unique, it is my personal experience, how Tourette’s affects me, that is told in Rachel’s Journey. In some ways, Rachel’s Journey is my biography, only fictionalised. Rachel’s circumstances are nothing like my own, but in all the ways that matter, Rachel is me.

Author Bio:  Kelly Dawson loves anything to do with horses, rodeos and cowboys, and loves to get lost in a good book - preferably a rural romance where a strong woman falls in love with a ruggedly-handsome, tough but gentle cowboy, and these are the types of characters who feature in the stories she writes. Only in Kelly’s books, the cowboys are even better because they spank!

She lives literally at the bottom of the world in the South Island of New Zealand, with her husband, four kids, a dog and a cat.

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  1. Hi Kelly, hi Sunny, this is a great entry for f, because I think everybody can relate to 'feeling like a failure' one time or the other. In Rachel's situation I'd say this guy who dumped her doesn't deserve her, but it doesn't change what she feels in such a moment. I enjoyed this snippet a lot, thank you for that. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.



  2. Thanks Kelly and Leigh: Literally just two days ago I asked an internet acquaintance who lives in NZ for a book recommendation set in her county. Here, by small miracle, is such a book. Symptoms that impinge on life are real world. I like my fiction fantasy worlds to contain the real and to teach me something (here a bit about NZ). I've downloaded it and I'm looking forward to reading it tonight Kelly.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting me Leigh :) I hope you enjoy my book Jon MontanaVega!


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