Tuesday, June 2, 2015

B is for Bear Creek Ranch

Bear Creek Ranch is a story I originally wrote to appear on my blog Aimless Rambling.  For those of you not familiar, I post a free story every Monday on this site.  It was comments from site visitors that spurred me onto submitting them to a publisher - and the rest, as they say, is history.  Bear Creek Ranch appeared as one story in the Lonesome Oak Ranch book and later as a stand alone story. Here is a scene from that story.

Caleb Fletcher was used to seeing cowboys walking up the ranch road hauling their saddle and whatever other gear they could handle. He usually stopped to ask if he could give them a lift. In this part of Montana he wasn't worried about any of the usual things people in other parts of the world worried about. Usually, it was just a cowboy down on his luck. So when he stopped this time he was shocked when the cowboy turned out to be a cowgirl.

  "Can I give you a lift somewhere?"

  "I'm just going up to the Bear Creek Ranch to see if they are looking for hands."

  "I'll take you, I'm going that way. When you get there ask for Frank Fortuna. He's the Ranch Foreman and will know if they need any help."

  He didn't introduce himself and didn't ask her any questions. It was a silent ride to the ranch and when he dropped her off he just continued on to the main house. When he got inside he buzzed Frank on the intercom. He told him he just dropped off this gal looking for work; to check her out and if it was feasible to give her the benefit of the doubt. Caleb felt she could use a break. She looked pretty down and out."

  Caleb went on about his business. As the owner of the Bear Creek Ranch he was a busy man. In addition to running the ranch, he was a successful attorney. One down and out girl was just a blip on his radar. It wasn't until four or five days later when he went out to the barn and saw her mucking out the stalls that he remembered. He sought out Frank and asked about her.

  "What were you able to find out about her, Frank?"

  "Not much. Her name is Jane Mackey and she is originally from Colorado. She was brought up on a ranch and said there wasn't much she couldn't do when it came to ranch work. She is a hard worker and pretty much minds her own business. She keeps to herself a lot. I put her up in the small groomer's room behind the tack room instead of in the bunkhouse. This gives her a little privacy, it's probably better for morale."

  Two weeks later the sheriff called Frank Fortuna and asked if he had taken on any hands lately. Frank informed him he had hired a gal a couple of weeks ago. The sheriff asked him if she was still there and if so to keep her there. He would be out later to see if she fit the description on the Missing Persons report.

If you want to read more, just click on the image on the right side and it will take you where you want to go. It's on sale for .99 as a stand alone or part of Lonesome Oak Ranch at $2.99.   See you tomorrow for C.


  1. This is a wonderful story Sunny. Love the excerpt, great teaser :) I am so glad you took the plunge and submitted your writing to a publisher, and that you continue to give us Monday stories :)


  2. Hi Sunny, I am with Roz, great story, great teaser. I love the story and know it from the spanking romance box.



    1. Thanks NiNa. Glad you know the whole story.


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