Monday, June 1, 2015

A is for Annie and Jace

Today is the first day of this year's A to Z Spanking Challenge.  The idea is to have a post each day of June (excluding Saturdays).  Isn't it lucky, my latest book title just happens to start with A.  Annie & Jace: the broken wheel keeps turning.  Here's a couple of lines to lure you in.

If you tell me in what chapter these lines appear, I'll enter your name into a raffle and the winner will receive a prize.  Be sure to include your email address in the post.

Her heart started pounding, and she felt the hairs sticking up on the back of her neck. He was as handsome as she remembered with that air of confidence and dominance surrounding him. Parts of her body tingled as she remembered the spanking he’d given her way back when.  His dark-brown collar length hair skimmed a light-blue chambray shirt tucked into dark denim jeans, molded to those long, lean legs encased in black boots. His Stetson, pulled down low on his forehead, shaded his slate gray/blue eyes, but she could see his full lips and the slight scruff of his beard on his chin and cheeks. “Lord, she was such a brat the last time. Did he remember her?” She wondered.

It wasn’t until the soda dispenser overflowed her glass and splashed on the floor that she realized she was staring at him and not paying attention to the chore at hand. 

“Shit.” The word exploded from her mouth.

“I see you still have a potty mouth,” he said to her.

 ‘So he does remember me.’“I’m sorry, do I know you?” 'Can I pull this off?'

“And that bratty attitude as well. Are you seriously going to play this game?  You know darn well who I am; I saw the look of recognition the minute you spotted me.  What name are you using these days?”

“My name is Annie Dixon.”
“Oh, Annie Dixon is it, the girl I knew was Annie Wilson or Clovis Gentry.”

He watched the red creep up from her neck – he loved that she still blushed; it was so cute and refreshing.

“Oh, I remember now,” she told him.

“I thought maybe you would; my next clue was to remind you I was the cowboy who spanked that pert little fanny of yours in Pickin’ Pete’s in Dallas.”

“Such a gentleman to remember that fact,” she said with that snarky little voice he remembered so well.

“Yup, it’s you, all right.  It’s nice to see you again.  How did you end up here?”

“My husband and I bought a ranch here.”

That statement took the wind out of Jace’s body, it never occurred to him; she might be married.  Even the name change didn’t register; he figured she ended up in some trouble and changed her name. 

“Oh,”  he managed to say.

“What brings you here?”

“I’m looking at some property – want to breed and raise horses.”

“Must be Frank Farmer’s place, he’s been looking to sell.”

“It’s out on CR 54.”

“Yup, that’s it.  He’s been wanting to sell for a while, he’ll probably give you a good price.”

“Maybe I could buy you a coke or dinner or something, and you could tell me all about the area.”

“How about if I buy you dinner, I’m here tonight?  Come by about 6.00.”

“Will you be on break then?”

She smiled at him and said, “Yeah, you could say that.  See you later.”

She drank the coke, put the glass down and walked back to the kitchen.  She hoped she had kept her cool, and he didn’t notice her shaking knees. Jace McCall after all these years and he remembered her – really remembered her. She didn’t think she’d ever see him again and yet here he was, right here in Canton. Life is strange.

Don't forget to leave the chapter and your email address.  The winner will be noified by email no later than Friday.


  1. Really loved this Sunny. Great chemistry. Hmm, chapter one ?:)


    1. Glad you enjoyed Roz. Not chapter one though, sorry.

  2. This story looks awesome.

    Thanks for joining the challenge. It's going to be a fun month.

    1. Thanks Celeste, I think it's going to fun too.

  3. I don't know what chapter, sorry. But it was a hot snippet :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blurb and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great snippet, I knew it from the book, awesome story. I thought this was from chapter five.



    1. Thank you NiNa for stopping by. Glad you provided your info.

  5. Hey SG,

    Wonderful excerpt. Thanks. Same as Roz, so glad you took the plunge and thank you for all the Monday stories you share with us.



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