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A Visit with Adaline Raine

Hi Leigh! Thank you so much for having me over!

You're Welcome, Addy.  Glad to have you visit.  This is a terrific group of authors and stories in one box set.  Grab your copy now!

 I am sharing a snippet from Brody's Little Brat from the brand new box set : Little Haven: An Age Play Collection. I'm thrilled to be included with the other four amazing authors!

In the scene below, Kara has been picked up from her new friend Bailey's house. She hasn't made many friends while in the community and she is really excited to have met her.


Brody picked her up from Bailey's house after he finished work. She wound up staying for most of the afternoon. Kara got into the car, then leaned over to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“I made a friend, “ she smiled sheepishly. “Her name is Bailey, and she's really sweet. I met her Daddy Ian, too. They, uh, do some of the things we do.”

“I'm really happy you met someone to hang out with. I missed a call while I was in a virtual meeting, and the voice mail was from him. He asked me to give him a call back, and let him know if you are allowed to have a sleepover tomorrow.” Brody reached over and patted her thigh. “Do you want Bailey to come over?”

Kara nodded excitedly. “Yes! I've never experienced a real sleepover. Bailey is going to bring movies, and we're going to stay up late! Then we can have breakfast, and hang out,” she concluded with a grin.

“It sounds like you've got it all planned out. I'll call Ian back when we get home and finalize things. Aren't you happy I made you go outside today?”

She giggled, as he moved his hand to her nose and tapped it twice. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. I'm also proud of you for being so responsible this afternoon. You let me know what happened immediately, and made a good decision to stay out of the weather,” he smiled warmly at her.

“I hope you remember this tomorrow night! Bailey and I were giggling like crazy today. You know how loud I laugh.”

“Sweetheart, you're still going to be respectful of the rules. Giggling is fine, but no funny business,” he waggled his eyebrows at her. “I mean it.”


Tucked in among the lakes and snowy woods of Minnesota, the tiny community of Little Haven is a place where couples who engage in age play are welcomed. Among its inhabitants are five women—Claire, Kara, Angela, Bailey, and Tabitha—each of whom has a man she knows as her loving daddy.

Little Haven features five brand-new titles from five top erotic romance authors. This collection includes:

Daddy’s Little Sweetheart, by Meredith O’Reilly
Claire’s life is exactly the way she wants it to be. During the week she’s an adult with a full-time job, and on the weekends Jensen is her daddy and she’s his little girl, free to relax, play with toys, and cuddle in his arms. But when Claire starts missing meals routinely and coming home from work more stressed than he’s ever seen her, Jensen knows that something needs to change, and he decides that Claire needs more than just a weekend as a little. Will Claire trust her daddy’s judgment, or will she spend the next ten days with a very sore bottom?

Brody’s Little Brat, by Adaline Raine
When life starts to get out of hand for Kara, her boyfriend, Brody, decides that it is time for him to take charge. She needs a firm but compassionate daddy, and he loves her more than enough to give her exactly what she needs. From now on he will be ready to spank her soundly when her rebellious behavior warrants it, build her up when she is down on herself, and even take her to the town doctor for an exam when she is ill. Kara blossoms under Brody’s tender care, but can she really trust that her daddy will always be there for her?

Daddy’s Little Angela, by Alex Reynolds
Even though her own daddy is always more than ready to spank her bare bottom when she is naughty, Angela sometimes can’t help feeling superior to the other women in Little Haven, particularly the ones who act the youngest. But her daddy will not tolerate her being mean to others, and after she makes fun of another girl and hurts her feelings badly, he decides that some very thorough, embarrassing discipline is needed. Angela will be spanked, bathed, made to wear baby clothes, and treated like a very little girl until her daddy is sure that she has learned her lesson.

Bailey’s Little Adventure, by Summer Graystone
Bailey loves role-playing as daddy’s naughty little girl, and nothing is more fun than dressing like a teen and bratting her husband, who is always ready to punish her properly before pleasuring her more than she would have thought possible. When she discovers that he would like to tie her up so that she is completely vulnerable and at his mercy, she trusts him to keep her safe, even when he pushes her past her comfort zone. But when she makes a mistake in real life that disappoints her daddy, can she trust that he will be there for her no matter what?

Daddy Knows Best, by Normandie Alleman
Career woman Tabitha is less than excited when her boyfriend, Neal, insists that she take a break from her high-stress job in Chicago and move with him to Little Haven. Despite her initial disdain for the town, Tabitha eventually begins to find a place for herself in her new community, and Neal’s increasing dominance in the bedroom leaves her longing for more. But she’s been keeping an important secret from him about her job back in the city. When he discovers the truth, will it tear them apart or will Neal be able to forgive his little girl?

Publisher’s Note: Little Haven contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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