Saturday, April 4, 2015

Back Again on Saturday Spanks

After her Navy SEAL husband is killed by a drunk driver, widowed Mikela 'Mickey' Chandler comes to stay with her brother-in-law and sister, Becky. While out riding, 
her horse takes off at breakneck speed, and Mickey loses her grip on one of the reins. Fortunately for her, local rancher Hank Caldwell is on hand to save the day ... and the two embark on a passionate and stormy relationship. It's not long before Mickey falls head over heels in love with the tall, handsome rancher, but having been hurt in a previous relationship, Hank is guarded and cautious where his feelings are concerned. There are other problems too, in that Hank is used to being in control whilst Mickey is not used to having a man tell her what to do. Things come to a head when Hank, exasperated by Mickey's failure to do as she's told, decides to take her over his knee and give her a spanking. Mickey is incensed and it looks like the two will go their separate ways although it is clear both still have strong feelings for each other. Are they too stubborn and set in their ways to make things work, or will love find a way? 

In this scene, Mickey and Hank have spent the day horseback riding.  He's offered her a soak in his jacuzzi tub and dinner.  Here's a peak into what happens after that tub soak. 

He kissed her before rolling off and lying next to her.  Turning to face him, she just smiled at him and said “mmm', that was nice.”

“Nice, that’s all you can say.”

“Okay, it was stupendous, exhilarating, amazing, awesome, incredible, and I’m sure there are some other adjectives that could apply.  Since I’m a teacher, do you want me to grade your performance?”  She really was overcome by the passion between them, and she feared she would let him see into her real feelings if she didn’t keep this moment light.

 “Your sass never stops, does it?”  He slapped her ass hard, and she yelled ouch.  “Okay, maybe I may have underestimated your sexual prowess.”  Laughingly, she moved forward and nipped at his ear.

“Care to go again to see if you can improve your grade.”

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  1. Sounds like a really cute story, Leigh. I love their playfulness, and I totally understand why she'd want to keep things light.

    1. Thanks Kathryn, I like the story and their relationship, too.

  2. I love that he says her sass never stops! Good!

    1. Yeah, be a quiet churchmouse is not her strong suit.

  3. He was great and I'm sure he got a great grade, but as a teacher I know that you must test and retest just to make sure they keep doing it right!

  4. Hi Sunny, great snippet, and I also love the playfulness they show here.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter!



    1. Thanks NiNa for stopping by.

      Happy Easter to you and yours.

  5. mmm, I love their rapport!! yummy!

  6. Very nice snippet Sunny, I love the playfulness between them too :)


  7. She's a sassy lady. My kind of heroine.


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