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Free Story

Here's a free fun little story I posted on my other blog last Monday.

Brenda and Michael Stewart were not your typical couple.  They were high school sweethearts born and raised in the Midwest, who married and moved west so Brenda could pursue her dream of becoming an actress.  An idea shared by many young girls only to have their hearts broken and their dreams shattered by the realities of life when they arrived in Hollywood.  It wasn’t just Hollywood, most young na├»ve girls weren’t prepared for life in Los Angeles or any big city, for that matter. 

The difference for Brenda though, was that Michael was by her side.  He watched over and fought for her every step on her way to the career she desired.  He worked hard to make sure she took the best acting classes, had the best portfolio, hired the best agent they could afford and still it took an act of fate to got her noticed.  It was almost like one of the fairy tale Hollywood stories you read about in fan magazines.  Brenda happened to be walking in the park when she spied a gal sitting on a bench crying her eyes out.  Thinking she was a little young to be out by herself, Brenda walked over to befriend her.  The girl came to the park with her nanny and played with a group of friends.  When they left, she went back to the bench where she always met her nanny and she was gone.  Her backpack was still there, but no Marissa.  Brenda immediately called 911 and waited while help arrived. The police took her statement and she went on with her walk.

Two days later, her doorbell rang and she opened the door to Peter Stafford, one of her favorite actors.  He was the father of the girl she rescued.  Able to get her name and address from the police report (obviously after he pulled a few strings) he wanted to thank her in person for saving his little girl.  Brenda, almost tongue-tied, invited him in for a cup of coffee and before he left she had a small speaking part in his next film. That one small part enabled her to get her Screen Actors Guild card, a major stepping stone in any future work. 

After that, she auditioned for and received roles in small films until a breakout role in a major motion picture.  The part, although a minor character, showcased her talents and got her noticed by an up and coming director.  He was looking for a fresh-face to star in his next picture and he arranged an audition with Brenda Stewart.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Changing Tides earned Brenda Stewart an Academy Award Nomination along with several other awards and she and Michael were in the money.  Their lives changed considerably and everyone remarked how well Brenda had taken her career and success in stride.  Michael saw to that.  Any time she exhibited any outward traits of stardom, to him or others, he reminded her of who she was and who was in charge. 

Brenda’s agent and financial advisor suggested they buy a place in town.  Brenda could have been swayed but Michael remained adamant they live far from that lifestyle. He wanted them to remain as normal as possible and he told her it would be far too difficult to do if they remained in Beverly Hills, or Malibu or any of the other places suggested to them.  Instead, they used the funds to purchase a tract of land far out in the San Fernando Valley away from the hoopla of the film industry. 

She had been reading and believing a little too much of her publicity in the last couple of days and Michael had been warning her to watch her manner.  He wasn’t one of her flunkies, (as he referred to those who had been hired by the studio to cater to her every whim) and if she kept it up she would wind up over his knee. 

It wasn’t anything new to either of them.  Michael had spanked Brenda since they were in high school and her stardom didn’t mean a thing to him.  Keeping their marriage real was all that mattered to him.  So if she got too far away, he would rein her back in with a trip over his knee.  He found that a good hard spanking would keep his Brenda in tow for a week or so. 

Shooting a picture always brought out the worst in her.  In addition to the stress, she had someone doing everything for her - a word from her and five people jumped.  Sometimes she carried that over to home and Michael would have none of it.  For their anniversary, he made a plaque, shaped like a paddle, that hung by the door they used to enter the house. It read

Brenda Stewart, wife of Michael Stewart lives here.
Brenda Stewart, the actor, does not.
Attitudes checked here.

She laughed when he gave it to her, but it reminded her of his expectations and what she could expect if she acted out.  Several times lately, the plaque had been removed from its hook and applied to her bottom.

The current award season brought more hoopla than usual because of Brenda’s  nominations for  awards.  There was a constant stream of people out to their house for fittings, publicity photos, and on and on.  Michael finally had enough and put his foot down.  She was not getting enough rest, her nerves were frayed and she was being a class A bitch.

“No more, we’ll get a hotel room in town for a few days.  We’ll get done what needs to be done and then that’s it.  We’re finished and we come back home.  I don’t want any more people traipsing in our lives at home.”

“But, Michael, it’s not that easy.”

“Yes it is.  If you can’t say no, then I’ll do it for you.  I’ve been taking care of you for half your life and this is me taking care of you.”  He took her in his arms and gave her a big hug and a swat on her backside.

“Now are you going to tell your people, or should I?”  Brenda said she’d handle it – she knew how he’d handle it.  She kept dragging her feet because she never liked to act the part of temperamental star making demands on others.  They had a huge argument when Michael came in from work and found the house filled with people and equipment.

“What’s this?  He demanded.

“This had to be done today and they wanted to do the shoot here in my home. I couldn’t turn them down.  I promise this will be the last of it.”

She watched him swallow his anger and walk away.  She hoped the shoot didn’t take much longer and when the photographer wanted a couple of shots of her and Michael together, she told them she didn’t think it was a good idea.  The shoot was finally over and they packed up the equipment and left.  Michael heard the cars leaving, went to the kitchen, removed the plaque and was waiting for her in their bedroom.  He knew she would want to take a shower and before she did, he planned to remind her of their conversation.

Brenda had no doubt of what awaited her so she wasn’t surprised to find Michael sitting in the recliner waiting for her.  He had placed the straight back desk chair in the middle of the room and the plaque was sitting on the bed.

“I’m sorry Michael, I couldn’t say no when they called.”

“I don’t want an explanation.”  He moved to the desk chair and patted his lap. “I want your bottom bared and over my knee now.”

“But Michael.”

“The count begins now.  One, two” and  he watched her begin to slide down her panties and slacks.  She shuffled over to him, her garments around her ankles the way he like them.  He pulled her over his lap and adjusted her so that he bottom was raised high over his knee.  He began slapping her bottom immediately.  He had large hands that were calloused from working and they were hard as steel.  He spanked each cheek a half dozen times and stopped.

He began lecturing.  “I don’t care how big a star you become, you’re still my wife and I expect you to respect my home and my wishes.”  He resumed the spanking and this time with the paddle that spelled out his expectations and impressed them upon her backside. When he finished paddling, her bottom was throbbing. She hurt but her heart hurt more because she knew how much Michael loved her and how hard he worked to give her what she wanted.   He stood her up and pushed her to the corner.  “Stand here and think what brought about this spanking.” 

Fifteen minutes later, he came to her, turned her around and took her in his arms.  She told him how much she loved him and appreciated all he had done for her.  “I’d do anything for you baby, I only ask that you keep a piece of you for just me.  I feel that way about our home – I want it to be only our home.  Okay.”


Brenda had already taken home two of the awards for which she had been nominated.  The biggest one was yet to come and she was a bundle of nerves.  On the day of the event, the car was set to pick her up at 11:00 am and deliver her to the hotel suite they had booked.  There had to be time for her to have her hair and make-up done before the dresser arrived at 2:00.  Michael would meet her at the hotel and they would be ready for limo pick-up at 4:00.  That morning she asked Michael if he would spank her.  She told him she needed the stress relief if she was going to make it through the day.  He was only too happy to oblige, so over his lap she went.  She loved these spankings – sure they hurt but the hurt felt so good.  Michael loved these kinds of spankings too and he always made sure to deliver enough sting to leave her with a smarting bottom and a smile on her face.  Today was no exception.

On the way into the city, she thought about her morning .  Whether she won tonight or not she knew she had already won – she had Michael and he was the only man she needed to clutch in her hands and live in her house.

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TODAY S.J. MAYLEE  is visiting to promote her latest release, 
This is book #1 in her Assassins and Sweethearts Series

S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she's not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband's music.  She is a PMP (Project Management Professional). Nia instructor and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.
S.J. Maylee Inspiration For this book

When I initially started this story, it wasn’t with the intent to write about assassins. It wasn’t with the intent to create a new series either. My muse led the way. In only a few days, I had one scene from each of the stories and then I knew. I could see it all play out. Not only were they each strong male leads, but they were lethal. They exceled at their profession, but each of their lives was missing one important thing. The mission was laid out before me and I accepted the challenge.

In each story in the Assassins and Sweethearts Series, I’ll take on the task of finding each assassin his one and only sweetheart.

When I began building the story for Desire Unexpected, I knew immediately Ethan and Nadia were perfect for each other but it would test my match making skills. I didn’t see how they’d attract each other. So, I had them meet at one of my favorite places, Chagall’s America Windows at the Chicago Art Institute. My husband and I saw the windows on our first wedding anniversary. They’re breath taking and so is the way Ethan and Nadia fall in love.

These men may kill for a living, but they’ll capture your heart. I hope you fall in love with this new series just as I have.

Not tweaked yet, you will be after your finish reading this excerpt

“It reminded me of you.” He shook his head. “It’s just from the museum gift shop. I wanted to give you something for putting up with me. I hope you like it.”
“Thank you.” She took the little box and sat on her battered sofa. “Please, take a seat.”
He sat next to her, but kept to the edge, confirming there was nothing relaxed about this visit.
After slipping the green ribbon from the box, she pulled off the lid and pushed back the tissue paper, revealing the item she’d so long desired. Her heart raced and she scooted closer to him. He had no idea what he’d done. Her secret crush giving her the piece of jewelry she’d long desired was incredibly perfect. Neither were really her style and she wanted them all the same. She looked at him with heavy tears stinging her eyes. Brushing the box from her lap, she slipped the bracelet onto her wrist.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I’ve enjoyed our time together.” He brushed away the tear that had rolled down her cheek and cupped her chin.
“Don’t say that like it’s over.” She took a hold of his wrist and pulled it into her lap. “It’s not, right?” Panic raced over her. If he wanted to leave, she wouldn’t stop him, but her whole body hurt with wanting him to stay.
“I’m no good for you, Nadia.” He took hold of her hands. “You deserve a nice man with an uncomplicated life. I can’t give you what you need.”
“That’s not true.” She put her fingers to his lips. “Don’t.”
He took a hold of her shirt, not pulling her closer, just squeezing the fabric in his fist.
“I don’t know what’s going on with you.” She brought her touch back to his hands, trying to ease the pressure. “I just know the only time I feel alive is when I’m with you. You’re on my mind constantly.” She lowered her gaze, losing her courage by the second. “There’s something between us and I want to explore it. I want to know what drives you insane with need. Don’t you want me too?”
“Shit, Nadia, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the first day at the windows.” He let her go and pulled out of her reach to slip around to the other side of the couch with his back to her. “I want things from you that I’m certain would frighten you.”
“I doubt that.” Knowing she had to make her move now or risk losing him forever, she pulled her shirt over her head and tugged off her sweatpants, tossing them both on the chair. “Do you remember the questions I asked about you before we met?”
“You’re playing with fire.”
“No, I’m not into fire play, but I have a feeling you know what I need.”
“What …” He turned, his gaze swept over her body and he brushed his hand over his mouth. “You take my breath away.” He stepped toward her, adjusting the bulge in his pants. “You think you want to play?”
“I do.” She sucked on her lip, wishing she’d worn her one set of matching bra and panties.
“Fuck, I want this” He brushed her skin ever so slightly up her arms, across her chest, and down between her breasts. “I’ve had dreams about this moment.” He raised her chin, forcing her to look at him. He dragged his fingers through her hair and tugged the length of it back. “I want you at my mercy. Do you have any idea what it’s like to give someone like me control?”
“Yes, sir.” She arched her back, revealing her neck. He kept pulling and tingles of pain danced along her scalp. “Please.”
“Are you already asking for mercy?” He tugged her hair again “I don’t think you know what you’re starting.”
“I don’t want you to stop. I want more, sir.” Her breasts pushed against his chest and her grip on his arms tightened. “I want to know.”


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Back Again on Saturday Spanks

After her Navy SEAL husband is killed by a drunk driver, widowed Mikela 'Mickey' Chandler comes to stay with her brother-in-law and sister, Becky. While out riding, 
her horse takes off at breakneck speed, and Mickey loses her grip on one of the reins. Fortunately for her, local rancher Hank Caldwell is on hand to save the day ... and the two embark on a passionate and stormy relationship. It's not long before Mickey falls head over heels in love with the tall, handsome rancher, but having been hurt in a previous relationship, Hank is guarded and cautious where his feelings are concerned. There are other problems too, in that Hank is used to being in control whilst Mickey is not used to having a man tell her what to do. Things come to a head when Hank, exasperated by Mickey's failure to do as she's told, decides to take her over his knee and give her a spanking. Mickey is incensed and it looks like the two will go their separate ways although it is clear both still have strong feelings for each other. Are they too stubborn and set in their ways to make things work, or will love find a way? 

In this scene, Mickey and Hank have spent the day horseback riding.  He's offered her a soak in his jacuzzi tub and dinner.  Here's a peak into what happens after that tub soak. 

He kissed her before rolling off and lying next to her.  Turning to face him, she just smiled at him and said “mmm', that was nice.”

“Nice, that’s all you can say.”

“Okay, it was stupendous, exhilarating, amazing, awesome, incredible, and I’m sure there are some other adjectives that could apply.  Since I’m a teacher, do you want me to grade your performance?”  She really was overcome by the passion between them, and she feared she would let him see into her real feelings if she didn’t keep this moment light.

 “Your sass never stops, does it?”  He slapped her ass hard, and she yelled ouch.  “Okay, maybe I may have underestimated your sexual prowess.”  Laughingly, she moved forward and nipped at his ear.

“Care to go again to see if you can improve your grade.”

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