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ONE MONTH AND IN THE TOP 100 - Perfect ending to a perfect weekend. I'm a happy camper.

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Spring Has Sprung

Sam Fremont and Chris Chambers meet serenddipitously in this tale of love and romance.Destiny Takes a Hand is the story of an independent freelance photographer and a man on a quest to find a way of life better suited to him than what his family planned. Sam challenges Chris Chambers from their very first meeting with her witty remarks and feisty temperment.  Chris loves the challenge and what ensues is a journey filled with love, laughter, and a romance that survives the hurdles of two headstrong personalities clashing before they learn that love doesn't overcome all, and although a good spanking can spice up life, it's not the only thing necessary to ensure a enduring relationship. 

In this scene, Chris and Sam had a serious disagreement in front of family and he wants her to apologize - not so much to him but to their families. Sam doesn't agree and her brother Seth decides to see if he can talk some sense into her.

 I’m going to see if I can talk some sense into her.  Do you mind?” Seth asked Chris.

“She’s your sister.”

Seth walked over to the cottage.  He found Sam sitting curled up in a chair reading a book.  He knew her pretty well and knew she had her back up against the wall.  She didn’t want to give in to Chris’s demands because Chris didn’t give her what she wanted.  Her original intentions to help in the rescue were genuine, everything after that involved her pride. 

“What are you doing here?”
“I’m here because you are acting like an ass. If I were Chris, I would have blistered your butt already, and this would be over, but I’m not him.”

“He’s the one who is making a big deal of this.”

“All he’s asking you to do is say you’re sorry.  You embarrassed him and yourself last night and earlier today. Is your pride so important that you would give him up, because if I were him, right now, I would be questioning whether you are worth the trouble?”

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Good Day Everyone.  Today I'm hosting Morganna Williams.  She has recently penned a new book entitled His Girl, His Rules.  It is a terrific read and she is sharing us a peak into Glory and her relationship with Gabriel.  I think you'll enjoy.
Thank you for having me today Leigh! I’m excited to share an excerpt from my new book His Girl, His Rules. In this scene Glory’s just had her first spanking and Gabriel’s putting his naughty girl to bed. 

He smiled at the dazed confusion in her slumberous eyes; he pulled Glory to her feet and used a hand in the small of her back to guide her to her bedroom.

Gabriel almost laughed when he had to steer her away from the door frame of her bedroom just before she walked into it. How often did his little writer run into walls?
She stood nervously next to him as he turned down her bed then smiled down at her. “Climb into bed, sweetness. I’ll tuck you in before I go.”

“You’re leaving?” she asked, her brow wrinkled as if she was trying to figure him out.

“Yes. It’s only our second date. Way too soon for me to stay the night,” Gabriel told her as he urged her under the covers and tucked them around her before treating himself to one last taste of her full lips.

“What? We’re dating? When was our first date?” She fired the questions at him rapidly in a rush of breathlessness.

“Our first date was at the club. Our second date was your spanking, a tad unconventional I know, but necessary. Tomorrow night when I come to take you to dinner, it will be our third date and we can do a little more heavy petting without the spanking if you behave yourself,” he told her with an admonishing tap to her nose.

“What about the club? I was going to be doing research as well as exploring my own curiosity at the club,” Glory reminded him.

“I’m afraid the club is off limits for you for the near future,” Gabriel told her firmly.

“What?” She sat up in bed with a frown. “Why? I need to go to the club. I didn’t get to look around or interview anyone or…”

“Glory, you have no business in that club until you have a little more experience. You in the club is like someone learning to walk signing up for a marathon. So until further notice it’s off limits for you,” he explained.

“It isn’t up to you!” Glory got up on her knees in the bed to yell at him. “I’m an adult and I can join a BDSM club if I want to. I don’t need your permission.”

“Morning Glory, you will settle down right now and listen. A virgin has no business in that club. It’s dangerous enough for baby submissives, but you’re new to sex in general,” he told her.

“See, this is exactly why I had no intention of telling anyone I was a virgin! All it does is cause problems. I’ll just go to a bar and pick up someone to take care of it or better yet hire an escort, and then it won’t be a problem,” she said, clearly dismissing him from her thoughts as she began to plot out her next course of action in her mind.

Gabriel took a deep breath to keep from expressing his outrage at the idea of another man touching what he already considered his; he reined it in and sat down next to her on the bed. Gently pushing her flat, he leaned down over her, gratified by the wary look in her wide eyes as she looked up at him.

“You will not be going to a bar and picking anyone up and you certainly won’t be hiring an escort,” he told her in no uncertain terms.

“I will do…” She blinked when he pressed a hand over her mouth.

“Let me stop you before you land yourself back over my knee with less satisfactory results for yourself this time. You will do exactly as I say, young lady. You will date me and allow things to take their natural course. Glory, you deserve a little wooing and romance. We’ll go back to the club when I feel you’re ready and not a moment sooner.”

“You’re awfully bossy,” she said after pushing his hand away from her mouth with a disgruntled look.

Gabriel grinned and pointed to himself. “Dom. Remember, sweetness?”

She smirked at him.  
“My club. My girl. My rules,” he said sternly.

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Though Glory Walters writes erotic novels about firm-handed men who know how to deal with feisty women, she's ashamed to admit she's never experienced anything of the sort herself.  But then she meets Gabriel-Sergeant Gabriel to the men he leads on the local SWAT team, but Master Gabriel to her-and suddently the scenes in her books don't see so far-fetched anymore.

Gabriel has just been going through the motions in life since his wife's death four years ago, but alost from the moment he sets eyes on her, he wants Glory as his own.  Despite never having been taken in hand before, she responsds beautifully to a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking, and his dominant lovemaking leaves her breathless. But when Glory foolishly puts herself in extreme danger, she soon discovers that naughty girls who take risks with their safety get their bottoms thoroughly punished - inside and out.

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Saturday Spankings

After her Navy SEAL husband is killed by a drunk driver, widowed Mikela 'Mickey' Chandler comes to stay with her brother-in-law and sister, Becky. While out riding, her horse takes off at breakneck speed, and Mickey loses her grip on one of the reins. Fortunately for her, local rancher Hank Caldwell is on hand to save the day ... and the two embark on a passionate and stormy relationship.

It's not long before Mickey falls head over heels in love with the tall, handsome rancher, but having been hurt in a previous relationship, Hank is guarded and cautious where his feelings are concerned. There are other problems too, in that Hank is used to being in control whilst Mickey is not used to having a man tell her what to do. Things come to a head when Hank, exasperated by Mickey's failure to do as she's told, decides to take her over his knee and give her a spanking. Mickey is incensed and it looks like the two will go their separate ways although it is clear both still have strong feelings for each other. Are they too stubborn and set in their ways to make things work, or will love find a way? 

In this scene, as he's driving down the street, he notices that Mickey is missing a brakelight.  He gets her to pull over and announces he is going to replace it right then and there.  Their conversation gets around to the fact that they haven't been out on a date since their initial meeting.  Here's a peak.

“Okay, how about I would like to spend more time with you.”
 “Then, why haven’t you called?”
 “You really are a sassy little one, aren’t you?”
 “If you say so?”  He shook his head.
 “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”
 “A little bossy, aren’t we?”
 “I guess it’s in the genes.”
 “Is that with a g or a j?”
 “More sass.”

Their relationship is filled with this give and take.  This and other books are availabe at

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Saturday Spanking

Widowed Mickey Chandler comes to Williston to stay with her sister and brother-in-law after the birth of their twins.  She likes the change of scenery and pace, deciding a new life in Williston is just the ticket.  She meets Hank Caldwell, a local rancher who has trust issues.  A temptestuous relationship ensues. 

In this scene, Mickey is on a date with another man and comes home to find that Hank is waiting at her house waiting for her to arrive home. She accuses him of stalking her and when he tries to force his foot in the door she gives him a push and he lands backward.  Concerned he was hurt, Mickey goes to his side and he pulls her down and kisses her passionately. She slaps his face.  

She found herself across his knee with her dress hiked up and her panty clad bottom exposed to his view.  All her kicking and hollering didn’t deter him for a minute as he delivered three firm swats to her behind.

“Never, ever do that again,” he told her as he released her.

“Why you self-centered sonofabitch.  How dare you tell me that after you had the audacity to spank me?  Why, I have a good mind to slap you again.”

“You do, and you’ll find out that the previous spanking was a walk in the park.”  He kissed her again before allowing her to stand up and getting up himself.  She spun around, ran into the house and slammed the door.  This is going to be fun, he said to himself as he strode down the driveway. 

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