Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Spankings

Have you noticed that it's lighter a little longer at night.  Instead of 5:30 it's now almost 6:00 before it is dark enough for outside lights.  It always makes me feel better to see it lighter longer. I hate when it gets dark too early, I want to be in bed by 9:00 and then I wake up in the dark.  For me, it's a vicious cycle that is only broken as daylight increases.

Today there's another snippet from The Star-Crossed Cowboy, a modern western romance between Starr Winslow and Jude Barlow. Starr Winslow becomes the owner of Whispering Pines Ranch after the death of her father. Starr is young and loves ranching and is not about to allow her family's legacy to go to ruin.  She knows some men have a hard time taking orders from a woman and that she will have to hire a Ranch Foreman who can take orders from a woman. Enter Jude Barlow.

This week's excerpt takes off where last week's left off. A slightly tipsy Starr is being driven home by Jude.  Her unwanted amorous moves caused Jude to cross the double line and of course the local law officer was right there.  He gets pulled over and is given a sobriety test. He passed and the officer let him off with a warning to drive more carefully but it doesn't improve Jude's mood any.  At the front door, she tells him good night and he tells her the night is not yet over. 

  In one fluid motion, he pulled her across his knees and laid into her bottom.  He put as much effort into the spanking as he did everything else.  It was  a long time since she’d really been spanked for being naughty, and it hurt more than she remembered.  Of course, her daddy probably took it easy on her; Jude wasn’t. Her tush was on fire but Jude’s calloused hand kept delivering smack after smack.  Long before he stopped, she was wishing she hadn’t pushed his buttons. When it was finally over, he removed her from his lap and sat her down on the sofa next to him.  He stood up and walked toward the door.

“I’ll be here at 9:00 am if I still have a job.  If I’m fired, at least have the decency to give me a good recommendation.  Good night Ms. Winslow.”

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  1. Great snippet Sunny. I love how formal he is just after giving her a spanking.


  2. Oh, that's funny (and daring). He spanked his boss. Love his exit line!

  3. Nooo, Starr don't let him go now!!! Loved it, and his exit line is so overly formal, he knows how to behave for sure. Great snippet, I hope there wil be another one.



  4. This man knows what's right and he seems to know how to get there. He could still work for me!

  5. A no nonsense kind of man for sure! Nice, Leigh :)
    I'm with you about daylight. We turn out clocks back an hour every November and it gets dark by 4pm. It depresses me something awful. I look out the window and its pitch black :( Now its staying lighter longer. Yay. I can't wait until Spring!

    1. Definitely on Jude - straight up.

      I'm know, I hate looking out and seeing it dark so darn early. I hate rushing time it goes fast enough but I'm with you, come on spring.

  6. Oooooh his line... oh wow! Very nice. :)

  7. Oh man great scene! I'd be melting!
    I haven't noticed any change in the daylight hours!

    1. Notice it Minelle, you'll notice it is lighter a little longer. Of course, it's been so darn cold there, I'm sure you're just thinking about keeping warm.

      Glad you enjoyed the scene.

  8. I so agree with you on the daylight. I wish that the sun could come up by 6:30 AM and go down by about 9:00 PM. Great snippet too! :-)

  9. Woot! Now that's a real cowboy! mmm hmmm. Love it!


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