Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Spankings

The Star-Crossed Cowboy is a modern western romance between Starr Winslow and Jude Barlow. Starr Winslow becomes the owner of Whispering Pines Ranch after the death of her father. Starr is young and loves ranching and is not about to allow her family's legacy to go to ruin.  She knows some men have a hard time taking orders from a woman and that she will have to hire a Ranch Foreman who can take orders from a woman. Enter Jude Barlow.

In last week's sneak peek, we left with Jude playfully spanking Starr in the kitchen while Buck and Catie Hastings watched. Afterward, Jude walked Starr back to her house and he went to the bunkhouse.  He contemplated the events of the evening and wondered what was going on with Starr. 

The same thing was going on over in the main house.  Starr kept thinking about the how much fun they had joking and playing around.  She wanted that in a man – life was too short to be serious all the time.  He even spanked me and I liked it – when Josh or her old boyfriend slapped my ass, I wanted to murder them.  With Jude, I didn’t want it to stop; and the conversation afterward, WOW.  Laying in bed, going over the talk she had with Buck – she told him it was lust, but had a feeling it was starting to be much more than that.  Buck was right, the head didn’t choose, the heart did.  

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  1. Oh those delicious thought that run through your head as you're in bed thinking about a new love. I'm pretty sure her heart and her head will be on the same page soon. Great book.

    1. Thanks for the plug PK. Glad you liked the book.

  2. Such yummy thoughts after a welcomed spanking :)

  3. Hi Sunny, what a lovely snippet. Starr experiences so much of what ttwd is about. Love what she learned from Buck ‘the head didn’t choose, the heart did.’



  4. I'm with Nina - I loved the line from Buck, "the head didn't choose, the heart did."

    1. It's what gets us into trouble sometime, for sure.

  5. Great snippet Sunny, love her thoughts and that line also :)



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