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Spank & Treat and Saturday Spankings


To all of you that stopped by to read and leave a comment, I thank you. I hope you enjoyed all of the treats our participating authors provided and you didn't get any trick, unless of course, that was your desire.

The story, Once Upon a Witch  is no longer available here.  It will become part of an anthology and contractual obligations require it not be available elsewhere.  If you want to read another Halloween Story drop over to my other blog, Aimless Ramblings.

My husband picked two and thirty-five as the two visitors who will receive a copy of my book.  They are H Fortman and Carole Cummings.  I will send email to confirm your email address and your choice of digital edition.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spanking on a Saturday

Greetings Everyone.  Another week has whizzed by and I know not where it went.  Half of this month is gone.  It's a good thing I don't write checks anymore, I would never know the date. 

The weather here has been beautiful this week, warm days and cool nights.  Each day I see more of the sky and less of the grass because it is being carpeted by the falling leaves.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to turn color here, just drop to the ground where they turn brown. 

  DESTINY TAKES A HAND is set in the high country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Right about now, the high country sounds wonderful.  Probably warm days and cool nights, colored leaves crunching underfoot,the sound of chopping wood, bright blue azure skies, fluffy white clouds, mountain tops cloaked in the first mantle of white. Have I enticed you to take the trip to meet Sam and Chris.

Christopher Matthew Chambers is the eldest son of a wealthy family.  He is expected to take over the family business after receiving his Bachelor’s and Master Degree in Business, but he hates the smallness of the world in which he was raised and strikes out on his own. One of his wanderlust ancestors leaves a legacy to the Chambers family, and Chris finally finds something that excites him.

Samantha Fremont, a freelance writer and wildlife photographer chooses not to stray too far from the home in which she grew up.  She is a strong, independent, opinionated woman used to getting her own way.  Her wit and sassy mouth are intimidating to lesser men but not to Chris.

When fate brings them together, sparks fly and tempers flare.  Sam lives life full throttle and although Chris loves her spirit, his attempts to slow her down with trips over his knee, or over the couch, or across the bed, are only bumps in the road to Sam.

This little snippet is a peak into their relationship, they're perfect for each other.

He bent and nipped her lip. Leaning his head back, he smiled his wicked smile, picked her up and carried her inside.

“Don’t fuck with me, Ms. Fremont.  I’m the fucker in this relationship.”

Sam was laughing so hard, tears started rolling down her face.

“What’s so funny?” Chris asked, incredulous that she was laughing so hard when he was trying to be stern.

“Did you hear yourself?  You said you were the ‘fucker’ in this relationship.  He stopped for a moment, thought about it, and started laughing too.

“That’s not how I meant it, and you know it, but I am the fucker and you are the fuckee.”

“Whatever you say, fucker.”

“Now that’s going to get you in trouble, little lady.”

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

C'mon Over

October - I was always happy to have October arrive - it's my birth month and until I got older I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Now, not so much.  Where I grew up, it was the prelude to winter but it was a most beautiful time of year.  The days were still warm, but the nights were cool and Mother Nature painted the most beautiful canvas of colors to enjoy. The smell of apples and woodsmoke filled the air and pumpkins and cornstalks decorated everyone's front porch. It always look so festive. The one thing I didn't like was the end of Daylight Savings Time and every day got shorter until the Winter Solstice.  What is your favorite fall memory?

Today's snippet is from my latest book, Destiny Takes a Hand

 DESTINY TAKES A HANDis set in the high country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Christopher Matthew Chambers, the eldest son of a wealthy New York family, shows little interest in the family business, preferring to do his own thing much to the disappointment of his father.  When a relative of his mother dies and the family inherit 10,000 acres f prime real estate known as Sutter's Ridge, situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Christopher is sent to attend to the funder arrangement and clear up an remaining legalities.

During his visit, however, the weather takes a turn for the worse and he finds himself in the middle of a snow storm.  While driving back down the mountain he is forced to swerve to avoid a stray elk- he ends up in a ditch. With no help in sight after a couple of hours, he sets off on foot in search of somewhere to hole up until the storm pass.  Fortunately, he stumbles across the house of Samantha Fremont, a sexy burt feisty young woman with whom he feels an instant attraction. A passionate romance quickly blossoms but Samantha's fier temper and stubborness make for some turbulent times.  The sex between them is great but Samantha is headstrong and not inclined to listen to advice, even when it's in her own interest.  When she goes too far, Christopher has no hesitate in putting her across his knee for a well deserved spanking, but he soon discovers that rather than being chastised, she actually enjoys it.

Sam's blatant disregard for his wishes and feelings, with a heart filled with regret, he decides the relationship can't continue.  For a while, it seems a happy ever after may not be in the cards, but then destiny takes a hand..

In this scene, Sam has just cooked a Thanksgiving Dinner for thirty-two people.  All the guest have gone home and Chris is ready to sit and relax.

“Not a chance, big boy.  I want my reward for today’s dinner,” she told him.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked innocently.

“Let me give you a hint.”  She began by removing her blouse and pants, then undid her bra, came over and buried his head between her breasts. 

Chris took the hint.  He took her nipple between his teeth and nipped the tight bud, while pinching the other to full erection.  She was purring like a kitten and wiggling her ass around on his lap.  She undid his belt, pulling it through the loops, holding it in one hand while her other hand fumbled with the button and zipper on his jeans. 

“Now what, my little temptress?” he asked.

She handed him the belt she had folded in two.  “Think of something.”  He cupped her ass, pinching and kneading those beautiful globes.

“Get up and lean over the back of the couch,” he instructed.  

You can purchase Destiny Takes a Hand in all digital editions, including mobi, at LSF Publications or hop over to Amazon If interested in my other books, click the picture on the side and they'll be in your hands in the wink of an eye.

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