Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Wednesday again, how can that be?  Thanks to Melody Parks for bringing us all together like this. It's been a busy week and I haven't had much time to write. DESTINY TAKES A HAND is published but just so I'm taking Melody's leeway and giving you a blurb on this book.

Christopher Matthew Chambers is the eldest son of a wealthy family.  He is expected to take over the family business after receiving his Bachelor’s and Master Degree in Business, but he hates the smallness of the world in which he was raised and strikes out on his own. One of his wanderlust ancestors leaves a legacy to the Chambers family, and Chris finally finds something that excites him.

Samantha Fremont, a freelance writer and wildlife photographer chooses not to stray too far from the home in which she grew up.  She is a strong, independent, opinionated woman used to getting her own way.  Her wit and sassy mouth are intimidating to lesser men but not to Chris.

When fate brings them together, sparks fly and tempers flare.  Sam lives life full throttle and although Chris loves her spirit, his attempts to slow her down with trips over his knee, or over the couch, or across the bed, are only bumps in the road to Sam.

In this snippet, Sam has invited Chris to dinner and the following ensues.

She was wearing one of those over the head aprons, holding a wooden spoon and looked like Suzy Homemaker with one exception; she wasn’t wearing anything else.  She pirouetted around so he could see her naked bum and wiggled it in invitation.  An invitation to good to pass up.  He took her in his arms and gave her a hard smack on each cheek.  She wiggled her butt for more.

“You are asking for a spanking, aren’t you.”

“That and more.”

‘No how you doing, glad to see you, how was the drive.  Straight to sex.  I think I may be feeling a little used,” Chris told her.

Sam giggled as she told him, “Wait until I’m through, you’ll be used all right,”

“You wanton hussy, get your sweet ass over here,” as he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.  He sat down on the edge of the bed, pulled her across his lap and started smacking her butt.

“Is this what you want, you naughty girl?”  She answered by pushing her butt up to meet his hand. He continued spanking her until her ass was a nice shade of red, and his hand was tired.

“Don’t stop,” she told him. 

“You have a titanium ass,” he laughed and took the spoon she had laid on the bed when he took her over his lap.  He began assaulting her ass with the wooden spoon, and it wasn’t too many spanks later that she was ouching and telling him to stop.  He put down the spoon and saw that her juices were practically running down her leg.  He fingered her clit and she moaned, and seconds later was bucking against his body.  Her orgasm seemed to come in waves and when it subsided she rolled off his lap and onto the floor.

“That was the most fantastic, stupendous, amazing orgasm I have ever experienced.  Now it’s your turn.  Take off your clothes.”

“A little bossy aren’t you.”

“You bet; you already knew that, yet you came back for more.  Now take off your clothes you are wasting time.”

Destiny Takes a Hand is available now at LSF Publications and  Stop by and visting the other participating authors to check out their Works in Progress.


  1. LMAO This was fantastic - 'you have a titanium ass' !! Loved the humour which is often sadly lacking in our genre - makes it all a bit more human, but still as sexy as hell ;)

  2. oo I love their energy! great scene. and congrats on the release

  3. Great snippet Sunny! I love the humour and playfulness.


    1. You know me Roz - I aim for it in all my writing.

  4. I just love these two, Sunny! :) The playfulness in this whole thing is such an important part of the dynamic for Rob and me. It is refreshing to see it in books of the same. Great snippet! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. I so understand Katie, I think I always think of Ray and I because that repartee is always part of our dynamic.

  5. Hot AND humorous ... I like that! This was really a fun and sexy scene!! Congrats on the release!! :)

  6. I LOVE it! That was hot and very funny! I'm going to have to add this to my TBR list!

  7. Wow, girl! What a smashing delivery.
    Sam is certainly a strong willed lady and Chris doesn't seem like he can get enough of her.
    Titanium ass... now that's original. Great excerpt, Leigh! Loved it!

  8. love her sassy nature, and she's blessed with a titanium ass.... lucky girl ☺

    1. She does have that sassiness, the titanium ass is a blessing and a curse.


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