Wednesday, August 6, 2014


WIP is a Wednesday blog hop started by Melody Parks.  It's a chance for writers to showcase what it is we actually do all week.    It's a sneak preview and what's posted is unedited and may or may not appear in the final version.

Technically, this is no longer a Work in Progress,  At the End of the Rainbow was released over the weekend.  I had this set up ahead of time so I am going to leave it and share something of a WIP next week.

This actually takes off where I left off in last week's WIP.

Melody agreed, and he told her he would pick her up about 11:30.  He told her to bring casual warm clothes.  If she needed anything else, they could pick it up there.  She called Penny and told her what was happening and could see Penny’s grin through the phone.

“If you get a chance, come up for coffee.”

“Why don’t you come down here that way we could talk while I’m packing?”

“Good idea, I’ll be right down,” Penny said.

Melody jumped  in the shower right away and was toweling off when she heard the engine of the Jeep cut off.  Penny walked in carrying a thermos of coffee.

“Okay give me the scoop, I’m dying to hear.”

Melody told her about dinner and the snow being so bad on the way home that she invited him to spend the night.  Penny got this smug look on her face.  Melody told her to wipe off the grin.

“I gave him a chaste good-night kiss, and he slept on the couch.  When I woke up this morning, he was gone, and I thought it was over, but he called about a half-hour ago and said he had to go to Denver and would I like to accompany him.  So I am packing for Denver.”  Penny still had that grin on her face.

Ken came, and Penny started to leave.  He picked up her bag and off they went leaving Penny to close up the cabin.

 “How long will it take to get there?” she asked.

“After we take off, about two hours depending on the wind,” he replied.

“Oh, we’re flying; I didn’t realize we were flying.”

Arriving at the small airport, Melody was surprised when he pulled into the back area and just parked the car.  He walked around, opened her door, and grabbed her bag.

“Why are we stopping here?”

“We’re flying to Denver, remember.”

“Now who’s being sassy,” she said.

“I’m sorry; I guess I just assumed you knew I piloted my own plane.  I figured between my sister and Penny you know everything there is to know about me.”

“I hate to break this to you and deflate that ego but until this morning, I didn’t even know you lived in Denver.”

“Ouch, that hurts,” he told her.  She giggled.

“What other surprises do you have up your sleeve, Mr. Kendall Burke?”

This is a blog hop so go by and see what others are busily turning into your next read.


  1. This is wonderful, Leigh. The interaction between Melody and Penny is great fun. And the exchange between Peggy and Ken is so wonderful- I love how sassy she is :)

    1. Thanks Joelle. I love writing sass (I wonder why?)

  2. Loving the dynamic between this pair - fun and flirty. The guy flies his own plane Melody - he's a keeper! LOL...

  3. I'm passing on this little snippet:) Looking forward to read your book.


  4. Why do men always assume we talk about them when they're not around. I think Melody and Ken are off to a very romantic start. Looking forward to more of this ☺

    1. It's an ego thing, they always feel they are the center of the universe. Must be the testerone.:-)

  5. Hmmm I see lots of possibilities happening here. Love the banter... Wonder why?


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