Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Spanks Already

Happy Saturday - glad you stopped by.  Today we are visiting Ken Burke and Melody Townsend the main characters in At the End of the Rainbow. Ken invited Melody to accompany him to his ranch in Colorado, no strings attached.  
Off, in the distance, she could see a house with the setting sun glinting off the windows giving it a rosy glow.  The starkness of the leafless aspens with their almost white bark against the surrounding dark pines was beautiful and made her wish she had her camera.  The house kept getting closer and closer, and then she realized it must be his house.  It was beautiful and fit perfectly into the landscape.   He dropped off their bags in the foyer and took her on a tour.  The great room had floor to ceiling windows giving an endless view of the plains off to the east and the Rockies’ to the west.  Comfortably decorated in subtle tones, there were a couple of large leather taupe colored sofas grouped around the fireplace and several other conversational areas taking advantage of the fantastic views.  The kitchen and dining areas flowed from the great room.  One wing contained the guest suites, and Ken’s office and the master suite were on the other end of the u-shaped ranch house.  Considering the size, it was cozy and welcoming, and she immediately felt very comfortable in the surroundings.

On their first evening, they are sitting together in the great room and Ken tells her that he is really interested in her.  Not surprised, because she too could feel the chemistry, Melody wants to know more about him and asks about his life and his expectations. Ken responds and Melody listes as he talks about his wants of a stay at home wife and a traditoinal marriage.  Melody, knowing her sister, has this kind of relationship, pushes him further to get Ken's full feelings on this matter.

"I don’t want to be a micro manager, but I would expect my wife to behave in a respectful manner, as would I.  If those lines are crossed, I would let my displeasure known.”

“And how would you do that?” 

“We would calmly discuss the situation and if the problem couldn’t be resolved in another way, a spanking might be in order.

 “So you would spank your wife if she stepped over the line."

“If that was our agreement, yes I would."

“What would be the consequences if you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain?”
He told her he would apologize and do everything possible to correct the issue, but he was human and bound to make mistakes also.

“So, what you’re saying is no spanking for you.”

“I don’t think I would fit over your knee.  Seriously, what do you think, Melody?”

“I think we should work on the relationship part before we start the marriage”

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  1. Made me giggle. He might fit over her knee... it'd be worth a shot, right? Tee hee.

  2. Love the dialogue Sunny, especially Ken's comment about fitting over her knee lol


    1. Just a bit of levity to show his sense of humor.

  3. She did hit on an important question and one we've all thought about. We get spanked and they get… what. Not a problem for me, but I'm sure many see it as very unfair.

  4. He might not fit over her knee, but I'll bet he could lean over one of the those leather sofas!

    1. Yes, he could and it would give her even more room to really makes those swings count.

  5. Fun banter! I like that she asked about his "consequences" ... good snippet!

  6. Oh the double standard. It's the M/f paradox. I'll have to read this one to see if they might have an answer to the age old questions :) Nice provocative snippet.

    1. Thanks Maddie. It is the age old question, easier to deal with in a novel than in real life though.

  7. It may be unfair in some others...mighty nice! LOL

  8. I like Cara's response--I am sure his ass would look great over a leather couch with some leather being applied to it.....Mmmmm. Nice snippet

  9. “I think we should work on the relationship part before we start the marriage”! Great idea! LOL!

    Loved it, Sunny! :) Great snippet. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


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