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Another S Spanking Already

 Happy Saturday everyone, thanks for dropping in.  Summer is really flying by, isn't it. I saw a FB cartoon the other day that said there were only 20 (yes, TWENTY) Friday's left until Christmas.  Of course, I didn't believe that and had to count.  Guess what, it must have been an older post because I only counted 19.  Yikes!!!!

 Today we are once again visiting Ken Burke and Melody Townsend the main characters  in At the End of the Rainbow.
Coming off a grueling stint in a losing political campaign, Melody Townsend comes to stay with her sister in Montana.  She meets Ken Burke who just happens to be her brother-in-laws, brother-in-law.  Sparks are ignited and Ken has invited Melody to spend time with him in Colorado, no strings attached.

On their first evening, they are sitting together in the great room and Ken tells her that he is really interested in her.  Not surprised, because she too could feel the chemistry, Melody wants to know more about him and asks about his life and his expectations. Ken responds and Melody listes as he talks about his wants of a stay at home wife and a traditoinal marriage.  Melody, knowing her sister, has this kind of relationship, pushes him further to get Ken's full feelings on this matter.

"I don’t want to be a micro manager, but I would expect my wife to behave in a respectful manner, as would I.  If those lines are crossed, I would let my displeasure known.”
“And how would you do that?” 
“We would calmly discuss the situation and if the problem couldn’t be resolved in another way, a spanking might be in order.
 “So you would spank your wife if she stepped over the line."
“If that was our agreement, yes I would."
“What would be the consequences if you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain?”
  He told her he would apologize and do everything possible to correct the issue, but he was human and bound to make mistakes also.
“So, what you’re saying is no spanking for you.”
“I don’t think I would fit over your knee.  Seriously, what do you think, Melody?”
“I think we should work on the relationship part before we start the marriage”

Today's snippet takes up the conversation where we left off in last week's snippet.

“I pour out my heart to you, and I get sass.  I think I should turn you over my knee right now.”  He pulled her over and gave her a swat.

They cuddled on the couch until the fire died out, and then he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.  He gave her a kiss, and she kissed him back.

“Well, that was certainly an improvement over last night’s kiss,” he said.

She kissed him again and gave him a little nip on his lip.  “Now she gets feisty,” he remarked.  “Save it for tomorrow but remember I give as good as I get.”  He slapped her butt and pushed her into her room.

 “Sleep tight and pleasant dreams.”

She lay in bed awhile thinking about what he said.  She liked him, but she wasn’t prepared to commit and she sure wasn’t willing to agree to anything just yet.  If he wanted to continue to see her, he would have to accept that because she wouldn’t be rushed into anything this important.   

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  1. Wonderful snippet Sunny, love how playful they are. Congratulations on the sucess of this book! I do love Ken and Melody:)


  2. Oh my! Sounds so good!
    I'm so happy that this one is still on top---pun intended!
    I bet the others go that way too!

  3. That was an awesome last line! I'm sitting in my garden reading and giggling! Congrats on the new book Leight.

    1. Thanks Natasha. Glad I could make you giggle.

  4. I'm wondering what SHE thinks about DD. Is it what she wants? She's not showing much reaction to what he wants. He's being serous, but she's avoiding the heart of the matter.

  5. Such a lovely couple - I think they each give as good as they get.

  6. I love this snippet! This right here is what I don't understand with domestic discipline. Why when a woman makes a mistake she gets spanked, but when the man does he doesn't get spanked. I would love to see Melody spank Ken! Great snippet!

    1. Thanks Meredith. I don't get it either but you know, maybe someday, maybe even Melody.

  7. I had to read it and yes I like this couple. Thanks SG. I do love your choice of characters.


    1. Sorry, I kept teasing you making you read when you wanted to hold on. Glad you like Ken and Melody.

  8. I wanna see a man get spanked just once. ~giggle~ But he's right. They just don't fit over your knee properly :)

  9. She has a point. Great snippet Leigh :)

  10. It's always fun to think about--but I know I wouldn't want to reverse the tables.

  11. Congrats on the success of this book! Great snippet!

  12. Leigh, you are the absolute mistress of something I might call "thoughtful sweetness." Your prose just makes my heart sing.

  13. Not fit over her knee - had a giggle at that.
    Congratulations on your success.


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