Saturday, July 5, 2014

A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE/Saturday Spankings

Don't know how many visitors will be by today.  It's a big three day weekend - family barbecues, beach time,  fireworks, firewater, you get the picture.  It is always great when the 4th of July falls on a weekend, rather than mid week.  We spent the day at a local festival, had dinner with lots of margueritas and then watched the fireworks from the deck.  Just perfect.

Today it's Saturday Spankings and I am taking a walk on the wild side.  There was a quiz on FB this past week to determine what song you were.  Well guess what, mine was Wild Thing. Smiling.  

I know the rule is eight sentences and I've followed that rule, maybe not to the letter of the law, but my version.   I've just taken the sentences from my boxed set - four good looking guys in one place.  These males are definitely all alpha's and could put their shoes under my bed anytime. Oh, I better check that out with hubby.  They are all available and ...oh, sorry my 8 sentences are up.   

Hope you enjoy the snippets and want to read more.

Here goes:

He was dressed in blue jeans that fit his long lean legs like a glove, a cotton shirt that was well worn and outlined his muscular chest and arms, boots that had long since been new, and a Stetson pulled down low over his eyes. She was certain he would also have a great butt and couldn't wait until he bent down so she could drool over that too.  Lonesome Oak Ranch

He had to be about six foot three, dark brown hair that curled right at the nape of his neck; his eyes were hazel and when he looked at you it was as if he could see right through to your soul. He was built well, the muscles rippled under the blue chambray shirt he wore and those jeans covered long legs and hugged a butt that was as tight as a fist. He had a beautiful smile and a walk that oozed confidence and masculinity. Love is Where You Find It

At almost six feet, he was taller than the average Spaniard and had an air of authority that rested on his shoulders as easily as the clothes he wore. He had thick, straight black hair, with dark brows and eyelashes that shaded slate-grey eyes and a smile that could warm the coldest heart. Taming Maria

As she bent to get it, she bumped heads with a great looking man who was trying to reach for her package too. He was about 6' 2" with blond hair and was dressed very casually in khakis and a blue Oxford cloth shirt with a sweater loosely draped around his shoulders.  Living the Dream

Other authors are displaying their creative talents at the sites listed below.  Be sure to stop by.


  1. If I didn't have every one of these I'd buy them right now! All these guys do sound wonderful!

    1. Isn't it amazing how your imagination just takes over and creates these "perfect" guys.

  2. Nice variety of lovely men and they all SPANK! Great snippet Leigh :)

  3. What a. Original satspanks. I'm drooling over each and every one. Delicious

  4. I agree with Emily, yum, yum, yum!!

  5. Drool....! Yummy Alpha men who spank! Lol

  6. Good use of a loophole, lol. Love the visuals :)

  7. LoL love how you did this and have to agree, yum, yum, yum and yum! They allsound drool worthy, and all spank ... What's not to like! LoL

    glad you had a great 4th of July and the quiz sounds cool. Had to giggle at your song being Wild Thing:)


  8. Have to agree with others yum yum.

    Wonderful. Thanks SG.



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