Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Spankings and N

Long May She Wave
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This is the second half of the month long Blogging Challenge from A to Z and it's also Saturday Spanking. My challenge is to come up with something that will satisfy both. Then, I remembered a New Year's Eve in New York scene in my book Flying High. Okay, so it's a stretch but otherwise I have NOTHING.

FLYING HIGH, my latest release is the story of two people meeting and trying to work out a cross-country relationship. After finding each other, romance blossoms but it is not all smooth sailing. Working though relationship snags, including someone from Derek's past who threatens their new found happiness, Jill and Derek find the road to love isn't always easy.

Today's snippet finds Jill flying to meet Derek in New York City for New Year's Eve. She has arrived first and decides to surprise Derek by donning a sexy outfit.  She hears his key card in the door and spreads herself on the couch in a very welcoming pose. Unfortunately he is not alone and Jill is mortified. After she throws a temper tantrum and gets a spanking for behaving so badly, she apologizes to Derek and says she's glad she will never have to face his friend again.

“Well, that’s going to be a problem honey.”

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Because, Jim is my brother.” 

That set her off all over again...  Derek’s brother had seen her practically naked, knew she received a spanking, heard her carrying on about him being there and she had never even been introduced to him!  This was turning out to be the worst New Year’s Eve of her life.  

“Derek, why didn’t you tell me?  I am so sorry and I was being selfish and acted like such a bitch. He's going to really hate me.”

“No, he’s not sweetie.  He is going to love you just the way I love you.”

“You love me?” The words filled her head.

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  1. How mortifying for her! Love how this snippet ended :)


  2. This was one of my favorite scenes in the book. I felt like I was right there and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

  3. I can just feel her mortification. Very well written.

  4. Ah, the fine line, she's completely embarrassed... and then we get that sweet sweet admission.

  5. Fun first impression...
    Kelli Scott

  6. Looking forward to reading more. P J Perryman

    1. Thanks - love your blog name. Stopped by and tried to leave a comment, I'll try again. Welcome, BTW

  7. Mortifying--and then a pleasant turn of events.

  8. He loves her alright, but what about bro, does he love her too? Confusing. Naughty.

  9. I can feel her embarrassment, but you know what - I bet Jim enjoyed the view! :)

  10. Ah, how mortifying. Still, he said the L word

  11. LOL, that would be embarrassing. But thank goodness he said he loved her :)

  12. Sometimes you need to diffuse that feeling of embarrassment... Wow how he did! Love it !


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