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A Memorial Day Story

Happy Memorial Day for those of you stateside readers.  This is a story I posted on my other blog last Memorial Day.  Thought I would share it here.

There is a new story over on my other blog today, if you want to jump on over.

Callie’s husband was a captain in the Marines.  His last two assignments had been
 overseas but he was now stationed stateside. It would be his last assignment
 because he told her he was going to retire after this current enlistment was finished. 

Long ago, they had decided to retire to the San Diego area.  With that in mind and
Barry’s announcement of taking retirement, she began house hunting.  She found 
the cutest cottage.  It was just perfect.  It had a great wrap around porch, with a
 deck that extended out to the sand. It would need renovation but the 
price was reasonable.  At least she thought it was.  She took Barry to see it and
 he thought it was overpriced and needed too much work.  Callie didn’t like 
that answer and kept pursuing the house.  She put in an offer that was a lot less
 than the asking price and was very surprised when it was accepted.  That was
 a problem.  She had to tell Barry she had overridden his decision and purchased
 the house.

Coincidentally, they were invited to a block party in the same area as the
 cottage on Memorial Day Weekend.  Callie thought this would be the perfect
 time to tell him.  She suggested they drive by the cottage just so he could 
have another look and maybe have a change of heart. There on the front lawn 
was a big SOLD pasted over the sign.  He breathed a sigh of relief, at least Callie
 would get off his back. 

Because he was in the service and away much of the time, Callie ran their house,
 finances and life. If possible, they would discuss life changing decisions but unless
 he was adamant about something, her decision was fine with him. He was content
 with this arrangement because he felt safe knowing that if anything should happen
 to him she would be able to take care of herself.  He was beginning to see it was
 going to cause a problem once he was around all the time.  It was already starting. 
 Callie was a strong independent woman and had her heart set on this house.  He
 knew she had not given up so he was surprised when she had no reaction to 
the SOLD sign.  Now that he felt he was in the clear he said she had done a good 
job as far as location and maybe they could find something else in the area.  Callie 
couldn’t seem to spit out the words.  Maybe later, she thought to herself.

The party was great fun with lots of food, liquid refreshments and games. 
 There was volleyball, kite flying, even a couple of wind surfers for those 
adventurous souls.  Around sundown, everyone was winding down and feeling
 the effects of hours of sun and fun.  Callie and Barry were talking to the host
 and hostess telling them how much fun they had when Mari made a comment
 they should look for a place in the area.  Without a thought, Callie blurted
 out they purchased a place.  The minute it was out of her mouth she wanted to 
dig a hole,  jump in and bury herself. 

Callie was afraid to look at Barry.  She knew the look that would be on his
 face and it wasn’t one she wanted to see.  Without a word he took her arm and
 propelled her out of there and to the car.  She started to explain and he said he
 didn’t want to hear her voice until they got home. She was already squirming. 
 He was a captain in the military for pete’s sake and he could deliver a dressing
 down like no other.  That would be the beginning but she knew it would end 
with the ass warming of her life.  He didn’t discipline spank her often but when 
he did it was memorable and this was the worst thing she had done to date.  

When they got home, Barry told her to go to the bedroom and stay there. 
 She tried to explain and he just pointed his arm toward the bedroom.

“You know the drill”.  The order was issued in his military tone and she quickly

He needed time and space to process what he had learned.  He was upset on
 many levels – the fact that she went ahead and made a life changing purchase
 without his approval was the thing that bothered him the most. She was just
 doing what she had always done, taken charge. Callie was a capable woman 
to whom he had allowed control over their life for years.  Maybe it was
 because, in the past, life changing decisions were made together.  They
 talked about the house, he told her how he felt, that was the end of it as 
far as he was concerned.   Obviously, he was wrong.  He was used to giving
 orders and not having them questioned.  True, it wasn’t an order.  He went
 on and on in this manner for well over an hour.  When he finally realized 
Callie was still waiting for him, he trooped into the bedroom to find her fast
 asleep on the bed.  She was naked.  Lust took over at the site of that luscious
 body just laying there waiting for him.

He removed his clothes and lay down next to her.  She issued a soft moan
 and curled into him.  He loved this woman so. She had made his life whole
 again after his devastating divorce.  It was hard to realize that was over twenty
 years ago.  During that time she had graciously put up with the travails of a
 military wife, living in base housing when it was available, moving to new
 assignments regularly, all with a smile on her face and love in her heart. She 
was the true “soldier” He decided right then and there that although they would
 have a long “talk” about her decision, he would be happy with the “beach cottage”
 if that was what she wanted.  She deserved it.  Decision made, he finally was
 able to drift off to sleep.

When Callie woke she was surprised to be wrapped around Barry.  She
 remembered him ordering her to the bedroom.  She had fully expected
 to get her tush toasted. Instead, here she was wrapped in her husband’s 
arms.  Thank you Lord was her first thought. She tried to disentangle
 herself because Mother Nature was calling.  Her lips brushed his cheek
 and he released her. When she came back from the bathroom, he was
 lying on his back, hands behind his head waiting for her.

“Come here you”

She came over to him not knowing what to expect.  He pulled her down 
onto the bed and hugged her close.  His fingers began tracing circles 
on her back and whispering sweet nothings in her ear.  She inched away
 from him and slowly moved down the bed until she found just the right
 spot and began licking and sucking.  His hands cupped her breast and
 teased.  The more he teased the more attention she gave him.  He couldn’t
 take any more so he rolled her over and found his pot of cream.  They were
 soon dancing their dance and the music ended with a very loud crescendo.

They continued to lie there basking in the afterglow when Callie told him she
 was sorry she had gone against his wishes. Barry said he was sorry too but
 after giving it a lot of thought he decided he was more upset in the way he
 found out than in the actual discovery.  He was hurt that she felt she couldn’t
 tell him how much she really wanted that property and then didn’t tell him
 she purchased it.

“How long did you think you were going to be able to hide that?” he asked her.

“I was going to tell you yesterday.  That was why I wanted to drive by
 yesterday but then I couldn’t get the words out”.

He gave her one of those looks that told her it was going to be okay and then

“After breakfast, we are going to have a long talk about the details and then 
before we head downtown for the parade I am going to help you get into 
the spirit of the day.  I plan on giving you some red stripes and maybe 
even a couple of blue bruises, something memorable to honor this Memorial 

She looked at him and pouted. “Oooooh.  I thought I was home free”

“I don’t think so, I’m sure there’s a  mortgage involved and the first payment
 is coming out of your hide”

She laughed and said she could handle that just as long as she didn’t have
 to keep paying interest.

Make it a great day and take a moment to remember those that gave their all.


  1. Thanks for sharing this story again Sunny...I really enjoyed it.

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  2. I remember this story and enjoyed it just as much this time :) Thank you Sunny. Happy Memorial Day. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


    1. As I told Cat, glad you enjoyed the rerun. After all it is summer and rerun time.

  3. SG,

    Nice one. Thanks. Happy Memorial Day.


  4. Always love your stories.


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