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Taming Maria is a story about a very spoiled girl and the man that is trying to tame her.

Maria, what are you doing in there?”

“I’m getting dressed, Papa.”

“Everybody is here and waiting for you.”

“Well, I’m the bride and there is no wedding without me, so just let them wait.”

“Maria, I’m warning you, if you are not downstairs in ten minutes, I am going to….

“Going to what, Papa?”

“Send up Juan. He knows how to deal with you.”

The book can be purchased at   LSF Publications  and  Amazon                  

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Saturday Spanks

Another week has rushed on by. I'm going to do something different this week.  Instead of eight sentences from one book, I'm going to feature all three.

LONESOME OAK RANCH is a anthology of three separate stories.  (Couldn't manage to fit in a line from Bear Creek Ranch, but since I featured that last week you can click here if you want a sneak peak.)

The first one is actually titled Lonesome Oak Ranch.

 "What, no warm up?"...
"This is the warm up," he gave her a volley of whacks that set her ass on fire.

 These next sentences are from A Vacation to Remember, another of the stories in Lonesome Oak Ranch.

"I have had enough Susan, I told you to leave it alone and you won't. Since you won't listen to my words, maybe this will to keep you quiet for a while."   His hand came down in hard whacks in very quick succession; Susan didn't even have time to process the pain when the next spank fell.


"I could have had you arrested," Blair said.
"I wouldn't push my luck if I were you, Angel. If I was arrested, I would have ended up being fingerprinted and put in jail.


When you are ready to mesh the reality and the fantasy, you know where I am. I'll be only too happy to make your whole fantasy become real."  


All three books can be found by clicking on the title or take a stroll over to Amazon.

Next Saturday my latest book, Taming Maria, will be released. I look forward to sharing a new snippet with you. 

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Saturday Spankings

I think this has been the coldest week ever in most parts of this country, I think they are calling is the Polar Vortex.  Lucky for me, here in Arizona our weather has been pretty normal.

Today we are back to regular rules for Saturday Spankings, meaning our snippets are limited to eight sentences or we get in trouble with the headmistress. Todays, eight sentences are taken from my first book, Lonesome Oak Ranch.  This book contains three stories that take place in the west and today's feature is titled Bear Creek Ranch. It's a story of a gal running away from an engagement and winds up working for Caleb Fletcher. Caleb soon finds Jane is a bossy, opinionated lady that has everybody dancing to her tune. When his housekeeper threatens to quit, he thinks he has found a way to solve the problem.  The only problem is he wants her to become more than just an employee which creates even more problems.

"I take it you are still in a snit about your new assignment. I am sorry if it doesn't meet with your approval, but you overstepped your bounds and didnot follow the rules I set down regarding you and Mrs. Griggs. You created your own dilemma and I am not going to walk around on egg shells until you decide it is over. We are not employer and employee at the moment so either you talk to me or my hand will be talking to your butt. Your choice."

  She gave him a phony smile and he knew what he had to do. He hated it but he had been threatening to do it for so long she probably figured he would never follow up. Without a word he walked over to the willow tree and cut off a branch. 

If you want to know what happens next, just click  here or Amazon and you can be reading in no time.

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Cold Hands Warm Bottoms Blog Hop

Welcome to Winter Spanks BlogHop.  We are starting the New Year off in style by warming up bottoms and offering cool prizes. After you have read the story, please leave a comment and your email address.  This is your entry into the prize drawing for one of the prizes listed below.

'In addition to the prizes listed above, each participant is offering a prize to one of their comments.  One lucky person who leaves a comment on this post will receive a copy of my latest book Love Is Where You Find It.  Please be sure to leave your email address and the format of your choice.  

Okay now that you have all the rules, it's time to enjoy some


Winter came early in the high country and this would be Sam’s first year without her brother Seth living with her.  He begged her to reconsider her decision to stay the winter season but she remained adamant she could handle whatever came her way.  After all, she had been born and raised here, as had her ancestors before her.  Before departing for the flatlands, Seth helped her all summer and early fall gathering the things she would need to get her through the times she would be unable to get to town.  He hoped it would be enough.

By December, there was three feet of snow on the ground and more on the way. It had started snowing a couple of hours ago and was beginning to accumulate.  She was bringing in an armload of firewood when she spotted someone walking up the path toward the house.  Rarely did they have unexpected visitors this time of year.  Dropping the load of firewood and holding onto one of the larger logs, she whistled for her dog, Sparky who came running to her side.  She felt safer with him there as the person approached.  He was very tall and leaning heavily on a crutch-like walking stick and accompanied by a large white dog.  Sparky began to snarl as they came closer but stayed right next to her.

“Hello,” she yelled and maintained her stance.  She was about thirty yards from the house and felt she could outrun him and lock herself inside if worse came to worse.

“Hello, am I glad to see another person.  About two miles back an elk ran across in front of me and I swerved to avoid hitting it.  He survived but the truck didn’t.  It’s in a ditch and I can’t get it out.  Whitey and I sat there about two hours and not a soul came by.  There’s no cell phone service up here and I was afraid we would freeze to death if we stayed with the truck any longer.”

“I’m not surprised there’s no one on the road.  Most people have more sense than to head out with a storm coming.  I’m not sure what you expect me to do.  My truck has a wench but it doesn’t seem smart to head out now.”

“I didn’t plan on being on the road either.  I planned on being down the mountain by now.”

“Who are you anyway?  You are not from around here.”

“No, I’m not.  My name is Stuart Chambers.  I inherited some property from a great uncle and I came to check it out.  I came up two days ago.  The weather was fine then.”

“Up this high, the weather can change on a dime.  Who was your uncle?  What’s wrong with your leg?”

“Which question would you like me to answer first?”

“Listen, mister.  I’m not the one in a pickle,” she answered snottily.

“No, and I wasn’t being rude, merely asking which questions you would like answered first.  My great uncle was Mitchell Cameron.  He owned a lodge up on Sutter’s Ridge and I hurt my leg in the accident.  I don’t think anything’s broken but I can’t put a lot of weight on my left foot.  Does that answer your questions?”

“Are you talking about Sunrise Peak?”

“Yes, you know it.”

“Of course, I know it.  I live here.  That used to be something back in the day, or so I’ve been told.  It’s been abandoned for years.”

“You really are pretty snippy, Ms. Fremont.”

“How do you know my name?” she demanded.

“Contrary to what you might think, I am not a moron.  I researched the history of the area.  Your family settled here about the same time as my great uncle.  The Fremont name is recorded on the deed so I assumed you would be a Fremont since you said you lived here.  I am not wrong, am I?”

“No, you are not wrong and I am not snippy.  I’m Sam Fremont.  Sparky doesn’t seem to want to do you bodily harm so I guess it’s safe to invite you in and see about that leg.”

She held the door open while Sparky, Whitey, and Stuart entered and then went back out to bring in the dropped firewood.  She deposited it in the wood box on the porch and went into the house.  Stuart had removed his coat and hat and was sitting on one of the straight-backed dining room chairs.  He had his leg extended and began to remove his boot but was having a hard time and Sam offered to help and gave it a final yank.  His ankle was four times the size of a normal ankle.  She helped him over to the couch and propped his foot up on the ottoman while she got some ice.

“I should just go outside and get a bucket of snow for the swelling.”

“I don’t think so.  It’s one thing to ice it down another to freeze it off.”

“Are you a wuss Mr. Stuart Chambers?” she asked him teasingly.

“Are you a tease Ms. Sam Fremont?”

She blushed at his remark.  Her wariness gone, she began opening up a little, both her personality and her eyes.  Stuart was tall, much taller than Seth, who was 6’2”, and although he wore a heavy flannel shirt, she could still see how he filled out the chest, shoulders and arms.  He had large hands and brown hair with chestnut highlights hitting just above his collar and his hazel eyes twinkled when he smiled.  He had a few laugh wrinkles and Sam figured he was about 32 or thereabouts.  He had a deep baritone voice and a definite dominant demeanor.  Not that she minded that.  She loved nothing better than sparring with someone knowing she would get as good as she gave.  Being snowed in with this guy won’t be the worse thing in the world, I actually hope it happens, she thought to herself.

After icing and wrapping his ankle, he had instructions to keep his foot elevated on the ottoman.

“What am I supposed to do, just sit here and do nothing?”

“Yeah, because with that ankle you are useless.  Haven’t you ever heard of R.I.C.E. for a sprain?”

“Oh, you know it’s a sprain.  Perhaps I should call you Dr. Sam.”

“Now who’s being snippy?”

He laughed.  His laughter sounded like a lion’s roar and it sent shivers down her spine.  Sam handed him two aspirin, a glass of water, and an afghan.

“I have some things to do outside before the storm hits.  Is it okay to leave you for a bit?”

“Yes, I’ve been potty trained for some time.”

“Another smart-ass remark.”

“Hey, hey, watch your language.  A lady doesn’t use such words.”

“This lady does.  My brother said my colorful language is one of my character flaws.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Listen Mr. Hoity Toity, it is my house and I will speak as I please.”

“If you were my sister, I would tan your hide for cursing.”

“Then, it’s a good thing for both of us that I’m not. 

After she went outside, Stu put his head back and thought about the conversation he just had with Samantha.  He loved sass and Samantha was full of spirit.  He watched from the window as she traversed the steps to the barn.  Her derriere filled out her jeans and her legs went all the way up to her neck.  He wouldn’t mind pulling her close to have the feel of her against him.  He thought about cupping her bottom and running his fingers through that shiny brown hair.  You are getting carried away Bud, knock it off before you are thrown out on your ear.  Whitey barked and Stu laughed.

“You reading minds now boy.  Don’t worry, I’ll behave,” he said to the dog.

He woke to the sound of howling winds and smells of something wonderful cooking.  He looked out the window and saw the snow was still falling fast and furious.

He attempted to get up from the couch and promptly fell back down. 

“Here, let me help you.”

“I can do it.”

“Yes, I can see you are doing so well,” she said and laughed.  “If you get tired of falling down and want some help, let me know.”

“You should be glad I’m hobbled or I would be whacking your behind.  You appear to need some serious attention,” he answered with a big grin on his face.

“Mister, the only reason I am putting up with your nonsense is because I figure the pain has gone to your brain.  Otherwise, I would be throwing you out in the snow.”

“Would you do that to Whitey?”

“Who said anything about Whitey?  He can stay.”

“Oh, now I see.  You are definitely in need of a serious spanking to tame that bratty mouth of yours.”

“I think not.”

“Oh, girl, you are so asking for a trip over my knee.”

She laughed aloud at this last statement.  I think I really like this man.  I’m getting sneaky little tingles up and down my spine, she thought to herself.  Put a lid on it, girl, she told herself.

She set a place at the table and told him dinner was ready.  She watched him struggle to get off the couch and when he finally made it, she could see the perspiration beads on his forehead.  She had a brilliant idea to get the desk chair that was on casters and rolled it over to him.

“Maybe this will help,” as she pushed him back down into the chair and rolled him to the table.

“Thank you,” and flashed her a smile that set her heart aflutter.

After dinner, they continued to sit at the table and she challenged him to a game of scrabble, not just any scrabble, but dirty scrabble. 

“That is if your Puritan sensibilities will allow you to play,” she taunted him.

“Oh, I’ll play, alright.  I think we should make a bet.”

“What kind of bet are you talking about?  That glint in your eye makes me a little nervous.”

“If you lose, I get to give you the spanking I threatened earlier,” he told her.

“And if I win?”

“Well, that’s not going to happen but if it does, I’ll buy you dinner in the best restaurant in town.”

“Wow, really,” she replied sarcastically.

“As I said that’s not going to happen but yes, really.  Do you have any other ideas?”

“I just might.”

“Now I don’t like that glint in your eye.”

Before the game was over, they lost power.  Sam lit the emergency lanterns and put more wood on the fire.  Since the storm was still fierce and they would be soon going to bed, she decided to save the generator in case it was days before they would have their power  restored. 

“I’m going to bring in more wood.  I’ll take the dogs with me,” she told him.

“What about the game?”

“We can finish in the morning,” and called the dogs to the door.

The smell of the outdoors followed her back in.  Snow was clinging to her hat and jacket. Reaching down to remove her boots she was knocked over by Sparky, lost her balance, and tumbled to the floor.  Stu hobbled over to help her up and held her as he brushed the snow from her hair and face.  He drew her to him and lightly brushed his mouth across hers.  She leaned into him and he took it as an invitation to go back in for another taste.  He accepted the silent invitation and drawing her closer he reached down and kissed her again.  She felt warm and snug in his embrace and lingered a while longer before breaking away.

“Where did that come from?” she asked breathlessly.

“I don’t know it felt right.”  Looking into Sam’s eyes, he knew she felt the same way.

She was much too bothered by that kiss and didn’t want him to know, so she moved toward the kitchen.

“I’m going to turn in.  It’s been a long day.”  She walked over and banked the fire.  “You can sleep in the guest room if you want but it will be warmer out here by the fire.  What’s  your choice?”

“Here, sounds good.”

She went off and came back with sheets, pillows and a down comforter.  “Can you manage by yourself?”

“Yes, thank you.  Sleep well and I am sorry for my impulsiveness,” he told her.

“I’m not,” turned and walked off down the hall.

They both lay awake in separate rooms thinking the same thoughts.  He was thinking what it was about Sam that captivated him.  He had never been one to act impulsively but that kiss had come out of nowhere.  Sam was thinking about how affected she was by that kiss and how she didn’t want to leave the comfort she felt in his arms.  She was going to have to watch herself. 

It was still snowing when Sam awoke the next morning.  This was the worst storm she could remember.  There were things that needed doing today and she had to get at them.  Stu appeared to be asleep, so she stoked up the fire, donned her outerwear, and slipped outside.  In the garage, she started the truck and started up the snow blower.  She wanted to get a head start on her driveway in case Seth decided to brave the elements to check up on her once they cleared the roads.  She heard Sparky bark and looked up to see Stu walking out the door.  He was still limping but he was getting around better.  He started pitching snowballs to the dogs and Sam was watching them romping around and laughing.  He loved the sound of her deep hearty laugh and felt a pang in his lower regions.  He was so intent at watching the dogs he failed to notice Sam sneaking up on him.  Before he knew it, she hauled off and threw a large snowball at him hitting him in the back.

“You’re going to be so sorry you did that, little girl,” he tried sounding stern but failed.

He tackled her to the ground and soon they were rolling around in the snow.  She got up and ran away, he tried chasing her but on a bum ankle he didn’t get too far.  Allowing him to catch her, she took a handful of snow and forced it down his pants.

“Now, you’ve done it.”  Bringing her in closer, he gave her a long gentle kiss.  While she was still enjoying the kiss, he swatted her backside a couple of times. 

“Is that the best you can do, Mister?”

“Oh, no, Missy.  I can and will do much better than that.  When we get in the house, I am going to make your butt cheeks as rosy as your face cheeks,” he said with a big grin.

“Gotta catch me first, Mr. Chambers,” she yelled as she headed to the house.  

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Well, it's here another clean slate.  May everybody's wishes and dreams come to fruition.

Now for the reminder.  Tomorrow begins Winter Spanks.  It's a blog hop and over fifty authors are participating and there are some great prizes to be had.  It runs through January 4th and all you have to do be entered into the grand prize drawings is to enter a comment on each of the participating blogs.  

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