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This is not an official Spank or Treat site but today is my birthday and the second anniversary of my other blogAimless Ramblings, so as my birthday and anniversary present to anyone who stops by, below is a brand new Halloween story.  I am also having a drawing for a prize. Be sure to comment so your name is entered into the cauldron, just as in the story.  The winner will be notified October 29th by email and also on this site.


“You know how sometimes you meet people and there is just something about them.” Janice was telling Skip.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I don’t know exactly.  It’s a feeling, I don’t know whether it’s their looks, or the way they talk, but you just know you are never going to trust them.”

“How can you decide that so quickly?”

“Are you telling me, that has never happened to you.”

“Nah, if I don’t feel that connection, it doesn’t matter.  I just move on.”

“So, it does happen, you just let it go.”

“Yeah, maybe that’s it.”

Janice had been thinking about this since meeting Cressida.  She was a friend of a friend and although Maxie just loved Cressida and went on and on about how great she was, Janice could not get that “lovey” feeling

“So who are you thinking about that brought up this conversation?”

“Maxie’s friend, Cressida.  I writing out the invites for the Halloween thing.  Maxie just loves her but I can’t get all warm and fuzzy and I don’t like being around her.  I think she’s a bit of a bully and I know how Maxie gets.  Her loyalty will never allow her to see anything but good in someone she cares about and I just hope that Cressida doesn’t break her heart.”

“Honey, Maxie is a big girl and can take care of herself.  If you don’t like her, just stay away but don’t go telling Maxie how you feel.  It’s not fair to Maxie or to Cressida.”

“How do you get it’s not fair to Cressida?”

“It’s just a feeling, right?  I mean she has never done anything to you or to Maxie for that matter, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, you are right.”

“Okay then, stay out of it.”

“Do I invite her to the party or not?”

“Do whatever you think is right, it surely doesn’t matter to me one way or another.  There will be tons of people there, one or two more doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, she’ll be the witch, with or without a costume.”

“What did I just say?  Am I going to have to remind your ass to stay out of it?”

“No”, she giggled.  She wrote out the invitation for Cressida and hoped she wasn’t making a mistake.


Halloween turned out to be just the kind of day that’s perfect for a spooky night.  It was stormy with thunder and lightening and buckets of rain falling down most of the day.  It had cleared some but still overcast and the air heavy with moisture.  She felt sorry for all the little trick and treaters, but it wasn’t like when she was a kid.  Kids today attended parties at school or at community centers instead of going door to door.  It just wasn’t safe, no matter how nice the neighborhood.

Janice and Skip had spent the last two days getting ready for tonight.  They always rented the same facility and knew where and how to place all their decorations.  Skip’s sister was a set designer for the movie industry and years before helped them gather and decorate the perfect Halloween set.  There was a gallows complete with hanging corpse, a guillotine with a headless body, the creepy coffin containing a body that would sit up when a person got too close, steaming cauldrons, and all the cobwebs, ghosts and goblins you could imagine.  This was their big party of the year and all of Skip’s business associates, customers as well as all their friends and family were invited. Food and drink flowed freely and there was always a grand prize and several smaller prizes. The grand prize was an all expense paid trip for four to a mountain resort.  All partygoers filled out a card with the name of their character and placed it in a cauldron and the winners chosen by pick of the draw.

They worked hard but never asked for any help because they changed around and incorporated certain new things each year to keep it fresh.  This year’s secret was a trap door in a closet.  The closet looked like a crime scene with the police tape marked with a sign to keep out.  However, beyond the tape was a trompe l’oeil painting showing a table laden with goodies that beckoned everyone to come forward and partake.  Any person ignoring the tape and trying to enter the closet would experience an immediate sensation of falling as the floor gave way beneath them.  It didn’t really, but they didn’t know that. Several other trompe l’oeil panels around gave off the feeling of being on the edge of a cliff, another of walking down a darkened hallway with ghosts calling out to join them.  Lighting completed the effect of all the props.

This year’s party theme was “famous dead” people or characters.   Janice was going as Janis Joplin and Skip was dressing as Jimi Hendrix.  He played a pretty mean guitar and this outfit gave him a chance to strut his stuff and Janice a chance to revert to her “hippie” self.


It was a great party.  Everyone congratulated Janice and Skip on another memorable evening.  Considering all the “dead people”, they had to agree.  The only kink in the armor was that Cressida and her husband, Jon were the winners of the grand prize.  They came dressed as Princess Diana and Sonny Bono.  Janice couldn’t quite get her mind wrapped around Cressida as Princess Diana. She had the princess part down, but the humanitarian part was pure fiction as far as Janice was concerned.  Jon was a really nice guy and Janice wondered how he ended up with Cressida.  Maybe I’m wrong about her, I don’t think so, she thought to herself. 


Maxie called Janice the next day for their everyday check-in.  They talked about what a fabulous time she and Chad had at the party.  She gushed about all the great decorations and imaginative costumes. Maxie was an all around good person and could never imagine anyone she loved doing anything ‘ugly’.  She said she was happy that Cressida and Jon had won the prize and told Janice that Cressida had invited her and Chad to join them on the weekend retreat.  Janice was thrilled about this because even though it was a random draw she resented that Cressida had won the prize.  After all, she was only invited because she was a friend of Maxie’s, this turn of events made it go down easier.

The prize was for the weekend after Thanksgiving.  As the time drew closer, Maxie was surprised she hadn’t heard from Cressida.  There were plans that needed to be made and she was getting anxious.  When she couldn’t wait any longer, Maxie called Cressida and was told that she must have been mistaken, that said she didn’t invite them to join her and Jon. 

“I might have said something like it would be fun to go away for a weekend with you two but it was just generic.  Sorry if you thought otherwise.”

Maxie tried not to show her disappointment and continued the conversation as normal as possible. The minute she ended the call, she called Janice and poured her heart out.  Janice knew she was right about that ‘bitch’ and felt so bad for her friend.  Maxie was not only disappointed about the weekend trip but that her ‘friend’ had let her down.  Maxie, being Maxie, would forgive her.  She may not be as trusting of her in the future, but she would never let Cressida know how disappointed she felt.

Janice, however, was not that forgiving.  She was going to make Cressida pay for treating her friend badly.  She spent the afternoon going over all the ‘mean’ things she could think of and finally settled on making the weekend, the trip from hell.  What better way to get back at her by making the weekend absolutely miserable.

She phoned Island Lake resort.  The resort’s owner was a client of Skip’s and they had become good friends through the years.  She and Skip sent them a lot of business, so pleasing them was not going to be a problem.  She talked to Ella and explained the situation.  Ella told her not too worry, she would take care of everything.  Janice let it go and didn’t give it another thought, until…

Until the weekend between Christmas and Easter.  This was a down time for Janice and Skip and they decided to see if one of the cabins at Island Lake was available. Luckily there had been a cancellation at one of the larger cabins.  They invited Maxie and Chad to join them.  On their first night there, Ella and Peter invited them to dinner at their home, which was lakefront and nestled in among the trees.  It was a chilly night and the fireplace was going strong.  Everyone had their favorite cocktail in hand.

Peter pipes up with “So did you friends finally get the joke?”  Ella was sending eyebrow signals to her husband but to no avail.

“What friends?” Skip asked.

“The ones that won the prize weekend.”

“Oh, them. What joke?”

“Ella said she had a call from Janice telling her to make their weekend as miserable as possible.  I must say Ella went all out.  I think she took out her frustration from every other rotten guest we ever had on that foursome.  I’m glad I never get on her bad side.” He chuckled.

Skip looked at Janice who was slowly trying to disappear into the overstuffed chair.  He didn’t say a word.  He didn’t have to, she knew she was toast.  Maxie, God love her, couldn’t let it drop.

“Janice, was it really you that planned that? I never guessed.  When she returned, she called me to tell me I didn’t know how lucky I was.  She said it was the worst weekend she ever spent anywhere.  Some of the things they experienced make me snicker.  Shame on me. I hope I never get on your bad side either Ella.” 

Everyone, except Skip and Janice, laughed.  Janice knew she would be safe until they returned home.  There was good and bad in that.  Good in that she had a couple days reprieve; bad in that he had more time to simmer. 

After dinner, Peter suggested they go listen to the great jazz group that was playing in the lounge. Chad loved jazz and hyped to go.  Skip said he was pretty tired and suggested they go but he was going back to the cabin to get some shut eye.

“You join them if you want, Janice.”  He said but she could see that he didn’t mean it and she knew if she accepted his ‘fake’ offer things would not go well for her.

“No, you all go and enjoy.  I’ll just go with Skip, maybe I can keep him awake long enough to get in some hot sex.” She joked.

“Oh yeah, it’ll be hot alright.” Skip replied.


“You couldn’t leave it alone, could you?  I told you to say out of it, but no, as usual you do what you want.  Well, I am going to make this act of disobedience memorable, and it will not be ending this weekend, I can tell you that.”

Janice knew that anything she had to say would only make things worse, so she just sat in the car, clenching her butt cheeks, knowing that soon they would be throbbing.

“When we get back to the cabin, I want you to go to the bedroom, get ready for bed and sit on the edge of the bed and think about what you did.  When I am ready, we will discuss it.  Do you understand?”

Oh yeah I understand all right.  I’m about to get my butt blistered.

“I asked you a question, ignoring me right now is not in your best interest.”

“I’m sorry, yes I understand.”

She did as he requested.  Sitting on the bed she thought about what seemed such a great idea at the time.  If he makes me sit here much longer, Maxie & Chad will be back and will know what is happening.

Skip made her wait twenty minutes before he climbed the stairs.  He knew she would still be defiant because she hated waiting and twenty minutes wasn’t enough time for her to be acquiescent.  He had plans for that though. Walking into the room, she looked up and her look said what her words didn’t It’s about time.  He knew her so well.

“So Missy, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“She had it coming, what she did was terrible and it broke Maxie’s heart.”

“Was that any of your business?”

“Yes, because Maxie is my friend.”

“Maxie is a grown woman and is capable of taking care of her own problems.  I specifically asked you to stay out of it.  What you did hurt people.  It hurt Cressida & Jon, their friends, and Peter and Ella’s reputation. Have you thought about that?”

“No” now sounding a little more remorseful.

“In the car I mentioned that the spanking will only be the beginning.  When we get home you are to call Cressida, Jon and the other couple, along with Maxie and Chad and invite them to dinner at our home.  At that dinner, you will explain what you did, apologize and offer them another weekend at Island Lake Resort. And, as a reminder, I will apply a dose of pepper cream to that sweet ass of yours so you’ll be squirming for a good part of the evening.  Tomorrow, an apology is in order to Patrick and Ella asking forgiveness for any damage to their reputation.”

Janice sat there looking down at the floor.  He came over to her, put his hand under her chin and raised her head so that she was looking directly into his face.  “Am I making myself clear?”

She nodded yes.

“Okay then”  He walked to the bathroom and retrieved the bath brush.  Sitting down alongside her on the bed, he told her to remove her nightie and lay across his lap.  Sheepishly she removed the nightie and hesitated.  He helped her to get comfortable before he began administering the first of the many spanks she would receive.  After ten hand smacks, he switched to the bath brush.  Janice was howling after five, and after ten she was trying to squirm off his lap.  He pulled her in tighter
and gave her five more for good measure.  He pulled her to him and cuddled with her until her sobs and breathing returned to normal.

“Are you okay?”  he asked in that low caring voice he used on these occasions.

“ Yes, I’m fine, but no more Cressida at any Halloween parties.”

He laughed and told her spanking was his treat.  She didn’t think that was funny.

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  1. Another wonderful story! A special treat before the actual holiday. Thanks!

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  5. A good story. I have a friend just like Maxie who tries to see the good in everyone. She makes me feel bad for the things I think and say!

    1. I know I have a friend like that too. I always say the worst thing I can say about her is that she is to f**king good. lol

  6. SG,

    I enjoyed your story but then I always do. Thank you.

    Happy Blogiversary and Many Happy Returns. Enjoy the day.



  7. Hey Sunny...Happy Birthday and Blogiversary! Thanks for another great story. ;)

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    1. You are quite welcome, girl. Thanks for the good wishes.

  8. Wonderful story Sunny! At the beginning Maxie and Cressida sounded like a couple of women I know in my neighborhood, so I was right with you the whole way.

    Congratulations on your birthday and your blogaversary.

  9. Happy Birthday and Happy Blogoversary Sunny!
    I loved the story!!! Please continue writing!!

    1. Thanks Minelle for the good wishes and the comment on the story. As long as the ideas keep flowing, I'll keep writing.

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    That was a fun story!

    Next scene?

    Cressida could use a good dose of the bath brush as well :)

    1. Thanks Katherine for the good wishes and comments. Yes, Cressida definitely could use some correction. lol

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  13. Thanks everyone for stopping by. I will announce the winner on October 29th

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  18. Happy belated birthday and blogiversary, Sunny! And thanks for yet another wonderful story. This one stirred more feelings than romance and spanking tingles!

    I've met a few Cressidas in my time. It's always so disappointing, and often heartbreaking, when you discover a friend is not - they're fake, pretending or using you for something.

    I'm not sure I'm as accepting of snakes as your Maxie. She seems a very kind soul, and a gullible target for predators. She needs good friends to watch out for her, but maybe not like Janice!

    I like that Janice is loyal to Maxie, but she was sneaky, cowardly and spiteful to deliberately contrive to hurt someone even as rotten as Cressida. She needed that double dose of walloping! Kudos for adding to her punishment by having her husband make her eat her own anonymous crow by hosting her wicked victim! Those two gals deserve each other. Lol!

    1. Thanks my sliver friend

      Methinks you should be a book reviewer or writer, or maybe you are. It is one of your many gifts..

    2. Ah, wistfully would that I was either. You're always so kind about my wordiness! ;-)

      I can be an idea girl, that much is true. However, I need my creative friends to provide the original ideas that fuel my inspiration and spark my imagination. Tag! ;-)

  19. Hi Sunny,

    Sorry I am late to this. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    Wonderful story as always :) Boy, I don't envy Janice that dinner party!


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      Never had the cream used in that way but have used it on OTHER sore muscles. lol

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      Have never experienced the bath brush, but have never heard anything good.

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    Great story. Except for the cream part - that is just a horrible thing to not only think about but to write about it, yikes.
    The shower brush isn't as horrible as some of the other paddles that Ty makes. He made a shower brush style without the bristles. The one he made for me is probably the one he uses most.
    Great story (I would have probably done what Janice did....)

    1. Thank you Blondie. Time does get away doesn't it.

      Glad you stopped by, always nice to hear from you.

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    I'm sorry I'm so late on coming over here to check out your blog, I've just been so busy lately. I loved this story, I love all of your stories! But I would sure hate to host that diner party, I would rather take the worse spanking before that.

    Happy belated birthday!


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