Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Spankings

Christmas is behind us and although I love the holiday I am so glad it's over.  I can't stand to listen to anymore Christmas commercials.  Now that 2013 is almost gone,  2014 awaits and my hope is that it is filled with health, happiness and prosperity for all.  Let us all try to make it the best one yet.

Love is Where You Find It is the story of Randy Colburne.  He's changing his life but has no idea how much it is going to change by one chance meeting.  

In this scene he is trying to learn something about her past.  He knows she has had a hard time and is trying to help but she is very reluctant to trust him.  

 Why don’t you let me in?”

“Because, I’ve been down this road before and every cowboy in my life has been alike, including my daddy.  It’s  all yes ma’am and shucks and cute little thing until one day you look at him the wrong way and he backhands you.  Once you’ve picked yourself up off the floor you say you’re never going to allow that again.  And you don’t, until the next time.  Well for me there is never going to be a next time.”

Randy listened and each word made him want to beat the daylights out of everyone that had made this sweet young thing so down on life at such a young age.  It sounded as if she had been beaten down her whole life. 

“Is that how you came to be sitting there in Cheyenne?”

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Saturday, December 21, 2013



It's hard to believe Christmas is only four days from now.  Is everyone ready?  The funny thing is, it happens whether we are ready or not.  Today's snippet is from my story in The Best Christmas Present Ever.  It is one of a series of Christmas books LSF Publications releases to fund its free Library of Spanking Fiction site.  

The story is titled Santa Claus Special and it's about a couple on Christmas Eve.  Every year John ends up assembling toys for their kiddies and becomes very frustrated.  Shelly has a plan to make this year go more smoothly.

"At least Santa Claus has Mrs. Claus and all the elves. I just have one disappearing wife,' he said grumpily.

"Okay, let me do this one thing and I will be  right down to help, okay?"

"Okay, but make it snappy.  It's already 12:30 and you know the kids will be up by 6:00AM.

"Yes, sir," she replied and gave him a salute, and not the kind you would expect.

He gave her one of those looks that said she was pushing her luck.

"Remember what usually happens on Christmas Eve.  Well you are just about there," he said to her.

"Oh, so that you have time for."

Clicking on the graphic above will get you to all of the books in the collection.  There is something for every body.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Spankings

Love is Where You Find It is the story of a cowboy who plans to retire to his ranch purchased with his rodeo winnings and a girl who wants a new life.

Last week's scene found Randy and Misty returning to his truck for the continued ride to Reno.  He is trying to engage Misty in conversation and begins telling her about his family and his nephews. He notices tears streaming down her face.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring up hurtful things," he told her.

"I know you didn't, there are some things that are too hard to talk about."

With that Randy turned on the radio and didn't ask any more questions.  As they got closer to Reno he asked her if she had any plans.

"Don't worry about me.  I appreciate the meal and the ride but you don't owe me a thing. Please drop me off in a town and I'll take if from there."

"Boy, somebody really did a number on you didn't they?  Not everybody in this life is out to get you...

Will Misty tell Randy why she is so cynical?  Click here to find out.  Then, visit some of the other authors listed below.  They're waiting to tweak you.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Spankings

Glad you stopped by, the welcome mat is always out. It has turned cooler here this week and makes it easier to get into the Christmas spirit.  It's only three weeks away now and the new year just around the corner.  How is that possible?

Love is Where You Find It, my latest release, is the story of a retiring rodeo cowboy that has loved and lost and a young girl who has lost and learns that love doesn't have to hurt.

In last week's scene we learned Randy Colburne picked up a girl in Cheyenne.  She was in distress and he offered her a ride. She's very wary of him and her armor is firmly in place. In this scene, after stopping for dinner, they are returning to his truck to continue the trip to the Reno area.

As she climbed back into the truck he reached over to fasten her seat belt and she flinched.

"Misty, like I told you back in Cheyenne, I am not going to hurt you."

"I'm sorry and thank you for dinner."

Randy didn't know what SOB had done this to this sweet little thing but if he ever got his hands on him he would regret the day he was born.  He didn't know her story and didn't have to, but no man had the right to treat a woman that way.  A good spanking now and then to clear the air was one thing but using your fists on someone of the opposite sex was unacceptable, not matter what the circumstances.

Want to know how Randy breaks down Misty's protective armor?  Would you be able to resist this cowboy's charm?  Find out by clicking LSF Publications or My other books are also available by clicking on pictures on your right.

Before you head off to your Christmas shopping, pick a name below and click.  You'll find other delicious snippets to enjoy.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Best Christmas Present Ever

The Christmas season is here and with it a series of new Christmas stories.  LSF Publications publishes an anthology each year and the proceeds are used to fund their resource of free spanking stories, The Library of Spanking Fiction.  This year's edition, The Best Christmas Present Ever includes a story from yours truly, titled Santa Claus Special.

There is something for everyone -  M/F, F/F and F/M.  You can find it on LSF Publications  or

Check it out and if you've never visited the Library of Spanking Fiction, you are in for a treat.  There are stories for every genre and new ones are added every week and best of all they are free.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Spankings

Hey everybody, nice to see you.  For those of you stateside hope you had your fill of turkey and enjoyed the day with family and friends.  Are any of you Black Friday Shoppers?  If so, did you score the deals you expected?

Today's snippet is from my newly released book Love is Where You Find It. It is the story of a retiring rodeo cowboy that has loved and lost and a young girl who has lost and loves.  This scene takes off where last week's snippet ended.  Enjoy 

 When she climbed into the truck she hugged the passenger door and kept her  hand on the handle so as to provide a quick escape if it became necessary. She had no belongings and when he asked her about them she told him they were gone along with everything else. He decided he wouldn't ask any questions. The silence between them continued as he drove down the road. Randy's stomach was beginning to grumble and he asked her if she would like something to eat.

  "I don't have any money."

  "That's not what I asked. You don't need money. I will pay for your food."

  "Just so you know mister if you buy me dinner don't expect me to be dessert."

  The way it sounded she had been down this road before.

There are times you want to be dessert and times you don't.  Did I tease you enough to make you want to read the entire story?  You can, all you have to do is click LSF Publishing or Amazon.

Living the Dream and Lonesome Oak Ranch are also available by clicking on the pictures.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Is It About Cowboys?

Why do we love cowboys? It's a hard, lonely life for most of them.  The real cowboy works long hours,  sometimes through grueling weather, are often covered in either dust or mud, and not all as romantic as we make them out to be;  yet there is something about them that appeals.  I've often wondered about my love of them.  After all, I grew up in a large metropolitan area in the east, far removed from any cowboys.  I know my dad loved westerns.  He had the entire Zane Grey series and I read every one of them.  There were western movies and western TV shows galore during my childhood, is that it?  I don't know but the other day I came across a new blog by an author who also likes cowboys and loved her take on why they tug at our heartstrings.

 This may be why too.  What do you think?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Spankings

Today is the release date for my third book. I didn't think I would be as excited as with the first two, but I am.  This book involves a cowboy and they are my favorite subject. For someone who was born on the east coast, the western has always stirred my blood.     I just love the western genre and cowboys , they always seemed to embody the good and bad - white hats versus black hats, it doesn't mater to me.

Love is Where You Find It is the story of a retiring rodeo cowboy that has loved and lost and a girl who has lost and loves.

In this opening scene, Randy is packing up on his last day on the circuit and stops to investigate the sound of what he thinks is a mewing animal.  He is surprised to find a girl, crying her eyes out.  Being the gentleman he is, he offers to help and places a comforting hand on her shoulder. She jumps at his touch and when she looks at him, he sees the fear in her eyes.

 “I won’t hurt you sweetheart.  Can I help?

She didn’t answer, so he kneeled down in front of her and offered her his hanky.  She took it and wiped her eyes and blew her nose. As he looked at her, he could see bruises on her face and looking closer saw bruises along her arm. He put his arm around her shoulders and once again asked if he could help.

“I need a ride.”

“A ride to where, sweetheart?”

“Anywhere, away from here.”

Hope the snippet is enough of a tease to make you want to read the entire story. The book is available by clicking  LSF Publishing or Amazon.  

Copies of my other books can be purchased by clicking the picture on the side panel.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Spankings

Here we are again, Saturday's come around much too quickly anymore.

I have some exciting news to share.  Next Saturday is the release date of my third book, Love is Where You Find It. I love the cover, don't you?


Today's snippet is from LONESOME OAK RANCH,  a collection of three stories. "A Vacation to Remember" is the the second of the three stories.  

Susan and Jeremy Blake are on an RV vacation touring Texas.  They find a ghost town called Malvern.  Their explorations unearth some artifcats from the past and share a strange experience that has them reliving life in the town back in the 1860's.

"Look what I found Jeremy."

Susan showed him the contents of a box containing a diary.  "I can't wait to read it."

"Let's wait until we see if we find anything else before we do that."

...Returning to the motor home they were excited to further explore their discovery When Susan untied the bow and opened the diary her body convulsed.

"Are you alright, Honey?" Jeremy asked in concern.

"Yes, it was as if a cold wind just blew over me.  I'm fine now."

What caused Susan's reaction to the opening of the diary?  Find out the answer in Lonesome Oak Ranch, available at LSF Publications or Amazon

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013



1.  In internet culture, a lurker is typically a member of an online community who observes, but does not actively participate.

2.  To lie or wait in concealment, as a person in ambush, remain in or around a place secretly or furtively.

3.  One who goes furtively, slinks.

 Do you see yourself here?   If so, and you want to change, let me tell you how.  The next time you stop by, drop down to the comment section and say hi.  It's easy - we'll never know who you are unless you want to tell us.   Everyone like comments. Writers especially love feedback. Won't you help us out?  Pretty please with a cherry on top.

We won't tell, I promise.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You



Saturday, November 9, 2013


Happy Saturday everyone.  Today I am sharing a snippet from LIVING THE DREAM. Blair and David Devlin are a young couple adjusting to each other's way of handling things.  In this scene, things have been a little stressful at home and David is taking care of matters in his own indomitable way.

He sat up on the bed, and ordered her to “Get up and straddle my knee, lay your upper body on the bed.” 
“You have never made me do this before.”
“No sass, do as you’re told.”  His tone was so dominant and she loved hearing it when she was not in trouble...    She was squirming and trying to maneuver herself over his knee to stimulate her clit.
“Oh no you don’t little girl,  I’m in control here.”  He gave her a volley of smarting slaps....
. She moaned louder and tried to maneuver herself again.
“You better not come until I tell you, or you will be sorry.”

Want to read more. LIVING THE DREAM is available at LSF Publications and Amazon

Scroll down to read snippets from some great stories.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Spankings

Can't believe it's Saturday already. Like the new look? 

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  We did.

Now for this week's snippet from Lonesome Oak Ranch  

When last we met Lisa Davis and Clint Sampson they were just in the midst of their first date.  Fast forward a couple of days and Lisa has visited Clint at Lonesome Oak Ranch. After a day or horseback riding and dinner, both of them are a little tired. Clint dozed off in his chair and wakes to find Lisa sitting on his lap tickling his nose with her ponytail. Clad only in a lacy bra and thong.  Not sure if this was a dream, he shakes his head and hears her voice.

"What's the matter cowboy?  Don't know what to do with an almost naked woman in your lap."

"Oh, I know what to do.  Are you sure you know what you are doing?"

She bit his lip.  "Somebody in this room has on too many clothes."

He nudged her off his lap, gave her a stinging slap on her bottom and propelled her toward the bed.

"I'll be right back, and when I get back you had better be naked and ready to play."

Want to read more, LONESOME OAK RANCH can be purchased at LSF Publications or

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And the Winners Are....

Thanks everyboy for stopping by and participating in my Spank and Treat Ambassador Giveaway.  You are making my new blog a huge success. 

I decided to do two prizes, one for my birthday and one for the blogaversary of Aimless Ramblings.  

Ray reached into the cauldron and chose two names:


They each will receive two books of their choice from LSF Publishing.